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Cairns Value Solar Reviews

Cairns Value Solar

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Cairns Value Solar Overall Rating From 10 Reviews:

10 Reviews

Average Customer Review (10 customer reviews)


Cairns Value Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Cairns and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
Michael and his crew did a great job and worked long and hard to get the job don ...
>>> See SYLVIA's review
Lots of jargon, need to sort the crap from the truth, overall happy with the pur ...
>>> See Steve's review
Steve QLD 4880
Had to get a bit cranky to get the company to answer calls but after that they w ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon QLD 4869
Installer was very efficient and did a very neat work.
>>> See Jeanette's review
Jeanette QLD 4856

>>> See Paul's review
Paul QLD 4854

>>> See John's review
John QLD 4870
Dear Sir, One of the electricians who is employed with Cairns and Cape Electric ...
>>> See Barry's review
Barry QLD 4865
The Installer confirmed the sales pitch, that the gear was good quality. The sys ...
>>> See Duncan's review
Duncan QLD 4877

>>> See John's review
John QLD 4873
The company used local tradies which was great and very efficient. Despite bad w ...
>>> See Willem's review
Willem QLD 4878

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Cairns Value Solar