What brand of batteries should you buy (or is Tesla your only choice)?
Tesla Powerwall

Solar battery storage has actually been around for a while. Lead acid batteries have been taking people totally off-grid for years – for a high price when it comes to new kit.

Though with the hype and fanfare that surrounded Tesla’s announcement of its Powerwall 2 battery you wouldn’t really think this was the case!

In my humble opinion, the vast majority of the hype about the Powerwall 2 came from Tesla’s excellent branding and marketing efforts – they truly are the Apple of the battery storage industry.

While Tesla makes a good battery (I have a Powerwall and I love it), it’s easy to get caught up in all the Tesla hype and forget there are many other home energy storage solutions available in Australia.  

The solar battery scene has changed greatly in the past few years, and now we’re spoiled for choice.

Forget lead-acid  for a suburban home though. Lithium-ion based batteries are the future of residential energy storage – they are easier to use and live with, occupy far less space and require nearly zero maintenance. 

Alternatives to the Powerwall

Among the reasons Australians are seeking Powerwall alternatives is the cost. Back in early 2018, you’d spend around $9,600 before installation. That was quite reasonable. But after a general trend of price hikes from Tesla, by October 2022 the price of Powerwall was $16,500 – without installation! However, it was reduced to a recommended retail price of $14,600 in February 2023 and then again to $12,900 in April 2023.  But it’s still a significant amount of cash to find.

There are cheaper solutions around, but you need to choose wisely to ensure you’re getting all the features you need; and from a company that will stand behind its product.

Our comprehensive, frequently updated Solar Battery Storage Comparison Table has all you need to know about Powerwall alternatives currently available on the market in Australia. There are dozens of brands listed.

But at a more granular level – comparing like-for-like (or as close as possible to it) – we take a closer look at a number of Powerwall alternatives here.

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