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About Enviren Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Enviren Pty Ltd
Enviren Solar is an Australian owned and operated Solar Power and Hot Water Company. The company has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and it services South East Queensland, Northern NSW, The Darling Downs, Greater Sydney and Melbourne. The company says that it employs fully qualified specialists in each business area and they work in accordance with all relevant guidelines, and to the highest quality standards. They say that their sales and customer service staff are supported by qualified installers.

The company also says that it has an in depth understanding of the energy issues facing Australian households and businesses; and they have many years’ experience implementing effective energy saving solutions. Envren Solar is a member of the Clean Energy Council and the Australian Solar Energy Society.

Customer testimonials for Enviren Solar are available, and include the following:

“ I found Enviren Solar on the internet. The price was very competitive (cheaper than most), and with high quality. The panels are made in Japan, and the inverters are from Italy. The cost included installation of a grid meter and was $10,800 for a 3.33 kw solar panel system. They installed the system in a timely manner. They always follow up with the paperwork progress. I can’t find better words to appraise their service.”

“ Enviren was the only company that made personal contact rather than just by email. Their salesman was very competent and knowledgeable without being too pushy. The service and follow up was excellent; and they installed the system in five weeks, on the day they gave at the time of purchase. I did receive cheaper quotes, but Enliven installed top class equipment and gave excellent service.”

Enviren Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

I opted to pay extra for an Aurora Power One inverter which is still performing well. It has tripped out 2 or 3 times over 8 years but only needs the switches to be turned off and then back on for a reset to start up again. Show additional information
Only had the system about a month and it’s been raining for about 3 weeks of that so cannot give an informed evaluation of the system working as yet Show additional information
Enviren was very easy to deal with - a straightforward and simple approach. Show additional information
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Enviren were very straightforward and pleasant to deal with. Turned up when they said they would (no problem with our island location), listened to our concerns, expectations and suggestions, did the job quickly and efficiently and then charged the quoted amount. Connection is still proceeding with the supplier but no problems so far. Show additional information
The installers (Brodie and Mick) did an exceptional job. Neat,tidy, very tradesmen like and answered all questions asked of them. Arrived when I was told they would
and completed the job in the time specified. I would recommend this company to anyone just give Mark a call.
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Enviren keep me updated all the time. The install was cancelled on day 1 due to bad weather, but they gave me advance notice.
They arrived on time, cleaned up, and gave me a full run down of the system
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Mark Group and SAE attended and inspected site and provided friendly advice but prices were too expensive. Energy Matters only made an email offer for me to contact them further. On request, enviren sent their installers to investigate and provided extensive explanation and advice to obtain the best result. They provided the best warranties and price overall. Show additional information
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Enviren, and presumably other companies, need to be upfront that it might take over two months between the installation and the ability to use the system. It also took several weeks between ordering the system and installation but we were told about that. We had the system installed on 29 April and it was finally working on July 2. Most of the problems seem to be in a backlog of various inspectors who need to come onsite and also a backlog of smart meter alteration to meter power both out and in. Also some time was lost in papers being sent all over the place between us, the power retailer, the meter provider, Enviren in Queensland and assorted inspectors.

Enviren were impressive from the start. Not only was their quote reasonable, but also when I asked for someone to come on-site to look at the job, they sent the men who was eventually did the installation rather than a salesman. This man, Michael, knew what he was talking about and actually inspected the part of the roof where the panels now are. He came on a Sunday, which suited us fine and gave us good advice.

When he came to do the job, Michael and his partner worked quickly and efficiently in quite poor weather conditions. Kiralee and Mark at the Enviren office in Queensland were helpful and readily available to speak to, although they could not do much about the delays in commissioning the solar power.
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Would recommend Enviren. No nonsense, good product and best warranties. Installation process easy. Show additional information
Good friendly start hampered by disappointing execution, lack of initiative, poor follow up and demeaning installers.

Sales process was odd as I was never asked to sign a contract and apparently a verbal agreement was ok. I signed one and returned it anyway on 3 Feb 2014. A few weeks later on 21 Feb approval was granted by the energy distributor. A few weeks pass with no contact so I, the customer, attempt a follow up. Finally get scheduled an install date about a month after approval was granted. At literally 430pm the day before install, I get a call saying that they can only do a partial install and that the inverter I originally purchased could not be installed. Some dodgy reason was given that Ausgrid does not accept such inverter (which I think is absolute rubbish) with no formal proof whatsoever but rather here say. Pressed a few times for formal proof but there was none forthcoming, with a blase dismissal. Not wanting to make a fuss, I accepted the change in inverter nonetheless dropping from a 5kW inverter to a 4.2kW inverter since I only had 3kW worth of panels anyway - but make no mistake this is a breach of contract that I begrudgingly accept (with no change in price) because I want the system running and it has taken so long. Panels get installed and another two weeks pass with no action. So I follow up again (three times) to find out where the inverter is. Appointment was made but then cancelled (again at around 4pm the day prior) because it had apparently not arrived yet.

Finally inverter arrives and it is installed. Another two weeks pass with no net meter installed so the system cannot operate. Again absolutely no contact from the company about what is going on so I call up again. Seems like the company is based in Qld and use contracted installers so they are pointing fingers at each other and installers pointing their fingers at the level 2 electrician. I just wish everyone would get their act together and just coordinate a date as I'm not sure why I the customer have to project manage this on their behalf. Finally the meter gets installed on 22 April 2014 - almost 3 months since signing the contract.

I thought this ordeal was over - sadly it was not. Paperwork still needs to be submitted by the electricians to the energy distributor and apparently have not been done even after one week after the net meter install. Again, I have to call them to find out whether this was submitted or not and there is no answer or response.

Would I recommend them - certainly not in NSW. I'm certain that customer service and installation in other states are better - probably due to the electricians used. But for me, they did not do site visits, they will not show you their system design. System is good quality however, but the whole experience just soured with lack of initiative and customer focus.
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Interestingly enough, I had signed up to the "One Big Switch" campaign, a bit unsure about solar due to the costs involved being a big barrier for me. OBS gave me a company to call, and I had discovered that the company they had suggested was ridiculously expensive, for all their options.

So, I begun a deep search into Australian companies and what they can offer with solar. Long story cut short, I could *not* beat the deal that Enviren was offering me, and neither could their competitors.

A huge factor for me was being able to pay the solar off on certegy, without a huge hike in cost, and Enviren were the only competitor who could offer a sensational deal on finance.

Bear in mind, that I stayed far, far away from some companies which have been openly named and shamed on the internet. I'm sure there's no need for me to say which ones.

So, I had chosen Enviren, with an SMA Interter (5kw) and a 3.5Kw of Phono solar panels. I did all my research, and knew that I was getting great equipment.

I have to admit, that dealing with Enviren was pretty awesome up front, with Mark answering any and all questions I had... and I had many of them.

It's pretty rare to have the kind of customer service that I received.

I dealt with Kiralee in the office, who was always happy to receive my call.

So, I booked in, and even asked them to fast track the install... which they were happy to facilitate.

The install date quickly arrived and the system was quickly up and running. I didn't have internet monitoring, as the SMA couldn't connect directly to the internet, but I did have the PC software installed very quickly, and connecting to the inverter was a snap.

I was watching monitoring, and wondering why it appeared that only half of the system was working. It was starting to worry me, so I took screenshots of the information, as the monitoring revealed that one side was not working.

I called Mark, who was very responsive, and I had the installer electrician call me within an hour later, on a Sunday!

I have to admit, I was floored to find out that he was going to come out the following day, after another job, to investigate and sort it out.

I've heard of good customer service leading up to a sale, but this sale was done, and not only were Mark and the electrician installer (I believe it was Daniel) incredibly helpful and reassuring, they had it sorted out in no time.

It ended up being a faulty circuit breaker, and I had a fully running system the next day.

Now, depending on the weather, I get consistent output from the system and quite love the fact that I sign into my computer and can see the full history and live data from the SMA inverter.

I only recently had Energex upgrade my inverter to a digital one, but I received a power bill for a 2 month period, that shows we're using less electricity than a single person... so even on the old meter, it's definitely doing what it should.

Would I recommend Enviren? In a heartbeat. Book with confidence.
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Happy with all round service from start to finish, particularly happy with the professional manner in which the installer carried out the installation. Show additional information
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Enviren was the only one of the three suggested installers to make contact in a reasonable amount of time - within 24 hours of request. One didn't call at all, and the third around two weeks after request.
Environ rep, Mark O'Connor came to the house to look at any specific issues and took the time to make recommendations taking into consideration our needs and questions. And all at a time that suited us.
Not quite like another company who used Google Maps to show us our house - pity it was the wrong house.
Enviren's wasn't the cheapest price around, but it was certainly the best service. Installation on time and exactly when quoted. Thank you Enviren Solar and of course, solarquotes.com.au
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The whole process was managed superbly, ran smooth and to the stated timeline, 3 weeks from start to finish Show additional information
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Generally the test of a supplier is not when all things go wrong. In this case, we had a couple of hiccups and they recovered very professionally with a better price and good installation. Show additional information
A professional & pleasant experience from start to finish. Sales Manager Mark O'Connor contacted me and arranged a quote and invited me to visit their premises where he clearly explained the options available to me - with NO HARD SELL! No demand for a huge deposit either! After accepting the quote the office staff promptly arranged a site inspection & installation date. Both were carried out right on time! The installation team from Zillman Electrical were friendly, tidy and efficient. The installation looks great. Thank you Enviren for a great job. Highly recommended. Show additional information
Hope I chose the right guys to go through. Like I said they weren't the cheapest or dearest but hopefully they uses good quality materials and will last a long time.
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All information was accurate and they told us as it is No promises or exaggerations. Show additional information
I originally contracted Enviren to install a 4Kw system in March 2011 when the feed in tarriff was 52 cents. The Auroira inverter and panels were installed on our two storey house very efficientlly, by Enviren staff in less than half a day. We have had no problems with the installed system and are receiviing a credit of about $550 each quarter from our electrical supplier. We have paid no electricity bills since February 2011. We went for a bigger system than our prior usuage, so that we would continue to receive no future electrical bills, as the prices of future electricty increased.

We found the system was so good, we later contracted Enviren to install 3 addtional 30Kw systems on our commercial properties, to reduce those properties operating costs. All 3 systems have substantially reduced operating costs, and have generated an additional reasonable income for those commercial properties. The income from those systems will recuperate our original cost within three years. I would not hestitate in recommending Enviren for thes systems and service they provided
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We thank you for your assistance and your recommendations. Show additional information
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Mark from Enviren was very helpful, no question was too much trouble & he didn't pressure us to do anything.

Another quote we had, not from your suggestions, was more like buying "time-share" - high pressure, time consuming, unpleasant, expensive & unprofessional.

Because of our experience with Eniviren, we recommended them to a neighbor, who went ahead with their product.
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System specifications : SMA Sunny Boy SB5000TL-2 5kW inverter with 20x250W Tienwei Panels.

I did a LOT of research into a system for my house which included talking to sales reps from 5 companies which resulted in 3 very solid quotes.

They were all good to deal with but, Mark O'Connor from Enviren (one of Solarquotes recommendations) stood out because he was very helpful and not at all pushy like some of the others. I was after a 5kW system and the deal he offered really got my attention.

We agreed on a no obligation site visit to check whether there was enough room for the 20 panels on my North facing roof. Once it was verified the panels would fit, I booked them in for the install.

They arrived early on the day and completed the install in around 5 hours. On completion of work, all areas around the house were tidied up. The system started working to perfection and Energex installed the new meter within 2 weeks. It will be interesting to see how it performs and the effect it will have on my electricity bills.

I went with Enviren because of the great low price for a quality system and installation by their own staff (not contractors). Also, Enviren has been around a long time and have offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. All of the staff were amazing to deal with.

I could not be more happy and would recommend Enviren to anyone.

Finally, I must say that Solarquotes.com.au is an excellent, very helpful website (especially providing the three quotes) and I would recommended it to anyone looking at installing a PV system. It has been a big part of my solar journey. :)
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Enviren was very happy to answer all my questions. I changed my mind about a few details and they handled it professionally and pleasantly, they were great. Easy to talk to and contact. I would recommend them to anyone. Show additional information
I chose an SMA inverter (5 kw) and 16 x 250 w Trina panels that can produce up to 275w each. Chose these panels as 5,000 of them were selected and installed by the Qld. University after rigorous testing.

Enviren installers were very professional and Energex inspectors commented on the first class wiring, neatness and overall finish of the installation. Could not have asked for a more professional company and have recommended them to several other people.
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There was a misunderstanding about the type of panels I requested and they changed them out within a day. Fantastic service. Show additional information
System is not installed yet. Enviren gave the most competitive price for a reasonable quality system, the sales team were the most eager to get in touch with me and get back to me when I asked, and they have given good advice on the type of systems available and what costs are involved. Show additional information
Apart from two frustrating cancellation dates for installation, we are pleased with the excellent, neat work carried out by a team of three. The office staff was also very helpful.

The system looks professional and is working efficiently thus far.
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I honestly think it is imperative that anyone looking at purchasing solar power should make use of Solar Quotes who provided three reputable companies. Even though we had these three names we still decided to look at two companies in the local area and one of these companies was referred to us by a friend.

Of the three companies Solar Quotes passed on, only CSA actually took the time to jump up on the roof to check everything out. Price comparison - they were very close and I would have used them if their offer was good as the other.

With that, we decided to go with ENVIREN who offered us a deal would could not turn down.
Solar Quotes also provided me with technical advice as I was in two minds as to whether I should install the system. The initial outlay does seem to be a lot of money, however the long term benefits out weigh the short term financial output.

Lastly, I would like to thank Solar Quotes, in particualr Finn for all his help. Reagrds Jim QLD
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Very difficult installation because of the pitch of the roof and access. Show additional information
Show additional information
Enviren was the first to follow up and kept in contact.

They also seemed to provide the best value / quality for the money.
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1. I installed a 2.5 system.

2. I can only say fantastic because I have no means of comparison.

3. I have not yet received a power bill; that will be the acid test.

4. Environ responded on the first working day and visited on the day after. The representative was knowledgeable and did not apply any pressure.

5. They arrived on the agreed installation date, Dec. 6, at 7 am and were finished by 12.15.

6. Energex arrived on Dec. 19 and changed the meter.
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I had many quotes from various companies. Some by phone and some personally. Except for one, I felt that I was being taken for a ride by the others. Enviren was the final quote. I felt very comfortable with the sales person's approach, so settled for a deal, and a date was set for installation.

The installers arrived early on the due date and did not stop work until all completed. On completion of work, all areas of work around the house was cleaned. Full instruction of the system was given, and formalities with Energex completed.
The system is now working to perfection. I could not be more happy and would recommend Enviren to anyone interested in installing Solar.
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What a nice change from the previous sales people who had given us conflicting information when all we wanted was a split system because our house did not face directly north for all our panels. He immediately advise us of true north based of the direction of our satelite dish facing true north - why didn't the other 8 salespeople know this????? Due to availability of roof space our panels are 7 on the north west and 13 on the north-easterly side for the morning sun. We are averaging 26kw per day in summer and we are aware that our neighbours talls trees (still growing) will impact on our results in wintertime. The installer was absolutely wonderful, very informative and no hassle what so ever. We have already highly recommended Enviren to our friends and new associates. Show additional information
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The system fitted was a 3 kW Aurora inverter with 2.5 kW of (10 x 250w ) Jinko panels so we could upgrade if required.

Installation was delayed by bad weather but on the day the installers were very professional and did a very good job.

Origin were a bit slow but eventually installed the new meter.

Our first bill was a $138 credit instead of a $200 bill.

Were quoted $500 each for extra 250w panel so at this stage won't be interested in any upgrades.
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