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With a population of over 60,000 people and located in a region where there is over 300 days of sunshine each year, Rockhampton is of course a tourist Mecca.

The city is also experiencing a boom in interest in solar power, which with its abundant sunshine it is in a particularly strong position to harvest.

Early in Australia’s PV revolution, Summer Solar Barbecue events were held in Rockhampton and the level of interest among residents demonstrated the acceptance of one of the city’s greatest resources: that of solar energy.

According to information from Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator, more than 1,500 small scale PV systems were installed in Rockhampton by June 2017, with a collective output capacity exceeding 6.2MW megawatts.

On a larger-scale, a proposed solar farm near Rockhampton will provide enough electricity to supply the energy needs of up to 60,000 homes. The 200MW facility will generate more than 284 gigawatt hours of clean electricity annually.

Rockhampton has also shown it’s not just keeping up with the times, but at the forefront of them, with solar + a Tesla Powerpack battery system recently installed at a local school.

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