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Unleash Solar

Update: 27 Feb 2013 - Unleash Solar has gone into administration with debts of $5m.

Unleash Solar is an Adelaide based solar firm that is currently being investigated over warranty complaints.

Unleash Solar Solar Reviews

We did a lot of research before we decided on Unleash. The salesperson was text book and was flustered when we wanted a system out of the ordinary (9.4 kw) but once we managed to work our way to the installer and manager we got good service.

They included into our contract the wording that was suggested by Finn and an installation completion due date. Time will tell as we signed the contract two weeks ago, but they did promise to put us up on the waiting list to compensate for the time we had to wait for the sales person to get his act together. Will keep you posted.
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The Companies we dealt with are NOT salespeople all they do is knock every other companies product and say theirs is the best, some of them get very angry when you tell them you have purchased elsewhere.
Little do they know it's because if these pushy people as to why we didn't go through them. If they learnt to sell their brand and not bad mouth the opposition they would do better. I found buying Solar NOT a very good experience.
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As you can see I'm unable to indicate the syatem quality or installation as this has not happened yet

I pay my deposit on 13th of April, Unleash Solar have said that they will try and install it by the end of June.

ETSA has set a date of 13 July to install the new meter.

Unleashed will pay any change in price due to the changes in the solar multiplier announced May 5th if the system isn't installed by July 1st.
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Deposit paid, a month later a 5 minute on site assessment was done, and another monthlater no further developments. Painfully slow progress with the whole project. Show additional information
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I organised 4 quotes and got 10 other Village residents to sign up with Unleash solar (Adelaide SA company) we signed up in March 11 and are still waiting for an install date, They are not very forward in parting with installation dates and details. Show additional information
I purchased from this company primarily based on price, they were the cheapest I could find and in some cases thousands cheaper than other systems, including your quotes. Why is there such a difference in prices from one supplier to another with similar quality and selling your rec's? As far as installation etc i will keep you informed if you require. Very long waiting period before the install, two months so far but this may be the norm. All Chinese components but with good guarantee, fingers crossed all goes well. Average customer service once they got my deposit, if I hadn't called to check up I would have fallen through the gaps as they said I wasn't in the system. Show additional information
I would not recommend this company to anyone they advertise cheap prices, but it is the worst
customer service I have ever experienced. I paid a deposit in February and am still waiting for the installation, upto now it has taken 10 staff members who have been involved with my case, about
half a dozen different excuses, and four written invoices for different expenditure which have been chopped and changed and not one person appears to know what they are talking about. this matter
has been refered to fairtrade for investigation. Qld
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The only negative was the time it took for our energy supplier to give ETSA information, however that was avoidable due to us switching suppliers at same time. ETSA installed meter within 3 weeks of panels being installed. All in all a good experience. Now we are waiting to see if our power bills decrease. Show additional information
service has been good communicate well -installation has not started yet but have had scope done neatly there. System and price easily within budget. Service from start until now very professinal. Overall very happy so far hopefully install will go well. Show additional information
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Has been a daunting experience,lots of confusion and too many phone calls and inquiries i hope it will go well as we hear a lot of negative comments about Solar systems.won't like to go through it again.Thanks for your help. Show additional information
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Wouldn't recomend this company at alll. We ordered the system in February and it wasn't installed until May. We had to threaten them with Consumer affairs to get any response from them. Inital installation was incorrect then we had to wait 2 weeks to get it fixed. Although once the electrician was aware of the problem, they came through. The problem was with Unleashed Solar communicating with, well, everyone Show additional information
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Unleash Solar have not been the best to deal with in regards to communication, I have had to contact them on numerous occassions to find out what is happening, and I am still waiting for my system to be installed. Would not recommend them if you want this done soon. Show additional information
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Price was right and they take responsiblity for not having the system on your roof within the prescribed time. Show additional information
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One thing I found out is there may be extra cost i.e. up grade of meter box. Show additional information
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They made three appointment to scope and install, non of which they kept. I had to hound them on the phone for 2 months to get a firm commitment to install. They have obviously grown too fast and their internal systems and management of sub-contracting installers fall well short of what is required.

I would have been less disappointed if they told me it was going to take six months to install and come in early rather than tell me is would be done in several weeks out and fail to meet unrealistic deadlines.
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The Service to country clients is poor . Long waiting periods. Show additional information
I have not had system installed yet.I have ordered a 1.5 klw system with a 3 klw inverter so I can expand system when I have some spare money in the future.This system cost around $2.660 plus etsa fees.It was by far the cheapest Quote. Show additional information
This is the 2nd system we have purchased, so we are waiting to see how installation goes. Show additional information
The lack of notification has been appalling so far.
I hope it WILL get better!!!!
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I have gone with the cheapest quote. I did not research the equipment, however the same manufacturers and installation warranties apply as with the dearer systems. I have had a site inspection by the people I chose and those of dearer systems (3 in all) and except for a couple of gimicky add ons there is no difference in service or advice. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Unleash Solar and they were quite happy to answer all of my questions without becoming impatient. I asked why they are so much cheaper (approx $1300 vs $3000 - $5000) and they have suggested it is due to small overheads (eg advertising, staff). Time will tell as to whether I have made the best decision. With regard to the last 4 questions, at the moment it would appear to be fantastic value for money, I don't know the quality of the system, it has not been installed yet and so far there is nothing to complain about with the service. I will not be able to answer all questions completely until some time after installation, which should be within the next month. Thank you for providing an easy means of acquiring a couple of initial quotes. Show additional information
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