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Tasmanian Solar Connections is a Solar Power Installation company based in Cygnet and serves TAS. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Good advice, and quality installation

Jason visited my site after I got his details from SolarQoutes & contacted him about re-installing my 3.5 kw system which got 'removed' when a freak gust of wind blew my entire roof off. Jason talked me through the risks/uncertainties of re-using my old panels, and quoted up two options, one of which was a new 5kw installation on tilt panels with inverter and a blue-catch diverter. I went with the later option, and it was installed quickly and professionally, and has operated without a hitch since. In particular, I have loved watching those solar watts pour into the hot-water before leaving for the grid.

I appreciated Jason's down to earth, honest, 'no bulls**t' advice. He's been doing this for a long time, and for the right reasons, unlike a lot of other operator's out there...
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Jason insisted on a site visit to quote and actually took the time to have a conversation with me over what we wanted. The others just sent forms to fill in. He is also a local operator so if he doesn’t do good work, it will affect his future work. Plus I feel I will get better follow up service and I’m supporting a local small business.
He is happy to stage the project to allow for our budget.
System not yet installed.
Will let you know how it goes.
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On the strength of some very positive reviews on your website, telling me that Jason’s expertise and integrity were superb, I opted for his quote even though it was considerably higher than two others...their salesmen didn’t inspire confidence in me at all.
Jason and his team of electricians have now completed the installation. We aren’t yet connected, because we are awaiting inspection, approval and installation of the new meter. I am confident that if there are any problems, I will have good back-up service. If not, I will let you know.
Thanks for your website and follow up service.
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System has been installed but not yet connected
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Original Review on 06-07-2017:

Fast response to request for quote, would not quote without site vist to see what was appropriate, explained alternatives clearly, has a team of installers and electricians he always works with. Good followup after install to make sure everything works. All good. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

9 months later we asked Kevin: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes. We installed an LG Chem RESU10 with the panels and inverter as we get frequent power outages and it has added to the savings as well as providing power for water pump and lighting when grid power is off.
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Jason was the only supplier who understood the angle of the sun through the winter months and the need to angle the panels to gain the best output. (This is Southern Tasmania).
He wanted to supply the best system for our needs and not just flog me solar panels. He works in a joint venture with Confac Electrical Services and there installation was absolutely top notch. A team of five arrived at 0830 hrs and the installation was completed by 1500 hrs.
Jason explained to me what would happen when I contacted TasNetwork and how they would claim not to have received any notification and how I was to explain that they had and to go and look for it. They did and found it. The next call was to Aurora, where the procedure was much the same. After 10 minutes they had all the information sorted and the order for connection instigated. After receiving the connection order number from TasNetwork I relayed this to Jason, he made the calls and the solar was connected that afternoon. Two weeks from installation to connection. Five weeks from contacting Jason to completion.
Of the other quotes, one did every thing from his computer back on the mainland. The other who came out to quote was a full of BS salesman working for a mainland company.
Hope that helps and I am quite aware that I am not a politician.
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I could not recommend Tasmanian Solar Connections and Jason, the proprietor, highly enough.
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Alway get the solar installer come to your house. Ask lots of questions . Get them to explain in detail. Do not be afraid to ask obvious questions and not assume !
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Jason was very efficient and resourceful in providing the info we requested. He installed the system inside 4 weeks from receiving our deposit and has returned once to see how it is going. The system we selected was the most expensive of the three quotes we asked for but we feel it is the best quality available. We will find out, I suppose, in 20 years time.
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Jason is all over the subject, and has the answers. He is motivated, forthright, & honest. All complete in just a few weeks. Very Happy. In fact this was the neck and neck $ wise with another outfit, but Jason was the only one who even suggested he might come and check out the site. All up and running now...if only the sun would shine a little more!!
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