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Sparkin Energy is a Solar Power Installation company based in Lyndhurst and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Very professional and the install is top quality!

Very happy that I contacted Sparkin Energy based on recommendation from a colleague. The installation is very professional and the cable management is very clean. The install team are very friendly as well. The install process only took half a day.

Customer service and response time is also amazing!

Highly recommended.
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Quick, Easy, Hassle-free, Bang for the Buck

I am very happy with my solar system installation with Sparkin' Energy and I am highly recommending them.

1. Sales/quoting process
* Got their contact from a friend with which they installed his solar system
* Researched online and found good reviews
* Directly contacted the team via text, call and email. Note that their website is not similar to those other solar system installers so these are your only options
* Texted them to get a quote, got a response the next day and they came by in the afternoon to inspect my roof
* Received the quote two days after (had to follow up because the team's very busy)

2. Installation:
* Made a decision to go with them and contacted them the day after the quote was sent.
* Installed the week after I decided.
* The day of installation, the team was on time. Two guys arrived to prepare the roof (I have two-storey property). Another one arrived an hour later. Another two arrived afterwards.
* Installation took from morning until midday
* After completing the install, the team help set up the monitoring and cleaned up.

3. Installation part 2.
* I requested for a smart meter to be added and the team came back the next day.
* It was the same experience, they were on time, did the installation and helped set up afterwards.

I have CEC inspection scheduled and the grid connection is yet to be arranged so I'll update this review once those are done.
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Excellent system for an unbeatable price

Sales/Quotation: I stumbled upon Sparkin Energy on one of the Solar Panel discussion forums. The quoting process was different from all others - Sparkin was the only company to send someone to measure up my roof before confirming how many panels will fit. While my roof space was tight and all others were asking me to put in optimisers if I wanted a 6.66 KW system, Sparkin quoted a 6.66 KW system and a Fronius inverter for an excellent price. Ash from Sparkin energy was very helpful and informative, patiently explaining the pros and cons of various configuration options.

Installation: The process was smooth and much ahead of time. My installation was supposed to be in mid-December due to the backlog of orders (COVID lockdown), but it was completed on 30th October, as there was a cancellation by another customer near my location. The installation team was polite and punctual. Quality of workmanship was very good.

Customer service: My overall customer experience was good. They helped organise the Certificate of Electrical Safety fairly quickly. The experience was a bit different to what I had when contacting other companies for quotes, mainly because Sparkin does not have a specialised sales team. It did not bother me much and I guess that helps keep the costs low.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Very Professional Job and Very Competitive Pricing

Ash and his team did a very professional job on our solar installation at a very reasonable price! I would highly recommend them to everybody.
Right from the start when I contacted Ash after seeing many good reviews about quality, workmanship and pricing he was not pushy unlike other companies and wasn't trying to rip people off with lower quality panels and inverters at high prices. He answered all my questions and made recommendations and gave me options on different products. There were no extra fees or charges for my request to have the inverter in the garage; it was no problem for them. I had a few questions and queries post installation and Ash was always happy to help out. Very happy with the output of our system; we will easily pay it back within a few years.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Fantastic team and great service

The whole team at Sparkin Energy are brilliant. How the whole process ran for me:

Vig is an amazing sales/technical person. He was able to answer all questions pertaining to solar for me. (unlike other companies who only book appointments). He even recommended best packages according to my need. One thing he is not, is being a pushy sales person.

No matter comes rain or thunder, if they have given an appointment, they will turn up. For my install: it was forecast to rain in the morning. Darcy was the first to arrive onsite (he is the one in-charge of solar panel install on the roof), he inspects the physical roof and suggests any design changes to catch the best orientation. It started raining at that time, and I thought to myself that they will come and advice me to postpone the job. But to my surprise they wanted to inspect the whole site, including where the inverter will go and the house orientation. Ravi asked me the best place that I thought for the inverter, and pretty much showed my electric meter point. Ravi was brilliant in advising me the best site for the inverter.(Undercover and shaded, yet close to panels but farthest from
the meter). Not many companies will do that as they have to run long, expensive wires to the meter.

Soon the whole team were onsite: Including Surmeet and Anthony (he likes to call himself Ash, just like the boss). Surmeet is an engineer and takes care of specs for: wiring etc. Surmeet also helped me with the best deal for Feed-in-tariffs. Darcy even moved my antenna as it was creating a bit of a shade for a few panels.

He even found the extra roof tiles himself around my property :) and replaced the broken ones. Ash (real big boss) installed the inverter himself and pretty much QA'ed the whole system. He made sure things were done as per the best design and layout. My inverter so well installed that my friend thought it was a new hot water system. (No wires were visible around the system)

Everybody was super professional, went onto their own individual tasks, yet coordinated & helped each other pretty well.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Very friendly, did a great job.

Good quality service, top brands inverter at low prices. Done a very good installation job.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great Company

Process was great from quote to installation. Easy to deal with and the installation team listened to my requests, was friendly and didn't leave until everything was set up and clean.
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Quick and easy installation, good service

Quote was quick and easy, salesperson responsive. Installation was quick and professional.
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Great Install

Excellent workmanship, accurate installation & great pricing. Thanks Ashesh and team
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Good installer, quality components, keen price

Sales process was very good - Ash spent a lot of time over the phone informing me about solar and the different options and costs. on the first day of my enquiry he sent out one of his team to have a look at my roof and location etc. When we were getting to the final choice between Sparkin and another company Ash came toy my house - measured up again and suggested a slightly different (better) layout and higher wattage panel to reduce panels by one. Flexible with the choice of inverter and positioning in garage.
Installation was carried out promptly by Ash and his friendly team no mess was left at the end of the job.
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Just got installed today with sparkin energy. very good pre-consultation with Vig, took a few phone calls and messages, Very knowledgeable and genuine advices. cannot tell anything like the normal sales person.Also got some paperwork to apply for rebate before the installation.

Booking is a BREEZE! fast and efficient, some company i got quoted cannot install till April. So this is like incredible.

Price is the best! i got another company quoted similar price, but typical sales person which i hate, push you sign up on the spot. have to ask permission for the best price if i sign up on the day. My neighbour spent nearly 6000 for a 4.4KW REC+SOLIS system, so this is good value, at least you won't get ripped off.

Installation is quick,efficient,professional, and with a smile. Ash and his crew (4 people) did fantastic job, didn't cause any trouble with my day, and cleaned up the site after!

Will def recommend sparkin energy!
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I found 'your' suppliers were relatively expensive.
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Everything went great from quote to installation till getting the documents for rebate
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