Calling all solar panel installers - 'save clean technology grants'

4th Jul 2013

Just days after slamming the government for the chaos created by recent prime ministerial jostling, Solar Business Services' Nigel Morris has called on solar industry organisations to help promote clean technology grants.

The outspoken advocate of solar power systems said the government's Clean Technology Investment Program is providing lots of benefits for both businesses and the renewables industry.

The initiative offers funding for manufacturers and other firms to invest in sustainable technology to lower energy bills and improve sustainability.

Companies only have access to the cash if they are willing to put their hands in their pockets and at least match the grants received.

The technologies installed range from solar panel systems to trigeneration plants, while an energy audit is often performed to give general advice to businesses on how they can save on their energy consumption.

And Morris said he is keen to spruik the advantages of the scheme – because the government is failing to do so.

"Our current government isn't very good at promoting what this has achieved and data isn't widely available and there's a risk the program could just crumple like a parliamentary front bencher," he quipped.

"Some day soon there will be an election and I'm betting the opposition could care less about this program and has no idea how many Australian companies it is helping."

While Morris is keeping tight-lipped over what his plans are to help promote the grants, he has called on all companies involved on solar installations to come forward with their experiences of using the scheme.

Not only this, he encouraged manufacturers and other businesses that have applied for grants to have their voices heard in an effort to raise awareness of the money available.

Those interested in taking part were asked to email Solar Business Services directly with their details.

Posted by Bob Dawson

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