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About SunSavers, Solar Installers

SunSavers is a Solar Power Installation company based in Adelaide and serves SA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

SunSavers Solar Reviews

DONT I repeat DONT deal with this company we paid our deposit, cannot get in touch with them, they don't return phone calls, or answer emails. Have now placed the msttet in the hands of Fair Trading

All was good, paid our deposit. Now can't contact them by phone and not answering emails Show additional information
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I spent many months reading technical specs / product reviews / forums on solar installs and effiiciency of products supplied. I did not go ahead with the cheapest quote as I wanted equipment with a high efficiency. I have had a 1KW system installed for the last 4 years and went ahead with an additional 2.8KW system to take advantage of the Govt incentives. I ended up purchasing from a broker / advising service. They emailed me a PDF spreadsheet with about 6 quotes which provided me with detailed info based on the config that I was looking for. I was able to speak with the supplier / installer and broker to ensure I was buying the right system. Show additional information
I received prompt service - three weeks from ordering and the system was efficiently installed with no mess. Show additional information
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Prompt installation with no issues of suntech panels. Working fantastic even on dull days. In four weeks, have saved a lot still awaiting ETSA feedback meter. Show additional information
I am a little concerned about feed in tariffs net seems to be the option and there seems to be quite a delay on the final hook up of the system. Thanks for your information you have been very helpful in my decision to go solar. Show additional information
Very difficult to rate as have not had the system installed yet and still waiting on Country Energy to approve. When selecting a supplier and system it is difficult to compare 'apples with apples' as most systems have differing combinations of panels, inverters and warranties. The supplier I chose had a lengthy warranty for installation, as well as standard panel and inverter warranties, however did not have an interest free payment option. Some others that had an interest free payment option were substantially more expensive. Show additional information
Have paid deposit on system, there is currently a shortage of panels and inverters so cannot comment on the installation yet. Show additional information
Its a bit hard to tell as the system has only been in for a few months - however, we have had no problems and Sunsaver were providing a VERY good deal for people in Darwin. Somenoe drew my attention to it and I also saw the TV advertisement made by the company.

The system as performed better than I had expected - we are averaging aabout 6 kW per day and, in full sun conditions, well over 6 kW per day.
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System was from Sunsavers. I was going to go with another supplier, but after I requested some testimonials or some evidence of installs in my area, I had no communication afterwards! So they lost my business. I was very happy with the Sunsavers price, quality of the hardware and install. They do lack considerably in communication though. Show additional information
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Great initial in house service, but difficult to get the installers organized or to make contact with. Show additional information
Too many to choose from, lots of waiting on return phone calls with quotes, now lots of waiting for installation (should have been in in November but lost forms (from suppliers) and I only just found out they didn't have them!, Country Energy were quick however (thankfully). Show additional information
Signed up for complete installation no hidden extras and a final price of $7000, work to be completed in about 8 weeks. They had probleems with supply, the time blew out, customer service respoce time was on average about a week after e-mail contact ( except at the beginning they were quite responsive as were the brokers, both became scarce after the deposit was paid) Responces were curt, responding to my contacts seemed to be inconvenient to them, seeking a completion date led to being advised that I was free to go else were but might forfeit the deposit. With the panels finally in place I was then informed that I was up for an additional cost of connecting to the grid $640, I was advised that it was in the fine print, the broker apologised for not mentioning it. In the end we were just pleased to get it up and running and relatively free of this company. The company I believe opperates out of SA and that probably explains some of the issues. They were not a friendly type company they were not in any way concerned about us personally and I dont expect a christmas card from them. Show additional information
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Have e-mailed sun savers 2 times now to try and get an installation date, but "Stacey" hasn't returned my e-mails. Poor customer service from sunsavers Show additional information
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The installers were quick and careful and the electrician very competent - he was the one who SunSavers recommended. Show additional information
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After 4 months I am still waiting for the installation from sun savers have been told it will be 3 more months.
To get you to sign up they ask for $100 and never instal the system.
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Still waiting for inverter to be installed Show additional information
Everyone is bending backwards to get your business, but no one is providing the finished product. Show additional information
I decided to go with Sunsavers good price good quality parts,but the organisation is Unbelievable,they are slack rude and totally disorganised.Their comunication is nonexistant,they installed a 1700w inverter on a 2.1kw system and I am still waiting 5 months for them to install the 2.5kw inverter I was quoted for.I have not paid them any money yet and wont be untill I have the system I was promised .I believe Sunsavers is owned by Solar Shop. Show additional information
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i wanted a system for my 2 houses went with a 1.5 for mittagong with a 2.5 s/boy inverter $3000
and Ballina a 3kw with a 4kw s/boy inverter for $8,200 , quotes from solar choices not installed as yes
I found your emails a great help was doing most of your helpfull hints but it was nice to receive them
you are doing a great service, its nice to come across someone who cares, Regards Raymond Hirst
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Sunsavers(Solar Shop)had applied for the old grant on my behalf. When they introduced their web based standard package pricing and were still able to access the old grant their economics became acceptable. I am happy with the result with the system producing outputs as promised. Show additional information
You offer a great service.

Keep up the great work, and thank you for your service.
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