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Solargrid is a Solar Power Installation company based in O'Connor and serves WA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Good service

Helpful and provided all the information we needed skilled installer and good service
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Gold Star Service

Extremely pleased with attention to detail and service supplied by Solargrid.

After having our Solar system for 3 years we experienced a Wi Fi connection problem with our Fronius Inverter when changing to our new internet provider.

Liz from Solargrid responded quickly coming out to our home and successfully fixing our Wi Fi problem.

Once again, our thanks to Solargrid and Liz for providing outstanding service.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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I initially had Solargrid install a 3 kW system in 2014 and recently had them add to it with another 2.685 kW system and array of panels. Two faces of my roof are now pretty well covered with panels one facing more NE and the other more north. The newer panels are higher wattage so produce more electric power with relatively fewer panels. The first system was much more expensive than the more recent one but Solargrid for both systems used the best products they could access at the time. In 2014 they used Opal panels and recently added Jinko panels for the new system, which Choice magazine reported that under CSIRO testing these Jinko panels were among the least expensive but equal to three other brand panels all at the top of the efficiency rating scale from CSIRO. They actually produce more power than the manufacturer claims.

Solargrid is a smaller company that I found to be honest and very interested in providing a good product using excellent installers and electricians who, among so many reports of electrical faults with solar installations, certainly did a stellar job with both of the systems they have installed for me. Price wise. Solargrid will not come in at the lowest cost but their integrity of workmanship and honesty about expectations as well as product quality does go a very long way toward knowing you will get what you pay for and it will continue working. Also, since my house was built in 1932 and has a metal roof, the age and condition of that roof resulted in potential leaks occurring from some of the original nails backing out and becoming less effective in securing my metal roof over time. The installers graciously reattached any loose roofing metal they could find with teck-screws and filled any holes where the roof nails had backed all the way out with silicone. This repair plus by using the same screws to secure the metal framing under the new panels they installed means that my metal roof and their newly installed panels will be much better situated to withstand the sometimes strong winds that frequent my house and neighbourhood. I am sure they did not go so far as to examine my entire roof and fix every such instance of compromise, as should happen if I hired a roofing plumber to specifically search out and repair all such instances, but with any house as it ages you learn to take the repair instances of good fortune as a welcome gift along with the realisation that old house inherent better quality of structure of build was among the positive reasons behind buying an older rather than a newer house in the first place.

My system that was installed in 2014 has performed flawlessly since installation which formed my primary reason to ask this same company to stick another system on my roof. I hope my comments here may help influence others to consider a wider range of good reasons for selecting all around quality as, not only an additional ingredient, but as a primary consideration in their final decisions of who to select as their solar installer.

In reading a negative review about this installer I would only urge this person to persist with further contact to this company and to also continue their attempt to resolve any unfortunate circumstances that may have occurred. Australian consumer law is continuing to develop in favour of consumer advocacy regarding the primary concern that all products and services should perform as designed, intended, and advertised which includes any bank, a financial service, an air-conditioner, or a solar provider. I wish for anyone good fortune always when they experience unpleasant results following circumstances that did not go according to their expectations. In this review I could only tell my own story of a very positive experience and recommend that others consider my humble recommendation and this particular solar company.

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We had a 5kW system installed.
The sales rep told us we would not notice the repayments because we would save that money on our power bill-WRONG- when they installed it they put all of the panels on the lower storey, which gets shaded from the upper storey by 10am. Why they didn’t put them on the upper storey is a mystery to us, because the system is generating much less than they quoted us.
To add to this, they just continually ignore our messages and emails.
We now have a water leak under the place where they installed some of the panels, which has damaged our ceiling!!!
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You need to understand the technical jargon beforehand. You need to make sure you get full details of what is being installed including make/model of both panels and inverter and check that is what you actually get. And ask for a roof inspection and measurement to make sure the panels will fit in the best position to maximise the daylight hours, don't rely on the sales rep looking at a picture on their phone. We were told that 16 panels would fit on our north facing roof but only 13 actually fitted and the satellite dish had to be moved. Also ask how long each stage of the job takes e.g. how long will the supplier take to get the electriciy suppliers agreement. After paying the deposit I was told it could take up to 12 weeks before the system could be installed. Don't be fooled by the sales reps saying you will make money or not need to pay a bill, they use averages and you may not gain as much power as you think during the shorter daylight days of the winter months. I think a system will need to be in use for 12 months before you will know how well it works for you.
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Everyone is keen to sign you up. You can be told different reasons and benefits for going for different watts, number of panels and invertor. There are different suppliers with advantages and disadvantages. This website helped with getting an understanding or a ground to start with. Would have liked to have spoken to more people who actually have a system and their experiences and recommendations.
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