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Solargrid Reviews

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About Solargrid, Solar Installers

Solargrid is a Solar Power Installation company based in O'Connor and serves WA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Solargrid Solar Reviews

We had a 5kW system installed.
The sales rep told us we would not notice the repayments because we would save that money on our power bill-WRONG- when they installed it they put all of the panels on the lower storey, which gets shaded from the upper storey by 10am. Why they didn’t put them on the upper storey is a mystery to us, because the system is generating much less than they quoted us.
To add to this, they just continually ignore our messages and emails.
We now have a water leak under the place where they installed some of the panels, which has damaged our ceiling!!!
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You need to understand the technical jargon beforehand. You need to make sure you get full details of what is being installed including make/model of both panels and inverter and check that is what you actually get. And ask for a roof inspection and measurement to make sure the panels will fit in the best position to maximise the daylight hours, don't rely on the sales rep looking at a picture on their phone. We were told that 16 panels would fit on our north facing roof but only 13 actually fitted and the satellite dish had to be moved. Also ask how long each stage of the job takes e.g. how long will the supplier take to get the electriciy suppliers agreement. After paying the deposit I was told it could take up to 12 weeks before the system could be installed. Don't be fooled by the sales reps saying you will make money or not need to pay a bill, they use averages and you may not gain as much power as you think during the shorter daylight days of the winter months. I think a system will need to be in use for 12 months before you will know how well it works for you. Show additional information
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Everyone is keen to sign you up. You can be told different reasons and benefits for going for different watts, number of panels and invertor. There are different suppliers with advantages and disadvantages. This website helped with getting an understanding or a ground to start with. Would have liked to have spoken to more people who actually have a system and their experiences and recommendations. Show additional information