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Established in 2008, Sun Connect prides itself on offering high quality solar panels and inverters. Before the company was set up, 12 months of research were carried out see what other products were available on the market.

At present, solar power systems are installed in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart. To date, more than 2,000 solar panels have been installed by the company across Australia.

Sun Connect believes that solar panels should benefit the homeowner by reducing their energy bills and increasing how desirable their home is to potential buyers. Customer service also remains at the heart of what the company seeks to achieve.

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Great service

Dean was very responsive and very clear about his recommendations and he did the installation promptly and professionally — I would recommend him to anyone.
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Not the cheaoest system we decided to go with but it def is the best quality system in our opinion and the Sun Connect experience and reputation for excellence is very reassuring too
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I’ve recommended Sun Connect to my friends as their professionalism and attention to detail was first class.
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Do not deal with this company. Both inverters failed within the first two years. It took over six months to get the first replaced and we have been waiting over six weeks for the second one to be replaced, which has still not happened. There customer service is non existent. Phone calls and emails go unanswered. We had to lodge a complaint with consumer affairs
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If you are a business stay away from this company. The only good thing about them is their sales people making promises they can't keep. Took almost 9 months to get it installed and it wasn't till the end we we were going to cancel the deal that action was taken. We were made all these promises but not one of them rang true. Differently would never recommend this company to anyone.
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The system didn't work at all for the first 4 months, then when it finally did work and does not even cover half our requirements when we paid for a system to look after 110% of our usage. The system has stopped again and we are waiting (over 5 weeks now) for them to come out and try to get it working again.

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We live on a farm with two meters so we were advised to get two 5kw systems so we could get a rebate on each system. Each 5kw system cost us $25400 minus rebate of $3700, which came to $21700 EACH! Sun Connects smooth and persistent salesman, BERNARD worked out that we paid roughly $1200 a quarter for power already so if we were to pay $100 per week for the panels it would pay for itself fairly quickly. He said by getting a 10kw system we wouldn't be paying anymore bills as this amount of power generated would cover our bills. So we were up to finance $43400, as we were told by Bernard at $100 per week. However when Certegy Finance contacted me I was told that we can only finance ONE system to the value of $15000. We had to come up with the money for the rest! Not happy but we still continued...The panels got installed and we waited for our bill...The bill came and there was no sign of any rebate. We called Sun Connect and they said we had to connect a Smart Meter AT OUR COST! $800 LATER!! Not happy but we still continued...We waited for the next bill...The next bill came and there was still NO rebate. The electrician and the sub contractor for Sun Connect have stuffed up and not installed the meter properly! We waited for the next bill...Finally a bill. I was hoping to find a zero or very close to zero bill as Bernard said I would need a 10kw system to pay my account off. My bill was $1245.31 (3278kw @ .31c) and I got a rebate of $134.88 (2248kw @ .06c). 6 CENTS!! NOT HAPPY!!! $135 FOR THREE MONTHS!! NOT WORTH IT! This has been the biggest rip off and waste of money I have ever spent. I have spoken to other people in the area that also got the same system and there are a lot of VERY ANGRY customers! HANG UP ON BERNARD AND SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
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Original Review on 10-10-2011:

i am still in the process and havent received my solar power yet or my finance. i have sent in the form for my inverter to be installed by the electricity trust. Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: N/A
Quality of System: N/A
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 4/5

13 months later we asked Laura: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

so far so good The system has only been operating since April and we had a very gloomy winter with not much sun but it has already saved me money and summer is looking good with a bit of sun already it has been reaching its peak quite often
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I still have on going problems with this company.

Their high pressure sales team try to get you signed up as quickly as possible. Once they get your money they just leave you hanging.

I waited almost three months to get my system installed, even after installation I had to keep chasing them to get the system connected.

I was never contacted by them or notified that they were having staffing problems and when I called them to find out what was going on their staff member was very rude, even calling me a liar.

When I was signed up to receive this "first class service" I was told they were not the cheapest but they considered themselves the best in the industry.

I was told that they only use quality European panels and converters while other companies use poorer quality Chinese made equivalents to get the price down.

Well I after the parts were fitted and still not connected and getting more frustrated by their lack of communication I did some research and found out that the parts they had installed were indeed made in China.

In fact the Aurora PVI 5000 grid connect inverter they have installed can be purchased on line for well under $3000. When I contacted their office about this the answer I got was everything is made in China these days they will be fine we give you a guarantee.

This company has shown no consideration for the inconvenience caused to me, when ever I called them with a concern I was spoken to like I was an idiot and their Operations Manger has been both rude and arrogant and definitely shows a lack of people skills.

This company has a big ego but unfortunately very poor customer service and an attitude problem, maybe that what comes with being the best in the industry.

Based on my experience I would not advise any one to use this company and it begs the question "what is their after sales service and warranty going to be like" .

Due to my frustrations I have since asked them to remove the system as they have not lived up to their promise and their service has been diabolical.

I immediately received an email from them stating that I can't do that and they will sue me?
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once they have your deposit they are not very interested and once installed even worse .phone calls promised have not been forthcoming since installation
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Original Review on 19-04-2011:

Please do you research about varying components, to ensure you are comparing "apples to apples". Once you have decided on a panel product and an inverter, then specify these names when sourcing quotes. I also found some of the internet blogs handy re previous experiences. Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

17 months later we asked Steven: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system continues to perform better than expected, both from an output & cost basis. Really happy we decided to go solar. Not just because we haven't had an electricity bill since, but also that we are helping the environment.
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We ended choosing a local company as they visited the site and spent time with us. Gave us plenty of
lecture, completed the installation quickly and were competitive.
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Very helpful, answered all questions, referred us to independent comparisons. After sales and prior to installation reasonable contact and they made sure we knew how to contact them. Pushed themselves hard to get installation before tariff change. Asked us to consider referring them to other people we might know but not pushy about it. Finance available if you need it but suggest shopping around.
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Customer Service started off really good, since making the sale have found them to be very poor and at times rude which makes me regret our decision to stay with them and as we have not yet had the system installed are still considering looking for another supplier
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With the modern way of representing costs (and being complicated about payback times), I found it difficult to get a handle on comparing costs.
Everyone has their own way of representing this, so I had to do some converting to come up with real comparisons.

Calling a spade a spade would be simpler.
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My experience was very much effected by the threat of a reduction in feed back tariffs in NSW. I needed to make sure that I had "signed up" as fast as possible and as it was I just made the deadline. I am sure Clean n Free would provide an excellent service given standard time lines, they were most helpful during our telephone discussions, however Sun Connect seemed to already have systems in place to get the applications in place as fast as possible. This would normally not be my highest priority in choosing a service however the change in government policy was the largest driver in my decision making in this instance (as the difference in tariffs is so significant).
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I am happy to be doing my bit for the environment and the recent announcement of rebates etc is good news. After paying a large amount of money for this 2.2kw system I have had quotes for the same size set up and same inverter for under half of what I paid.

The only offset from a $18000 system was $4500 from Rec's credit (point of sale discount)
Leaving me with an outlay of $14000.
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The inverter is a Orion High Efficiency 2KW Grid feed unit. Some time after installation I made enquiries (with other sellers) as to increasing the amount of solar panels, but these panels were to face in a different direction on the roof.

I have since found out that to have a set up such as this the Solar Inverter has to be a special type . I think it is called a dual track.

If this type of unit is not used then the inverter will default to the lowest output panel array.

This was not explained to me by the seller and in this regard I am disappointed.
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