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Bendigo Grid Connect is a solar energy company based in Bendigo, Victoria. The company says that it has many years experience in the field of solar energy. They say that they can design and install solar systems to meet customers’ needs.

A single customer who reviewed the company rated them highly for value for money, system quality, installation and customer service. The customer bought a 5kw system and said in the review:

“ Has been good dealing with Bendigo Grid Connect, however still waiting to be connected to the grid. Other than that, happy with his service.”

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Really down to earth, sensible company

Gavin was very easy to get ahold of, did a good home visit and overview, then put out his suggestions and came to install two weeks later. Fantastic customer service too, helped me download the app and taught me to use it.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Post research/interviews - 5 contenders, we both independently chose the same supplier. Felt other salespersons less informed, should have been. Bendigo Grid had no sales pitch as such, just knew his stuff and wasn't afraid to lose the job by giving us advice. Some had orientation/direction just plain wrong on what a system could do, some - not your recommendations - lied outright. This industry is hard to negotiate as you have pointed out Finn and knowing your system's capabilities is paramount. It is fine to hire an "engaging salesperson" but - at your peril have him ill informed -is my advice post experience. I think having been in business and knowing some pitfalls, a lot of the "Tradies" having a go think a frontman a good idea, can be, sometimes, but learning on the job whilst informing prospective customers is a very, very bad look. Kind regards.
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Has been good dealing with Bendigo Grid Connect, however still waiting to be connected to the Grid. Other than that, happy with his service.
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