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Based in Tasmania, Ultra Greensun has 40 years of experience in the solar power industry. It can install a range of energy efficient products including solar power to grid systems and standalone solar PV, depending on which technology is most appropriate.

All installers are accredited and are required to obtain a BCSE, giving customers peace of mind that their solar power systems have been installed by the best in the business.

Ultra Greensun will recommend the most suitable system to its customers' needs, which should start to reap rewards in terms of lower energy bills in a short space of time.

Visit our website: www.ultragreensunsolarsth.com.au

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Hot Water system install fail

We got a Solar hot water system installed, all I can say its a waste of money. never heats up and also when it was installed had left a hole in our roof so we have had water damage come in, Trying to get it resolved wasn't good and ended going my own way with someone else to resolve this.

There solar itself for the house is good but I don't recommend anyone get there solar hot water system.
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They were the only company that contacted us. They were very prompt.
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Difficult so far as not installed - also cannot rate quality as they have not supplied details of panels only inverter - maybe try later after install and initial period of use.
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Roland was fantastic at responding to our questions and issues and the installation was carried out at the first possible opportunity (ie the next business day after we settled purchase of the property!) I have rated value for money and quality of system as not applicable at this stage only because it has only been installed for a week and is not yet hooked up to the grid. But we expect to get great value for money and are confident that the quality of the system installed is the best. We will try to remember to update this review after six months or so of operation.

We also had solar hot water installed by Ultra Greensun. While there were a few minor issues at first with the wiring done by the subcontracted sparkies, Roland was on to them straight away and they were fixed the next day.

We would (and have) reccommend Roland and Ultra Greensun very highly. And a big thanks to Finn Peacock and SolarQuotes.com.au for putting us on to them and other solar installers who also contacted us fairly promptly.
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Instaling to-day. Very helpful in all aspects to date. Only time will tell.
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I chose this supplier because of local rep who I talked to face to face and was able to discuss various options and decided on having half of the panels on each side of roof which seemed a better option as the gable roof runs nearly North South.

System seems to be working well.

Only downside they are a bit slack on the "paper" side of the business which was the same experience of other customers I spoke to, but they also were satisfied with their systems.
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Service, installation was prompt, efficient and professional. People were good to deal with. Price was very good. Hot water is working well already but waiting for mains power provider to flick the switch to see how panels are working. Appreciated willingness to install tilt frames, and very good price for that.
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Very good service it took 3 weeks from quote to installation.
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This system 1.5 Kw (8x180w), is additional to the 1 kW (6x170w) system I installed about 3 years ago (different supplier) which supplied each year round, regardless of weather, an average of 3.6 Kw per day, (good days 6Kw) on a north-west facing roof.

In addition I also installed an additional 6 x180w panels, 1kW, through a 3kW inverter, all on a north-east facing aspect. This now makes a total of 20 panels = 2.5 kW.

The installation was completed 7 Nov. 2012, output on a first clear sunny day was over 25 kW. Not bad for Tassie!
I anticipate total elimination, plus additional credits off my power bill!!

I can certainly recommend Ultra Greensun Solar, Perth, Tasmania. [email protected] for the best price and service.

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Original Review on 29-05-2011:

installation date 04/05/2011 still waiting for changeover meter, have completed hydro form and returned to them Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

16 months later we asked Vic: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

yes very pleased with set up , if only the state gvt would give better deal on what we put into grid instead of raising electricity charges, gone up by $40 on last years bill
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I only can say Ultra Greensun solar had the cheapest price from the other 5 quotes and I say when you get solar get it from Ultra Greensun.
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Ken the business owner? was a little vague with his quote to start with but I was Impressed with Des his installer who was polite and answered all my questions honestly.

I managed to come to a compromise on price with Ken and once he realised I wanted the system installed ASAP he booked me for the following week and it only took less than a day for Des and his off-sider to set it up.

The system is working to my expectations.
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The installer was very good & we heard from auroa within 2 days & was conected within a week.
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Ken, the business owner is very knowledgeable and happy to discuss technical questions.
He also keeps all appointments promptly. However, his quoting method is a bit vague.
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Unfortunately, I did not receive ONE call from the companies through your service. No one rang so I went with the person who responded to my request.
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