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Eco Energy & Solar Solutions (EESS) is an established family owned & operated solar energy company servicing North West NSW since 2009. Based in Tamworth we specialise in Grid Connect, Standalone “off grid”, Hybrid (battery backup), LED Lighting and Solar Maintenance.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals, who understand electricity and solar energy, offering value not only in price but also in operational excellence and developing strong working relationships with our clients. EESS has installed over 600 solar systems in North West NSW.

Our team of installers include qualified electricians and the price we quote includes all electrical work associated with your new grid connect solar system including your new NET meter which is installed by a Level 2 electrician on our team.

Go with a "Local Company" and ensure your solar products are from quality "Tier 1 manufacturers". Solar energy is a financial investment that will pay itself back many times over. You need to ensure you are getting the best quality products utilising quality local tradesman who can provide you with immediate after sales service.

Our team manages every aspect of your solar project. We also provide a Professional Cleaning & Maintenance Service to those who own a Solar PV System. We will clean your Solar Panels, Conduct a Preventative Maintenance Inspection & Provide a Maintenance Log Sheet.

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Poor Customer Service

Installations 2018 and 2019, initially told export limit would be 5kWh, ended up being 2.5kWh, requested resubmit to distributor for 3kWh, and was told it was refused. EESS later admitted in writing that the request was not formally submitted. Installation day turned up without notice. 4kw Fronius inverter installed, contract was for 3.5kw invertor. On completion of work additional $1600 added to invoice, refused payment due to Contract. Fronius Smart meter not commissioned with install. Recall for non compliant installation (positioning) of Fronius inverter and later for wiring sagging on roof. Problems were rectified.

Over voltage noticed late 2020 (wfh COVID). Essential Energy confirms with logging 4% voltage rise, 2% over allowable. Therefore, installer's responsibility. EESS disputes this and has ceased to maintain communication. Two years later, problem still remains.
Very disappointed in EESS customer service, quality of panels and inverter unquestionable. Disreputable and frustrating company is my opinion and would not recommend.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Great service and install

Great service and explanation of system. Accommodated our preferences in system design and offered multiple solutions with no pressure to commit to purchase.
Quick, clean install and excellent follow up service
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Thank you for your assistance. It did help us get quotes and understand the systems and the best options.
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A local company who supplied a quality system over 6 years ago now.
My SMA 10KVa 3 phase inverter has recently commenced behaving erratically.
ECO have installed a loan ABB Inverter to establish that the problem is definitely the Inverter.
This is a clear example of the quality of their service and to me validates my choosing them over 6 years ago.
My youngest brother had a 6 Kva Fronius System installed by them in the last 12 months.
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I had a number of quotes and a couple of them actually came to my house. I decided that I wanted to use a local company (I'm in Tamworth, northern NSW), and couldn't be happier. Their prices was not the cheapest quote, but in the ball-park.
This sales person actually got up on my roof, checked my fuse box and power supply. They also came up with the clever (I think) plan of facing some panels north and some panels west to spread the energy production across the day. No other installer suggested this. It makes sense as I can see (from the Fronius app) that even in the middle of the day, there is energy being exported back to the grid, and I would prefer to be using it.
The installation was done in one day, the system explained to me thoroughly, and they assisted me to get my meter changed over by Origin Energy (which took a very long time!) Totally professional and highly recommended.
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Original Review on 23-09-2017:

The Commercial Manager for Eco Solar was very competent and managed to explain everything about the system in a clear and precise manner. He produced a very clear quote and managed to answer all of my queries regarding the quote, installation and the materials that would be used on the install. Plus the quote looked very professional and quite easy to understand. We have also had one of their install teams who were going past our area drop in already to see our place and look at how the install would be carried out. Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 4/5

7 months later we asked Andrew: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

I purchased a 8.48KW system and wish I had gone for the 10.6KW system as the amount of power we use is greater than we can produce. This of course is my own fault as we could not afford the larger system at the time.
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One of the Sydney suppliers was too high pressure and not prepared to explain things to us. Also they weren't happy to talk about the origin of their equipment.
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Highly professional company. Sales rep. offered sound advice without pressure to buy.
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Very professional when giving an itemised quote, excellent communication, good follow up service.
A pleasure to deal with efficient, organised and knowledgeable about the products they sell. I had a number of quotes but they were the only ones who mentioned that we could need an aerial wire upgrade because of the number of panels we wanted to install.
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EESS were effective, personable, knowledgeable and very polite. We would use them again for similar work and would recommend them to anyone considering installing a solar solution. We eventually installed 2 systems at different locations and the efficiency from start to finish was outstanding.
Tim in Tamworth
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Had a cheaper quote from a supplier from another state but was concerned with after sales support and poor quality panels. Went with the local guys. More expensive but good quality panels and inverter, good customer service and actually got on the roof with the sun eye to check the best locations for the panels. Wanted some extra info about the meter and the guy that rang me was fantastic, couldn't help me enough. Very happy with EESS.
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Solar needs to be reached by the buyer. They need to know what are the impacts of partial shading, some panels are not operating 100 %. They need to know the basic understanding of inverter operation and over sizing it, if they may want to add more panels. And how they can best use the power they generate e.g. putting dishwasher, washing machine on before going to work running pool filter during day light etc.

Maybe a check list of questions to ask e.g. panel power % conversion, the same screw holes be used in the roof, what extra penetrations will there be in the roof, what is the operating efficiency at 10 years questions; they should ask to make them think about the system.
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Shane Webb from Eco Solar was the only person that actually got on the roof to measure up all the rest just took photos. He was very helpful without using "spin" the installation crew were fantastic very helpful and friendly.
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When I informed other companies that we had decided to go with our selected supplier, they all said 'You should have told us it was about price and we would have lowered our price'. Every company was prepared to lower the price which makes me think they all over-quote, so people should negotiate.
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Right from the start EESS were very good, ringing us at all times and making contact to see us. They kept us informed of everything and installation went smoothly and on the date they had arranged . Very neat and tidy and all the staff were a pleasure to deal with.

I would recommend them to anybody interested in a solar system.
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Disappointed with rating of system. 3 kW system the max I have seen, its put out is 2.4 kW. Max output of inverter 2.8 kW. I was told this was due to inefficiencies with system? (or should I say in- inefficiency) Would have thought 3 kW system would be 3 kW output.
Just a tip to others - When getting quotes ensure quote is for actual output to grid.
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