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Keemin Energy Solutions is a Victorian based business who specialise in energy management solutions for businesses and homes throughout Victoria.

Keemin Energy Solutions provides residents and businesses with ‘best value’ integrated energy solutions that ensure sustainability.

We are also a Solahart dealer representing Ballarat / Geelong:

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Totally happy with my new Solahart panels and battery system.

Totally happy with my new Solahart panels and battery system. Provides off-grid capacity when the power drops and power bills under normal use are now around a dollar a day. That's 10% of what they were. The service was professional and helpful fright from first contact to the finished product. We had a few teething issues with the setup but Solahart were always willing to help. Highly recommended if you want a solar install. They may not be the cheapest but they won't sell you rubbish and they back what they sell.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 4/5
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A smooth one day installation and one hour quality check by installers. I got the latest model from Italian factory so technician got some real time advice to initiate startup on the day. Very reassuring to see that happening.
Very happy with the massive output through 20 REC solar panels with output at 5kw on a couple of days in August.
Highly recommend ABB/REC and Solarhart and Keemin.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Stephen came out to inspect the property within a couple of days of me requesting the quote. I have spoken to him many times since (before, during and after installation) and he has been really helpful with increasing my understanding of system options and limitations. The installation was completed within a day, on the day and at the time they said they would be there. Terrific job.
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One of my mates had his installed by these guys and gave them a big wrap.They turned up on the day ay 8 am finished by 3pm hooked up to the grid.
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Took your advice look at your blog as cheapest is not really the best, I could not understand why Solar gain were under $3000 and all others were $4000 + therefore I went for $4000+.
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I am still waiting for powercor to hook up my Smart Meter, so I cant comment on how much I am saving, but Keemin did a good professional job, and left every thing clean and tidy.
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The company was open, honest and upfront regarding what system would suit our needs with assisting to reduce our power bill, they gave me an additional amount off the original quote as their supplier had given them a discount on their order of panels.

Their installers are employees and turned up when they said they would.
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I would recommend them to anyone.
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I have to tell you the company I used were fantastic. I would not only recommend them but also endorse them as they were very prompt and professional and I am very pleased overall with their installation job.
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We went with Keemin because they were very easy to deal with and quick to get everything organised.
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One of the companies (Solagex) who initially quoted did not come to the house. They determined from a Google photo of our Unit that the roof would only take 6 panels. Ultimatley the successful temderer put up 9 solar panels.

The second company (Salor Shop) actually came to the house but couldn't tell me exactly how many panels the roof would take, but estimated it would take 8. They could only confirm the actual number when they did the work. They also believed it the panels would be better situated on the NE side of the unit, rather than the north face, despite the NE face having less exposure to the sun.

I did receive a telephone call from the third company, however they did not follow up on my enquiry.
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