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As at 27 Jan 2011 ASIC lists this company: *** UNDER EXTERNAL ADMINISTRATION and/or CONTROLLER APPOINTED ***

SolarGen Solar Reviews

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I used SolarGen and whilst the system might be adequate the installation of the roof panels left a lot to be desired.
The installers removed my screws and replaced them with their own and could not understand why there was no bite on them. They were actually trying to get bite on a part of the screw where there was no thread - so they got some old crappy timber offcuts and placed them inside the roof on the underside of the battens and thought that was acceptable to screw into. I objected. The installers then went to their truck and got different screws which were not galvanised and tried to fit them.
My builder took a look and objected and went and bought the correct size galvanised screws and gave them to the installers. Then the installers screwed down so tight that they flattened the colourbond sheets. I objected and he said "it is all right you won't see it" I said "you have just upset the profile and hence the integrity of the metal. I later realised that they had also forgot to insert the plastic mounting feet that should have been installed on top of the colourbond. They also just threw the connecting cable in under the panels which meant that they were rubbing on the colourbond and eventually would have worn through. Not happy at all.
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So far so good, but the system has not been installed yet.

I spent several weeks researching various company's and systems. Obviously there are some better systems around, but this system suited our needs and was good value.

In regard to the company's reputation, there was good feedback available on various forums on the net and this was an important point to consider.
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Inverter is interrupting the AM radio band. Show additional information
All went well until the day of installation. By this time, I had paid the entire amount due. We were having lots of rain, so the 2 day installation turned into 4 part days. On the 2nd day, they broke about 10 roof tiles and didn't tell me even though I had told them there were some spares in the garage. Fortunately, my husband got on the roof that evening to check and replaced the broken tiles otherwise our ceilings would have been ruined that night by the rain. Next day, they cut 4 holes in the sarking to access the roof cavity even though we told them we had an attic ladder so they could access the roof cavity from inside rather than outside. They broke a further 10 roof tiles and walked on the ridge capping breaking it in the process. They also cut off the stink pipe and put a solar panel on top without putting anything on the end to stop beasts from crawling in. They promised to fix everything before they left but fixed nothing. Now they tell me we have to pay $400 to have the gross meter installed even though I was told that this was included in the price and we would only be charged if our existing meter needed to be upgraded - indeed, my contract reads that the only exclusion is "Meter Upgrade if required". I don't regard the installation of a gross meter as a meter upgrade. I would certainly NOT recommend this company. Show additional information
So much choice it's hard to make a decision. Show additional information
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SolarGen was prompt in getting back to the clients; very informative, friendly and helpful.

Enviromate also gave informs well and price wise around the same but not as prompt getting back to clients. Also on the lower watt systems they do not use Sunny Boy inverters but use Xanthrex converter, which put me off at the time as I was told this is not recognized by Aust Gov't Standards. But on the larger systems they were comparable with SolarGen.

Overall either of these companies I would recommend if going for a larger system.
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They are a little slow of the mark but things are starting to roll along now. I'm waiting for an insulating date. Show additional information
Very prompt service, although i was not 100% impressed at a few minor things.
I would recommend them if i were asked.
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This company demanded payment upfront. Once payment was finalized, communication became one sided : they would hardly return phone calls or emails.

More than 3 months later, finally they came to install the panels. During the installation more than half a dozen tiles were broken.

We were told that all damaged tiles were replaced ( we had plenty of spare ).

Weeks later when it rained we noticed water dripping from the ceilings ( the area where the panels were installed) . We reported to the company by emails ( as no one would answer the telephone), but after so many emails and so many weeks later , we ,as you guess, got no reply.

The leaks were getting worst , especially when it rained heavily. I finally decided to inspect, and to my horror, so many tiles were broken, and shockingly, they just used silicon to cover them.

I have never seen such a shocking workmanship in my entire life.

Solargen never reply to my many emails ,not they returned my phone calls. I conclude they do not want to face this responsibility.

They were fast to ask for payment, but not even " last " to honour their warranty.

Avoid these cowboys at all cost !!!!
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Great company whilst they lasted but unfortunately I think they're no longer in business. Show additional information
I got totally dudded by Solargen. The saleswoman on the phone was lovely and matched and beat other quotes, which was the main reason I went with them. Before payment they were soooo attentive to my every need. Then they call me to say they've had a cancellation and if I can pay the full amount then they can install in two days time. Of course I deposit the money with them. Well thats the last I've seen of my money and them. I called them for a week and a half with no response, emailed them - nothing.
It appears they have closed their doors and are in liquidation. Extremely pissed off, as I researched them on this website, and spoke with them about some poor reviews, but was told they were in another State, and the Victorian office was very good and no complaints- which seemed to be true.
I'm annoyed at them still being listed on this website, as this is where i got their information. This website should post information to stop shonks like this operating.
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We found that some suppliers said that we could not have the 2kwh systems as there was insufficient space but SolarGen were able to install the 11 panels. I cannot blame their installers, though. Show additional information
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I was delighted with Solargen for the following reasons :
1. Clarity of quote
2. Follow up
3. Ongoing contact with regard to installation
4. Installation was done exactly to time and budget
5. Installers cleaned up after themselves
6. Subsequent follow up after installation to confirm completion
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I spent considerable time researching technical aspects, quuality of proposed equipment, service, back-up and nature of the company. SolarGen came out a clear winner according to that research! Show additional information
I never got my quote from the 3 person you had email to until way after the time period and i had no option but to go with the quotes i had sourced personally my self... i found this service unfortunately not reliable enough not from yourself but from the out sourced supplies and there unfortunate poor timely effort to provide me with a quote. i think a reasonable time frame for such thing for a good impression is that someone to contact the customer within a 48 hour period and have a quote done with a 48 hour period from first contact. i think in this case it was at least a week and i think i still haven't heard or seen from others as i still only have quote from my our sourced suppliers. Show additional information
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SolarGen was when of the services that contacted me through one of you quotes.

They were a fantastic group of people that I dealt with and the installers were just the same. They were pleased to help with any questions that I had. Nothing was too much trouble for them.
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They installed system within a couple of weeks after signing contract. The problem is the people installing the smart metres take around a month to do the installation this means I have the solar system but unable to use for at least a month and that's not good. Show additional information
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Only 1 supplier eventually bothered to contact me and by the time he did I had already contacted other companies, received quotes, had inspections, and signed up for a suitable system elsewhere.

While you are doing the right thing by consumers you were badly let down by companies you suggested.
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Pricing was the first choice, then able to get quotes very quickly. Show additional information
We went for SolarGen and not Aussie solar (even though Aussie solar was significantly cheaper) because apparently the quality of the panel is better and we wouldn't need as many on the roof with SolarGen. Show additional information
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Solargen Installed the system within 1 week of ordering it and have done an Excellent Installation job.

There was some issue with communication between the Electrical safety inspector & Solargen which delayed the inspection 1 week, now we just wait for SPAusnet to Install the Smart Meter.

Overall Solargen have been very good and I would recommend them to anyone.
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they were very quick and efficient Show additional information
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Have to do a lot of research. because there is a lot of misleading advertising. Compare apples with apples, so to speak. As soon as you say no to someone, it's amazing that they drop the price at the blink of an eye. Find out who is responsible if any thing goes wrong, and to have that name on the contract. Get in soon as the multiplier is to be reduced shortly, which means an average system will cost the home owner about $2000.00 more, when the word gets out , watch the rush. then the dodgy blokes will be rolling in like oranges Show additional information
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I am completely satisfied with SolarGen. But bitterly disappointed with our energy supplier Energy Australia as we have been waiting 3 month for meter & I am advised it will be another 3 weeks to a month before they are installed. I really believe this is excessive delay.

I also would like thank you for your assistance.
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Isigned my contract in early March and was told the system would be installed by the end of May and have payed more than half of the cost and signed over my credits . I am still waiting and have no idea when it will be installed Since paying out my money I have spent a great deal of time trying to get in touch with some one who can let me know what is going on with very little sucess and been also told that I will have to pay an extra $600 dollars to be hooked up to the grid. I feel that the whole experience is incredably stressful and am still not sure I am ever going to get my system I really wish to go solar mainly for environmental reasons but for health reasons and peace of mind I wish I had never entered into the agreement Show additional information
I have been very happy with the instalation and service from my supplier. The experience has exceeded all expectations and the power savings are fantastic.
If your in the market to save power, go solar.
The system has been so good I am increasing the output to cut my electricity bill in half.
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Some issues, quoted for grid connection and then wanted to charge for grid connection. Installation guys were fantastic. System seems to be of good quality. Management did finally agree to pay for the grid connection as quoted. Price was good for system installed. Show additional information
Installation was delayed by about a month and we are still waiting on installation of the gross feed-in meter. Something which we weren't told about. Show additional information
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