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Enviren Pty Ltd Reviews

Enviren Pty Ltd

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Enviren Pty Ltd Overall Rating From 89 Reviews:

89 Reviews

Average Customer Review (89 customer reviews)


Enviren Solar is an Australian owned and operated Solar Power and Hot Water Company. The company has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and it services South East Queensland, Northern NSW, The Darling Downs, Greater Sydney and Melbourne. The company says that it employs fully qualified specialists in each business area and they work in accordance with all relevant guidelines, and to the highest quality standards. They say that their sales and customer service staff are supported by qualified installers. The company also says that it has an in depth understanding of the energy issues facing Australian households and businesses; and they have many years’ experience implementing effective energy saving solutions. Envren Solar is a member of the Clean Energy Council and the Australian Solar Energy Society. Customer testimonials for Enviren Solar are available, and include the following: “ I found Enviren Solar on the internet. The price was very competitive (cheaper than most), and with high quality. The panels are made in Japan, and the inverters are from Italy. The cost included installation of a grid meter and was $10,800 for a 3.33 kw solar panel system. They installed the system in a timely manner. They always follow up with the paperwork progress. I can’t find better words to appraise their service.” “ Enviren was the only company that made personal contact rather than just by email. Their salesman was very competent and knowledgeable without being too pushy. The service and follow up was excellent; and they installed the system in five weeks, on the day they gave at the time of purchase. I did receive cheaper quotes, but Enliven installed top class equipment and gave excellent service.”

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
The installers (Brodie and Mick) did an exceptional job. Neat,tidy, very tradesm ...
>>> See Gary's review
Gary QLD 4670
Enviren keep me updated all the time. The install was cancelled on day 1 due to ...
>>> See Shayne's review
Shayne NSW 2250
Mark Group and SAE attended and inspected site and provided friendly advice but ...
>>> See Neale's review
Neale QLD 4306

>>> See Katy's review
Katy QLD 4520
Enviren, and presumably other companies, need to be upfront that it might take o ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter VIC 3161

>>> See Eileen's review
Eileen QLD 4301
Good friendly start hampered by disappointing execution, lack of initiative, poo ...
>>> See Jasper's review
Jasper NSW 2132
Interestingly enough, I had signed up to the "One Big Switch" campaign, a bit un ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter QLD 4118
Happy with all round service from start to finish, particularly happy with the p ...
>>> See Phil's review
Phil QLD 4570

>>> See Kon's review
Kon VIC 3167
Enviren was the only one of the three suggested installers to make contact in a ...
>>> See Ian's review
Ian QLD 4152

>>> See Daniel's review
Daniel QLD 4214

>>> See Norman's review
Norman QLD 4128

>>> See Grant's review
Grant QLD 4152

>>> See Glenn's review
Glenn QLD 4285

>>> See Anon's review
Anon QLD 4075
The whole process was managed superbly, ran smooth and to the stated timeline, 3 ...
>>> See William's review
William QLD 4160

>>> See Joshuah C/- John's review
Joshuah C/- John QLD 4570
Generally the test of a supplier is not when all things go wrong. In this case, ...
>>> See John's review
John QLD 4152
A professional & pleasant experience from start to finish. Sales Manager Mark O' ...
>>> See Ian's review
Ian QLD 4152
Hope I chose the right guys to go through. Like I said they weren't the cheapest ...
>>> See Ashley's review
Ashley QLD 4580
All information was accurate and they told us as it is No promises or exaggerati ...
>>> See Viv's review
Viv QLD 4580
I originally contracted Enviren to install a 4Kw system in March 2011 when the f ...
>>> See Rodney's review
Rodney QLD 4020
We thank you for your assistance and your recommendations.
>>> See Bernie's review
Bernie QLD 4152

>>> See Rebecca's review
Rebecca QLD 4570
Mark from Enviren was very helpful, no question was too much trouble & he didn't ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter QLD 4573
System specifications : SMA Sunny Boy SB5000TL-2 5kW inverter with 20x250W Tienw ...
>>> See Bruce's review
Bruce QLD 4570

>>> See Brett's review
Brett QLD 4153
Enviren was very happy to answer all my questions. I changed my mind about a few ...
>>> See Maria's review
Maria QLD 4565
I chose an SMA inverter (5 kw) and 16 x 250 w Trina panels that can produce up t ...
>>> See Trevor's review
Trevor QLD 4558
There was a misunderstanding about the type of panels I requested and they chang ...
>>> See Jan's review
Jan QLD 4069
System is not installed yet. Enviren gave the most competitive price for a reaso ...
>>> See Paul's review
Paul QLD 4209
Apart from two frustrating cancellation dates for installation, we are pleased w ...
>>> See Akiko's review
Akiko QLD 4570
I honestly think it is imperative that anyone looking at purchasing solar power ...
>>> See James's review
James QLD 4157
Very difficult installation because of the pitch of the roof and access.
>>> See Peter's review
Peter QLD 4566

>>> See Bronwyn's review
Bronwyn QLD 4511
Enviren was the first to follow up and kept in contact. They also seemed to p ...
>>> See Alan's review
Alan QLD 4580

>>> See Anon's review
Anon QLD 4558
1. I installed a 2.5 system. 2. I can only say fantastic because I have no me ...
>>> See James's review
James QLD 4017
I had many quotes from various companies. Some by phone and some personally. Exc ...
>>> See John's review
John QLD 4034

>>> See Anon's review
Anon QLD 4115
What a nice change from the previous sales people who had given us conflicting i ...
>>> See Nigel's review
Nigel QLD 4125

>>> See Stephen's review
Stephen QLD 4563
The system fitted was a 3 kW Aurora inverter with 2.5 kW of (10 x 250w ) Jinko p ...
>>> See GAry's review
GAry QLD 4305

>>> See KayCheree's review
KayCheree QLD 4575
The customer service received from Enviren Solar was probably the worst example ...
>>> See Wayne's review
Wayne QLD 4817

>>> See Scott's review
Scott QLD 4401
Original Installation deferred by two weeks but I was not informed; found out on ...
>>> See Reg's review
Reg QLD 4074

>>> See Anon's review
Anon QLD 4207
We only received the one response from the three companies provided from this se ...
>>> See Carol's review
Carol QLD 4305
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