Solar Power News

Australia to be a part of huge Asian renewable energy growth – 23rd Aug

SunPower steps up to make solar more affordable – 22nd Aug

Canberra makes strides toward carbon neutrality – 21st Aug

GTM puts solar’s massive growth in perspective – 20th Aug

Examining Australia’s falling solar PV rooftop prices – 16th Aug

Australia’s shift toward renewable energy picks up the pace – 15th Aug

Australia shines at solar decathlon – 14th Aug

University of Queensland tapped as lead researcher on massive solar project – 9th Aug

100 per cent renewable energy is possible in 10 years, environmental group says – 8th Aug

Climate Commission releases report on solar progress – 6th Aug

Aussie government actually shows spine for solar power – 5th Aug

Be gone, skeptics: One million solar installations and counting – 2nd Aug

Australia embarks on its greatest solar journey ever – 2nd Aug

Australia looks to solar thermal for commercial success – 30th Jul

Solar power helps King Island reach 100% sustainability – 29th Jul

Australians ‘heavy supporters of solar power’ – 25th Jul

Mildura solar plant officially unveiled – 23rd Jul

Solar power trumps other renewables in Australian minds – 19th Jul

Sunshine Coast solar farm “fantastic initiative” – 18th Jul

Sunshine Coast cashes in on namesake with solar plans – 16th Jul

Energy storage ‘could maximise solar power utility’ – 15th Jul

Solar powered family car – a world first? – 12th Jul

Code of conduct for solar installers in the works – 10th Jul

‘Stop punishing households’ for solar PV – 9th Jul

Australian solar companies ‘adjusting well’ – 9th Jul

Australian mining ‘next solar frontier’ – 8th Jul

“Rooftop revolution” underway across Australia – 5th Jul

Global PV market emerging from sluggish period – 5th Jul

Royalla solar farm receives final approval – 4th Jul

Leadership challenge a “debacle” for Australian solar power – 2nd Jul

Solar power giving global renewables a helping hand – 28th Jun

Australia’s largest CPV solar power plant up and running – 27th Jun

Renewable energy misinformation “staggering” – 27th Jun

CEC: Don’t underestimate consumer desire for solar – 26th Jun

Setting energy efficient examples on TV – 21st Jun

Solar PV brightening up household bills – 21st Jun

World’s largest solar powered boat on the move – 20th Jun

Climate change is heating up – 18th Jun

The global solar power shift – 17th Jun

New solar tech win for NSW – 13th Jun

Industry orgs praise City of Sydney solar efforts – 13th Jun

Clean Energy Council supports Regional Renewables scheme – 12th Jun

Asian nations emerging as PV leaders – 11th Jun

Solar PV demand continues to grow – 11th Jun

Regional areas of Australia to receive more renewables – 7th Jun

Australia’s significant renewable energy growth – 7th Jun

Solar panel reprieve for Queensland – 5th Jun

New funding for solar research – 4th Jun

Find love with sustainable speed dating – 29th May

New Victorian solar power deal – 28th May

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