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Powercom Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Kingston and serves TAS. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Excellent Service

Very professional sales process giving information regarding panels and inverter and where they should be placed for optimum benefit.
Installation was very efficient, no mess and received full explanation on how it all worked.
Received followup call to see that all was working to our expectations.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Alex from I want energy was excellent, price was good, we just preferred to shop locally when we can.
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We are very pleased that we chose Powercom as our solar system installer. We are happy with the quality of the system that we purchased (Trina solar panels with SMA Sunny Boy inverter plus SMA energy meter), and would have no hesitation in recommending Powercom to others.

When we first looked at installing a solar system in late 2018 we wanted to go with a local provider. Powercom was one of three installers that we considered, but they didn't respond to our initial inquiry (we have docked one star from customer service for this tardiness). But we persisted and gave them a second call and they ended up giving us the best price for comparable equipment. Other installers were offering REC panels with a Solaredge inverter, and Trina panels with a Fronius inverter - so very similar across the three installers we considered. One of the deciding factors was that Powercom was able to do the installation in early December and thus gave us 2018 pricing on STCs which made a big difference to reducing the overall system price.

In the end we are very happy with how the system is operating and extremely pleased with the amount of information that is available regarding usage and generation of power (it was worth paying the extra $700 for the energy meter).

The installation was professionally done and looks very neat and tidy on the roof. However, we docked a star because they didn't do a perfect cleanup (left lots of little bits and pieces of cut wire and some plastic connectors and metal shavings that probably wouldn't bother most people, but we collect rainwater from our roof so we like it to be spotless).

Since the installation we've had a minor problem with the SMA energy meter giving odd readings - apparently it wasn't wired in correctly. They took about 4 weeks to come back and fix it - so we docked another star from customer service for that annoying episode.

Overall, very very happy.
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Original Review on 03-04-2018:

I was pleased I came across your website because it has such a wealth of information on it. Looking at solar is like learning a new language and this site made it so much easier to understand. Thank you Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Antje: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Above and beyond our expectations. We are really pleased with our system and with the company we chose.
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Our experience commenced when we first applied for 3 quotes for you. So we thank you for getting us on the right track to start off. Cheers.
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Very happy with the product , service and the performance, it is working very well for us.
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The main reason why I chose another supplier was that each quote i received from your suppliers were performed by a desk top analysis only.
There was no site visit by the contractor to my house and the items quoted in the first instance such as inverters were in my opinion not as good quality as the quotation i accepted.
Also the quotation was submitted as a lump sum only without individual items costed.
One of your contractors was very helpful (by phone and email) but attached a contractual document that was written for any disputes to be settled in a Queensland court. I live in Tasmania an am not remotely interested in signing such a contract.
Your other 2 contractors were tardy in making contact with me, but in the end they did provide a quotation, but a little late!!
The local contractor who i accepted did a very good install, arrived on time, was very polite, helpful and cleaned up prior to leaving the site. As a retired Contract Administrator I was very pleased with their quotation which was clearly itemised, their components were very good quality and there was no onerous contract conditions to sign.
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Easy to deal with, responded to call quickly and everything they offered checked out correctly. SMA Sunnyboy inverter Trina panels installation inspected by Govt Inspector and it all checked out. The inspector said the installer was very good and reliable.
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Prior to settling in Hobart 3 months ago I worked in the solar power industry for seven years. I knew what I wanted and Powercom had the products. I wanted the best quality panels, inverter, isolators and racking and a timer fitted to my hot water system. My PV system is far exceeding the estimated power production. Even though I receive only 5 cents per kwh for exported power, I have a net positive outcome!
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Powercom provided very good service and information about the products. We added another 5 year warranty to the inverter.

They were professional and inspired confidence. The installers were efficient, hardworking and pleasant.

They managed very well with some tricky aspects of the install and completely cleaned up after the job. Ensure that you are completely aware of and happy with every aspect of the install and know exactly what is being done e.g panels lying flat or tilted and where conduit is to go.
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Valuable information on your website and newsletters. The guy (Baslec) who did come and quote through you didn't get the work as he couldn't give any written details on the warranty support for his panels and inverter (both Suntellite). I found Powercom through my electrical retailer's preferred supplier link.
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Great input from sales manager, Rohan. Prompt reply to emails. Locally situated company and knows area well. Provided many different options / prices and gave input but no pressure to buy. Have recommened to friends.
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