What brand of batteries should you buy (or is Tesla your only choice)?

When it’s time to pick a battery for your solar system, you might be wondering if Tesla is your only option. Good news, while the Powerwall is a cracker of a battery, there are Tesla alternatives!

We’ve done the heavy lifting to figure out the best batteries you can get in Australia, whether you’re ready to splash some cash or if you’re watching every dollar.

We asked the pros – the installers in the SolarQuotes network – a couple of key questions about which batteries they’d stick in their own homes, both with an unlimited budget and when pinching pennies. Plus, we wanted to know which brands have the top-notch after-sales support. The verdict? Three brands kept popping up, just in different orders depending on the category.

Here’s the Lowdown for 2023:

Top Picks for Home Batteries:

Tesla nabs the gold for its third year in a row with the Powerwall. It’s sleek, packs a 13.2 kWh punch, and its inverter plays nice with nearly any solar setup in Australia. Plus, if you’re adding a second Powerwall, it’s cheaper since you only need one control box.

BYD takes silver with its stackable, cobalt-free LiFePo4 ‘B-Box’ batteries. These bad boys start at 5.1 kWh and can beef up to a whopping 66.2 kWh. They’re a match made in heaven with the Fronius GEN24 hybrid inverter.

Sungrow batteries grab bronze with their new stackable battery that’s made a splash. Their system starts at 9.6 kWh and can bulk up with 3.2 kWh additions. A solid choice if you’re looking to save a few grand compared to Tesla.

Best Bang for Your Buck:

When we flip the script to value, Sungrow leads the pack, followed by BYD, and Tesla bringing up the rear. This just goes to show that good installers stick to what they know works, even on a budget.

After-Sales Support Champions:

And who’s got your back after you’ve handed over your hard-earned cash? The same trio – Tesla, Sungrow, and BYD, in that order. Tesla’s remote diagnostics and warranty support have won praises, Sungrow’s Aussie support is outdoing many premium brands, and BYD’s also holding its own in the support stakes.

The Final Word:

Choosing a low-risk home battery seems simpler with these insights. If you want the best and are retrofitting, Tesla’s Powerwall is your go-to. Got a BYD-compatible setup already? Stick with BYD. And if saving a bit of cash sounds appealing, Sungrow’s offerings, especially when paired with their hybrid inverter, present a solid option.

So, there you have it – Tesla’s not your only choice, but it’s definitely a top contender. Whether you’re all about that high-end life or counting every dollar, there’s a battery out there for you.

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