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SunSavers Overall Rating From 29 Reviews:

29 Reviews

Average Customer Review (29 customer reviews)


SunSavers is a Solar Power Installation company based in Adelaide and serves SA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Rating Comments Name State Postcode

>>> See Paulica's review
Paulica NSW 2590
Great initial in house service, but difficult to get the installers organized or ...
>>> See Justin's review
Justin WA 6163
Its a bit hard to tell as the system has only been in for a few months - however ...
>>> See Phil's review
Phil NT 810
Too many to choose from, lots of waiting on return phone calls with quotes, now ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2830
Signed up for complete installation no hidden extras and a final price of $7000, ...
>>> See Nick's review
Nick NSW 2145

>>> See James's review
James SA 5069

>>> See Anon's review
Anon TAS 7307
Have e-mailed sun savers 2 times now to try and get an installation date, but &q ...
>>> See Jason's review
Jason SA 5118

>>> See Owen's review
Owen SA 5162
I am a little concerned about feed in tariffs net seems to be the option and th ...
>>> See Ern's review
Ern VIC 3305
I received prompt service - three weeks from ordering and the system was efficie ...
>>> See Christine's review
Christine WA 6027
Have paid deposit on system, there is currently a shortage of panels and inverte ...
>>> See James's review
James NSW 2541
Prompt installation with no issues of suntech panels. Working fantastic even on ...
>>> See Pete's review
Pete SA 5157
The installers were quick and careful and the electrician very competent - he wa ...
>>> See Elizabeth's review
Elizabeth NSW 2264

>>> See Carl's review
Carl SA 5109
After 4 months I am still waiting for the installation from sun savers have been ...
>>> See Paul's review
Paul NSW 2320

>>> See Michael's review
Michael QLD 4753
Very difficult to rate as have not had the system installed yet and still waitin ...
>>> See Allan's review
Allan NSW 2795

>>> See Marinko's review
Marinko NSW 2619
Still waiting for inverter to be installed
>>> See Jason's review
Jason NSW 2258
Everyone is bending backwards to get your business, but no one is providing the ...
>>> See Michael's review
Michael NSW 2750
I decided to go with Sunsavers good price good quality parts,but the organisatio ...
>>> See Alasdair's review
Alasdair NSW 2782

>>> See GEOFF's review
i wanted a system for my 2 houses went with a 1.5 for mittagong with a 2.5 s/boy ...
>>> See Ray's review
Ray NSW 2575

>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5211
System was from Sunsavers. I was going to go with another supplier, but after I ...
>>> See Ray's review
Ray SA 5125
Sunsavers(Solar Shop)had applied for the old grant on my behalf. When they intro ...
>>> See Don's review
Don SA 5025
You offer a great service. Keep up the great work, and thank you for your ser ...
>>> See Troy's review
Troy SA 5017
I spent many months reading technical specs / product reviews / forums on solar ...
>>> See Julius's review
Julius NSW 2079

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