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Standard Solar strive to constantly improve both the global environment and the local economy by providing our customers with exceptional solar energy solutions and our employees with jobs they can take pride in.
Our mission is to provide all of Australia with world class solar energy solutions & customer service.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to both local and regional areas and demonstrate this with our support of local businesses, community groups and charitable organisations.

Standard Solar believe Solar power has the potential to significantly improve our economy and environment. Every family, community and business can play a powerful role in creating an environmentally sustainable way of life through solar energy.

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Keep away as they are the worst company I have ever met!
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Buyer Beware!!!

Shoddy installation and less than 5 years I now have 1 x shattered panel and water leaking into the other panels. Very Dangerous.

Signed up for a 4.5KW system, but has never got close to that.

Oh yeah - have long term warranty but good luck trying to claim.
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Were veryhelpful from the start, good service, installed on time with no issues....
After 18 months a switch on inverter blew out, but that was replaced and has been good ever since!
Power bill has dramatically reduced - as expected....
Seems the people who complain a lot were expecting way too much and hadn't looked into what they actually needed in the first place!
If it's to reduce power costs, then they are fine.... :-)
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Day –22
I put down close to $4000 deposit for an off-grid system with Tesla batteries. I made it perfectly clear that I had no access to a grid connection and the completion date for the build.

Day 0
James informs me that the Tesla batteries are unavailable until possibly September. I found it odd that, despite Standard Solar’s knowledge that my system was an off-grid build, no further information or contact was made to me to assist with a way forward to ensure that I had an alternative.

Days 1 to 8
I email James several times, stating the importance of time given that construction of my house was underway. I asked for just two things, a quote for a second system including batteries that can be installed before the completion of the build and just solar panels if I attempted to use the grid as a battery.

Day 8
James assures me that he will answer my questions by Day 15

Day 15
I ask again for a quote for a replacement solar system with batteries, a system with just solar panels and clarification that there was a $500 fee to cancel the contract. I again stressed the importance of a quick response given the progression of the build.

Day 16
I requested that the contract be cancelled. If James cannot be bothered responding to me I do not want anything to do with Standard Solar.

Day 17
James responds to my email and recommends that I take a solar and battery system that has 7KWh less storage capacity for $9000 more than the system that I put a deposit on. The other two questions that I raised are not answered.

Day 19
I expressed my astonishment at the process and proposed system. James responds on the same day stating “how would you most like to see this transaction come to a close?”

Day 22
I replied that the cancellation needs to go ahead and explicitly state that it is to be done via electronic transfer, even giving the banking details to ensure that there is no misunderstanding.

Day 31
I email James stating quite clearly that it is past 10 business days, the legal requirement for a refund.

Day 32
James replies that he will “address the situation to outcome today”

Day 35
I had to email yet again, asking for a response to that outcome, despite being 3 days past Day 31.

Day 36
James stated that a decision had been made and a refund will be issued minus a fee of $500

Day 43
I email yet again and ask where my refund is

Day 46
James replies informing me that refunds are by cheque and take 10 to 14 days to turn around. On the same day I responded that on Day 22 I outlined that the refund needed to be via electronic transfer and only now was James informing me that it would be via cheque.

Day 50
“administration/bookings” informs me that the cheque will be sent via registered mail. She apologies for the delay as she only comes in one day a week to handle such matters.

Day 57
I have to email asking where my money is. I am told that it was “accidentally” posted in the incorrect post box, thereby voiding the express post nature of the envelop. I also find it amazing that at only this point is it mentioned that it is not via register post but rather express post that does not require a signature upon delivery.

Day 58
The envelop is registered as delivered via Australia Post but it is never delivered to my postal address. I am furious that this has happened and let James know that it was entirely avoidable if he had used registered post rather than express post. Ultimately I am the one who has to work with Australia Post to find out what has happened to my cheque.

Day 59
James responds with the following:
That he is “not responsible for Australia Post and it’s delivery”
The charge of $500 was “goodwill” as he could have charged me $5915.15 according to the contract. So please take very close note of that, Standard Solar believes that they are doing you a favor charging $500 if they cannot install the system that you put a deposit down for within 6 months.
Australia Post was able to track down the envelop, they had indeed posted it to the wrong address.

Day 60
The cheque is deposited at the bank

Day 65
The cheque clears.

James, if this review costs you more than $500 worth of business then perhaps it is time to reevaluate how you engage with your customers.
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I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and your team following the installation of my 7kW solar system.

I am very impressed with your professionalism, making the entire process painless and all completed with courtesy and in a timely manner.

The end result of course is the best outcome however, with the reduction in my electricity bill.

Thanks again, to everyone involved.
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"When you sup with the devil, use a long spoon."
The battery was excellent when paired with the right inverter. It was obvious from day one the inverter they supplied was inappropriate. The company's response was to fob us off and refused to even service the inverter when the wifi failed on it.
We finally gave up and at considerable extra expense replaced the inverter. Works a treat now and we no longer have to deal with them. Joy!!

Inverter rating: 3/5
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After waiting nearly 3 months for install I got fed up and contacted Standard Solar to ask for my $500 deposit to be refunded as i did not want their system. I was spoken to rudely laughed at and even hung up on by the sales representative also told I would have to pay a cancellation fee but they would not tell me how much that was. This company is all over you to get your business but, when things go wrong you are treated very very badly. I am totally disgusted with Standard Solar and would never recommend them not sure if I will get my deposit back. Do the right thing Standard Solar and pay back my deposit.
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