Solar Power News

The election that could cast a deep shadow on solar power – 6th Sep

This just in: You are nothing but a means to profit for big utilities and NSW government – 4th Sep

The Tongans know a bad solar deal when they see one – 3rd Sep

Solar feed-in tariffs: Who’s getting screwed? – 2nd Sep

Australian government at a solar power crossroads – 19th Aug

WA government admits fault in solar rebate debacle – 13th Aug

WA Government saves millions while solar customers are up in arms – 12th Aug

SA’s solar feed-in scheme costs to rise higher – 7th Aug

CEC slams FIT deregulation in SA – 24th Jul

Carbon tax announcement ‘just a ripple’ – 23rd Jul

Industry reactions to Rudd carbon price changes – 17th Jul

New government ‘must be made aware of renewable achievements’ – 15th Jul

Solar features prominently in ARENA funding plans – 11th Jul

Calling all solar panel installers – ‘save clean technology grants’ – 4th Jul

Manufacturers set to see bright side of economic slump? – 3rd Jul

Coalition government ‘could spell bad news for solar’ – 26th Jun

‘Not FIT for purpose’ – ACT government on tariffs – 24th Jun

QLD government under fire for negative solar stance – 24th Jun

China’s first trading emissions scheme begins – 19th Jun

Details of the Queensland solar controversy – 6th Jun

Solar panel reprieve for Queensland – 5th Jun

Tasmania’s solar future no longer too uncertain – 31st May

Renewable energy funding on the brink – 30th May

The Clean Energy Council calls for more renewables – 27th May

Reactions to renewable energy decisions from the 2013-14 federal budget – 20th May

Federal budget announcement offers a mixed bag – 15th May

The impact of the carbon tax – 10th May

Govt energy efficiency success – 6th May

Renewable Energy Target achievements – 30th Apr

New funding for solar panels – 29th Apr

Australia and China further carbon cutting collaboration – 10th Apr

Examining Australia’s environmental efforts – 4th Apr

Renewable Energy Target survives its review – 25th Mar

Solar powered cinema a possibility – 14th Mar

New licensing will make it easier for solar installers to work across states – 14th Mar

Renewable recommendations for WA – 28th Feb

Renewable energy target hangs in the balance – 28th Feb

Deadline approaching for QLD PV installations under 44 cent solar tariff – 18th Feb

Electricity emissions down since carbon tax introduced – 23rd Jan

Reactions to RET review final report mixed – 21st Dec

CCA: RET on track to achieve goals – 20th Dec

Experts slam Solar Credits decision – 20th Nov

Government support ‘needed for commercial solar development’ – 16th Nov

Shadow ministers slam ARENA withdrawal – 15th Nov

Industry expert lauds solar PV impact – 14th Nov

Australian Solar Council chief hits back at CCA review suggestion – 9th Nov

Australian Solar Council debuts solar electorate map – 6th Nov

CCA report ‘victory for common sense’ – 31st Oct

Productivity Commission draft ‘good for solar’ – 24th Oct

SA solar campaign reaches government level – 19th Oct

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