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Aussie Hybrid Solar Reviews

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About Aussie Hybrid Solar, Solar Installers

Aussie Hybrid Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Sydney and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Aussie Hybrid Solar Solar Reviews

We highly recommend Aussie Hybrid solar.
Their Customer Service is Excellent and the team who installed the system did a fantastic job.
Thank you.
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Promised Tesla battery with this system only not to receive it saying it was a false promise by salesman. Our contract copy paperwork was altered by someone in this company. Even though we have the original. They offered $2000 off the price as sorry money but that doesn't pay for the battery. Installation was average quality with no follow up contact from Aussie Hybrid as how to use this system. We now have a heavily over priced system with no battery and no one to show us its efficiency Show additional information
Had another quote from a company that came doorknocking. Aussie Hybrid Solar doubled the capacity of the system whilst having the size of the quote. They then upgraded me to a 10 year warranty without cost, upgraded me to Tier #1 quality panels and then threw in 4 more panels for gratis because I had ordered 20. Normally the warranty extension is a $256 add-on but on this occasion they said it was a promo by the manufacturer.
Aussie Hybrid were also very patient with my 'mud maps' of how I wanted the installation topography done, drawn up on high end graphics design programs like Windows Paint after half a dozen beers. Not only did they not laugh, well, not outwardly, but they forwarded on my sketches to the installation team so that everyone was on the same page.
I had a bad experience with a previous installation in that it worked for only 4.5 hrs a day when it was working because the panels faced in only one direction. Not only that, but the panels peaked between midday and 4 when no-one was home to take advantage of it, eg, washing machine, etc. I wanted this system to capture sunlight from sunrise to sunset to offset the electrical load of appliances that are used both at the start and at the end of the day so as to try and spread out that peak of solar gain that happens when your PV panels are aimed closest to the azimuth of the sun. By having panels east, west and north you get a much more usable power curve that does not spike in the middle of the day and is then useless for the rest. I now have sufficient power to run toaster and kettle shortly after 8.00 am (2kw) and the same at the other end of the day at 4.30 .
Aussie Solar Hybrid had my mud map in hand when they arrived and said "yep, that's how I would do it if it was being done at my place". I was pleasantly surprised that the sales team had passed the info on.
The larger 5 KW unit I purchased has inputs for two arrays of PV panels, so I had half of the PV panels facing east and the other half facing west. I don't have a northerly aspect but in hindsight, that's not a problem.
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Good service. Always quick to respond to questions, even after installation. Show additional information
Thanks for all the advice Show additional information