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About Sunman Energy, Solar Panels

Sunman Energy solar panels review

While Sunman Energy hasn't been around for all that long, its founder and chief technology officer has been heavily involved in the solar panel industry for decades. Dr. Zhengrong Shi founded Suntech back in 2001 and was its chairman and chief executive officer until 2013 before establishing Sunman Energy in 2014.

Dr. Shi was dubbed the "Sun King" during his Suntech days, but it looks like he's staying modest given the name of his new(ish) company.  

Sunman Energy's Australian Connection

Dr. Shi has a strong connection with Australia; receiving his PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of New South Wales back in 1992. He's been a fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering since 2009, and in 2012 was appointed Adjunct Professor at the University of NSW. He's a pretty cluey guy.

Sunman eArc Solar Panels

Sunman Energy's eArc solar panels aren't conventional modules. The company has focused on glassless, ultra-light, thin and flexible products - some of which can be glued on to a roof rather than mechanically fixed. Sunman Energy has noted a stick-on installation in Shanghai it says has survived multiple typhoons.

The eArc F-Series are frameless flexible stick-on solar panels, with the 370W model weighing just 5.8kg. That's super-light compared to conventional panels of the same wattage that weigh around 20 kilograms. The eArc F-Series is also super-thin - just 2mm compared to 35 - 40mm.

This eArc whizz-bang technology comes at a cost however, with Sunman Energy panels being pretty pricey compared to their rigid, glass-faced and aluminium framed counterparts. 

As well as frameless panels, the eArc is also available in D series (5.6 mm aluminium frame) and B series (35 mm aluminium frame). But even the B Series is significantly lighter than a conventional module - just 9.4kg.

To date, eArc solar panels have been primarily used for commercial installations as they are well-suited to "slender" roofs - those built to minimum standards and unable to bear the weight of a normal solar array. Among the Australian installations of note are the curved roof on the library in Noosaville and on Byron Bay’s solar train; making good use of the eArc's flexible attributes.

If you've had Sunman Energy eArc solar panels installed, leave a review and share your thoughts by clicking the blue button near the top of this page. There would be plenty of curious Australians interested in your feedback.

Sunman Energy Solar Panel Reviews

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