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Solar Xpress has been serving the Queensland renewable energy market for more than 22 years, during which time it has won a host of awards. The company has a showroom on the Bruce Highway just north of Brisbane and south of the Sunshine Coast.

Each member of the team at Solar Xpress is an expert in their chosen field, so customers can get the best possible advice on which solar power system is most suited to their needs.

The company only stocks and sells the best products and brands on the market, as it realises that quality is essential to its customers.

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I have dealt with them several times and they have blocked us.

If I couldn’t give this company a zero I would, long short short we had that that massive hail storm back in October they came out replace six panels we have a 6.6 kW system, I spoke to them on several times. They then text me saying they want nothing to do with me any more and that’s it.

That's a bad way to run a business no wonder you only have 3.8 stars I’ve been in contact with them several times they’ve told me that I need to look at the panels myself, this was an insurance job, they've done nothing about it, we’re talking to fair trade over this so they'll be hearing from them soon. Do not deal with his company we paid twice the amount of what we should’ve paid and this is through a so called friend of mine my advice stay away don’t go near.
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Do not purchase from these guys!

We had a so called friend that recommend them, after the storms they now they want nearly 2k for just 6 panels which they have replaced.

They were rude and threatened to take this further, after just one civil phone conversation, what a joke! I worked in the solar industry for years and know how it works.

The owner again hung up on me because the truth was told.

Don’t deal with this company as they are incompetent and self righteous

They ramped up the price as they thought it was an insurance job.

Inverter rating: 1/5

Supplier Reply:

While we welcome feedback on our business and service, we also appreciate factual non-defamatory reviews.

•You contacted SolarXpress in December 2020 after a hailstorm had damaged your solar system.
•As you advised, you had already claimed for a full replacement system through your insurance company but after having the system inspected by another company you only required 6 replacement panels.
•You messaged us on the 15th December saying you were still waiting for our quote as you had already received other quotes.
•You received a quotation from us on 16th December.
•We quoted you directly for just 6 replacement panels after your claim was settled in full. At no time did we ever quote the insurance company, we only quoted you.
•You opted to proceed with our quote and called office to confirm day and time. This was booked after the holiday period on the 18th January 2021, a month after the quote was provided.
•Our Installer was welcomed onto the property and the job was completed on this date.
•It wasn’t until the installation was complete and an invoice was issued, that you raised concerns about the price and refused to settle the invoice, which was exactly the same as the quotation you were provided.
•You finally settled the invoice after we pointed out the retention of goods clause.
There were no changes in price, your job equated to less than $1.05 per watt - this includes, supply of products, freight, installation, and GST. As you were aware, there is no additional government rebates on an existing system and therefore the price was incredibly competitive or you would have chosen one of the alternative quotes you received.
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Reliable, smooth and easy installation.

So of my roof is shaded by trees and choosing the right layout of panels was an important question. Different supplier offered different layouts and some of them could not justify their choice and could not explain why one is better than another. SolarXpress offered the layout which looked very reasonable right away. They were eager to give explanantions and followed my suggestions and at the end offered a reasonable proce too. Installation went smoothly and without any problems. So far everything is smooth and nice.
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I purchased my system from Solar Xpress in 2007. I had a problem with the inverter in 2011 and a serviceman arrived and fixed the system under warranty - no charge. The fan has again malfunctioned (melted Fronius) and I called them today. The company has been bought by new owners a couple of years ago. To come here for warranty work? $300 or if they have other work about $150!! My neighbours system also failed and was a warranty job. Solar Xpress wanted bank details for payment of $300 to come and LOOK at the system! They are now out of pocket $300 for a warranty job. They also wanted payment to return for repairs. Don't use Solar Xpress if you live north of the Sunshine Coast. Poor after sales service and by my phone call today anything that you purchased from Solar Xpress prior to the new owners buying the business - bad luck!!
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Original Review on 27-05-2010:

This firm actually listened to what I wanted. They designed a system to fit my roof and energy needs rather than just trying to foist their standard system on me. I had this firm recommended by a friend. Their system used the best quality components. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 3/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

28 months later we asked Robyn: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes. It has delivered. Our return has been what we expected. We have had no problems what so ever and we've had to do nothing. There has been no diminishing of output over the few years we have had the system whereas some friends with another system have noted a dropping off already.
Thanks to the generous feedback payment, it will quickly pay for itself.
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Quoted to be installed after 30 June deadline, but actually able to install before so an increased govt. rebate was applied to our quote making our final figure more enticing.

They are fantastic guys, quotes very reasonable, and tell you all you need to know in our language, so that we can understand the concept. And if we still weren't sure they would explain it easier if possible. Giving tips about power useage etc.
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