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About Power Saving Centre Canberra, Solar Installers

Power Saving Centre Canberra

Power Saving Centre (Canberra) Pty Ltd went into administration on 25th Feb 2019.

Power Saving Centre Canberra Solar Reviews

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The salesman and the tradesman provide consistent information to me during design and installation phase. I would hate if they give me conflicting advice, but they didn't Show additional information
Install is booked infor Monday coming.

Sales person was nice and not too pushy however after signing up thier customer service became a little average.
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I did get a much cheaper quote for the same system. Power Saving Centre seemed to be more reliable and have proven to be so to date. The solar sales area appears to be very aggressive at the moment, with some companies offering bigger discounts to capture market share. Given my limited knowledge of solar I basically went with my gut feeling. Time will tell if I need to gut myself over the decision.

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Of the three names provided only 2 responded.

Both of your recommended suppliers were significantly more expensive than who I went with in the end (approx 30%) for what I believe were not necessarily superior systems.

I did appreciate all of the information on your website and found it very informative.
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We rang 3 Canberra based suppliers/installers.
Power Saving Centre Canberra (PSCC) was the only one that returned our call. We visited by the sales rep Donna Spargo who has 18yrs experience in the industry and has her own home fully powered by solar. She has a wealth of experience and technical information - as we would expect from someone trying to sell us a product. We were given different options for different prices and the explanations for the additional cost of the more expensive systems made sense - we didn't feel it was just a 'brand loading' and there was no pushing for us to take the most expensive option - even though we did in fact do that. We're not silly - we cried poor from the first instance to ensure we wouldn't be taken for suckers, so we're sure that if we had chosen the cheaper options we would still have experienced the same fantastic level of service. Donna also has the gift of explaining technical things in simple language without 'dumbing down' and making one feel silly.
Our research had led us to thinking we needed to go with a micro-inverter system to compensate for our lovely humungous gum trees. Donna was able to show us a better way with a more recent innovation meaning less initial cost and a much lower risk of component failure (ie; endless ongoing maintenance costs)
The installation was done in a day with minimal inconvenience and complete respect for our home & gardens. The installers are licensed grade 2 electricians employed by the company and therefore any issues will be dealt with by the company - no fobbing off to 3rd parties or sub-contractors.
At this time we have just panels, inverter and meter. We decided, before getting quotes, that we would wait for improvements in the available batteries before looking at storage/backup systems. Donna agreed with our decision/thinking and will keep us informed of developments in that area.
There has never been an instance of 'hard sell'. We've been very happy with the communication, the level of information, the willingness to answer 'silly questions' with respect, and the feeling that we are in control throughout the process.
We have already recommended the PSCC to several neighbours and friends and will continue to do so.
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I took your advice to avoid "cowboys". I did experience one who applied a lot of pressure to sign up, but not one of the ones you recommended.
Your recommendations were very good and I have no complaints about them.
I chose the Power Saving Centre following a recommendation from a friend. They have been in Canberra for a number of years and gave me complete confidence that they would do a good job and would be around for a long time. They were not the cheapest, but cheapest is not always the best.
Thank you for the advice you provided. It proved very useful and helped me with my learning curve.
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I decided to go with 327W Sunpower Solar PV Modules and a 5.0kW SMA Sunny Tri Power 5000TL inverter. The price I got was better than that going with LG panels and based on Finn's advice, these are the Rolls Royce of Panels and inverter. The Power Saving Centre are the only ones in Canberra that install them and I was very happy with their customer service. They explained everything in detail and gave me good advice about the quantity of panels and location of these. Show additional information
Was a little disappointing when the panels were placed on the east and west sides of the home when we have two other sections that face North. They are smaller but other companies who quoted sent pictures showing the panels on this aspect to get the sun all day. Show additional information
I am not sure whether I got the best deal as I had nothing to compare it with but I certainly had very professional, friendly and timely service. Show additional information
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