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About Carbon Footie Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Carbon Footie Pty Ltd

Correspondence from Renovatex Pty Ltd received in January 2017:

"We would like to bring to your attention that Renovatex Pty Ltd have purchased Carbon Footie trading name and goodwill in December 2016, and continues to operate Carbon Footie as an ongoing business. The business is not subject to any form of insolvency proceedings"

--- Carbon Footie went into Administration on 16th November 2016 ---

Carbon Footie is a solar energy company with its main office in Perth and a branch office in Melbourne. The company says that it is Australian owned and operated. They also say that their installers are certified and licenced.

Customer reviews for Carbon Footie are available, and include the following:

" A very professional and helpful company which I would highly recommend."

" We had done a lot of research and got many quotes but wanted a 3kw system which most companies did not supply. Carbon Footie was the company that supplied our system for a price that compared with most other companies' 1.5kw systems."

Six customers reviewed Carbon Footie and rated the company very highly for value for money, system quality, installation and customer service.

Carbon Footie Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

The first time the JFY inverter failed they fixed it quickly BUT now they are KAPUT, probably sunk by the cost of warranty replacements. Show additional information
DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY Show additional information
Carbon Footie are no longer in business. Show additional information
I don't know how they are still in business
I had to pay another company to fix their poor workman ship and low quality equipment
There are better company's in Perth
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I was informed by the reception (rude) that the sun will move and hit my panels??? been sunlight already for 3 hours no sun on panels my upper story covers the panels???. Spoke to Mr XXXX and informed me that it's down to the installer at the end of the day for best optimization of the system NOT JUST AN EASY FIT AND GO.

So i am missing 50 hrs plus of sunlight each month because the installer deemed fitting them in the shade was the better option, because splitting the panels was basically not the way to optimize the system it better to have all the panels in the shade apparently so when the sun comes around for the next 7 hours its all good because the panels work together, I have loads of roof space on my second story were they should have been placed lazy installer.

I informed the manager i had managed to generate a whole 900wts in 3 hours he replied "SO WHAT". Speaking to them and they try and talk you down all the time and unwilling to help the situation. I am having an independent company come in and re position the panels for optimization of my system. Shockingly poor customer care.

FYI it's the earth that moves around the sun not the sun around the earth.(BASICS) LOOK at other customer reviews they are the same as mine good system just installed badly and inefficiently .
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I had the system installed in March 2016. By April 2017 I was on my 7th inverter. To be fair to Carbon Footie, they did keep replacing the inverters but it became obvious that they were unable to solve the issue. They were clutching at straws in thinking it was voltage surges and offered to put in a surge protector for $900, then they reduced that price to $600, but I was not prepared to give them any more money. Because I needed to get independent assessments (including Western Power) to check all the voltages, this has added another $450 to the cost of the system, plus I have lost money on power rebates due to the amount of time over the twelve months without a working system. I feel I should have twigged when they said they could install it the next day, but sadly I did not trust my gut feeling. I finally gave up in disgust and have employed Infinite Energy to rip out Carbon Footie's system and reinstall a better quality one for the same price. They did not know what I had paid to Carbon Footie, so it was a genuine quote with higher quality components. Show additional information
The experience with Carbon Footi was very good. Their representative was patient with us, listening to what we wanted and after going through the product, our past bills and our lifestyle, offered us a system that was smaller than what we wanted
but would fill our needs adequately.
The installation was carried out by their electrical contractor. They went about their work with no disruptions. They took time to explain the system to us and how to switch the system on as soon as our new meter was installed.
The system is working well piling up the kilowatts. I can't wait till summer when with the clear skies.
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Do not, I repeat, do not use this company! They have zero care for customer problems. We have had nothing but issues with the system since we had it installed. And, now again the system has stopped working. When the company was contacted, we told, rather rudely, that the part that needs to be fixed would have to come from Queensland, and they don't know how long it would take to get to Perth. I didn't realise that we are still in the time of horse and buggy. Then we were informed we would have to pay a call out fee, even though the system is still under warranty. Finally, the day came that the inverter could be changed over, and the guy just informed us that it isn't the part they thought is wrong with it, and now we have to wait another week until someone can tell us what is wrong with this system. Please, just find another company. Show additional information
1. We have not been receiving much, if any value for the large system purchased from Carbon Footie as far as our electric bills are concerned - it has been over 3 years.

2. Shortly after installation of the Panels we were informed that some roof tiles were damaged. Does not seem like a proper Roof Inspection was done by Carbon Footie prior to installation of their Panels, which is meant to be part of the process.

3. Carbon Footie quoted over $3,500 for their electrician to remove & refit the Solar Panels so repairs could be undertaken to the Roof Tiles, otherwise if we used anyone else they said their Warranty would be void. Other licensed electricians quote between $500 - $1,000 to remove & refit the Panels!

4. Recently we saw a Fault reading on the Inverter (Suntree 5000TL), which is interpreted by the Manual that the Inverter is damaged.

5. Unable to get in Contact with anyone at Carbon Footie or their initial "licensed" Electrician - Jason.

6. How do we recover costs? Where do we go for Warranty & after sales service?

7. Our conclusion - the Carbon Footie & its Affiliates were/are not helpful.
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Once system installed the company has no further interest.
1. Inverter broke down over a month ago, and though I wrote to the company nothing has been done to repair it. Every day now costs me money.
2. Minimal return on my energy bills - ranges from 8c to 19c
3. I contacted Synergy who said the system is too small to be efficient - the system size was the one recommended by Carbon Footie.
4. The receptionist I have spoken to is quite rude!!
Frankly I wouldn't touch this company with a 10-foot pole, and I ensure I give a bad rap to any of my friends and acquaintances wishing to install solar power.
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Very happy with the system overall. wasn't sure what to expect with results. Bills went from $300 to $60.. Can't ask for more than that.

Top work guys
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Installation was completed within 4 days of quote acceptance and I am very happy with it. My only issue was the installer was not able to install the wifi connection which Involves opening a port on my wifi router for remote internet access, which I did myself. Show additional information
My inverter broke going on 4 weeks ago now every week they have told me they are waiting on the part from the supplier and will arrive Friday and be replaced Monday. It's been 4 weeks now and still I haven't received it! Talking to the neighbours apparently it's very common with their products that is why they are cheaper! Show additional information
Carbon Footie have closed their office in Balcatta and have moved to a HOME OFFICE!! They now work from Home/Warehouse !!
Emails have not been answered.
Installation done 10 days ago and I am worried how the company is going to look after and service their customers like us for the next 10 years of warranty period. At time of installation was not told they have moved and only found out when I went to Balcatta to find the office closed.
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Still only short time in use however performance matches expectations.The installer on our job was Paul Rigby who we found to be courtious,fast and efficient.The price was not the lowest quote we received but only marginally more.Their office is very close to our home so if required we can easily reach them.
Thank you for your advice we found it helpful.

Regards Bruce
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Be sure to ask for tier 1 solar panels as you might be offered others first. I got the tier 1 for the same price. Also be sure of the method of payment on installation as you might get a surprise using your credit card. Show additional information
Solar Quotes took the headache out of it all. I'm glad I found their website Show additional information
Installation tradesmen very polite, knowledgeable and respectful. Cleared up very well when the install was finished. I would recommend this team to anyone. Carbon Footie after service to date has been good. Show additional information
Show additional information
Very Prompt & Efficient , friendly Professional Team , no hard sell just good old fashioned honest service. Show additional information
Carbon footie was very aggressive when come to offering a reasonable price; however, they could not match the service they promised as the margins were weighing down on the deal they had agreed. Therefore, Carbon Footie was forced even to install a scratched panel on my roof; when I asked the owner of the company for the same to replaced I was told I will be charged if they send in technician with panel to replace the scratched panel (in the first place they refuse to agree that the panel is scratched) then they want me to go on to my roof and sent them a proof that the panel is scratched (I do not know how much should I be charging them for doing their job).

They are very prompt when it comes to settling their bills; I am yet to see some thing good about their service.
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I was very impressed with Carbon Footie. From start to finish they made the whole experience pain free Show additional information
Not getting any response in after sales service. Show additional information
Installed super quick with minimal disruption Show additional information
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They have decided to put the panels on the Eastern side of the house as they say we are too much North West facing. Not so sure I agree with this and neither did the installer. I have asked for their compass plans to show our house direction but to no avail. Show additional information
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Was good from start to finish I chose Carbon Footie because they actually made an appointment and sent a salesman around the others just sent a text or email. Show additional information
My average bill prior to the Solar System installation was about $120 a month.
Now my first bill after installing solar shows my monthly average to be $50. About 58% in savings.

If this continues - I should be saving about $800 a year, which should pay off the investment of installing a $3500 solar panel system in about 4.5 years or less.

Thanks very much for the advice and tips, Finn. I am very happy that I went ahead with this Solar Power system!
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Salesman was a lttle too pushy and did not tell us about the bank charges. Average company and I would not really recommend them to anyone else. Show additional information
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Show additional information
Pros: supplied a 4.6 kw inverter for the same price as a 3kw; system appears to be good value for money; installed within two days from deposit, I believe they didn't even wait for the permit, just submitted the application and installed it anyway;
Contra: overall customer service, the first sales guy claimed I wasn't at home, well I claim he didn't even knock on the door, try harder; I "accidentally" received wrong panel brochures that led me believe I'm getting 270 watt panels instead of 250w; the guys who installed it told me almost nothing about how to use the system and didn't leave a manual either; I realised afterwards that I received no wifi dongle for the inverter and the warranty wasn't 10 years on the paper as promised, but only 5. I had to call them several times and refused to pay until these were rectified, but that still took 3 weeks.
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I was contacted by 3 companies: Infinite Energy, Carbon Footie, and Green Wiring.
Infinite Energy: Excellent presentation, top quality equipment and quotation. Due to limited north-facing roof space, we discussed the possibility of mounting most of the panels on my south-facing roof on frames that tilted the panels to the north. However, the quote they supplied had the panels scattered over all parts of the roof other than using the south-facing roof with the configuration we had discussed.
Carbon Footie: Excellent presentation also, with the exception that Carbon Footie listened and took onboard my request to use the south-facing roof. They installed the system within 72 hours of being awarded the work. Their installation (sub-contractor, Greentech Energy) did a first-class job in installing the system and were very neat, tidy and competent.
Green Wiring: Unfortunately, Green Wiring was booked for a site visit 2 days after Carbon Footie. However, based on the reassurance that Carbon Footie could install the system as I requested, they were award to work and unfortunately for Green Wiring, they were not given the opportunity of a site visit.
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At first we were confused and don't know what to think. Did some research and put lots of questions together and bombarded the salesman with all the questions i could think of to see his reaction. He answered my questions calmly and explained it without rushing it to sell the products. I decided to go for it and everything was installed smoothly. I didn't have any problems ! The tradies were good and cleaned up their mess ( very rare these days! ). After the installation he showed me how the system works . Overall a pretty smooth ride and the system is up and running. Very satisfied! Just do lots of research and ask heaps of questions, even if they are silly questions! Thank you. Show additional information
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Carbon Foote were very prompt, came when promised and the installation went well. My only complaint is that the salesperson did not warn us that the inverters were so large and intrusive due to the fact that it was a three phase system. The inverters could not be installed in the place where we were told they would go and the are now mounted quite close to the front door. They also did not do a scale drawing of the installation position of the panels and as a result they used more roof space then we anticipated and will make a difference to proposed future renovations. Other than that the physical installation was to a very high standard and completed as scheduled. The post installation briefing was detailed and comprehensive. We have installed 20 x 250 watt panels and SMA inverters.
The quote from Green Wiring was by far the cheapest but did not include the make of the panel or the make of the inverter but did offer to beat any quote we had, this did not fill me with a great deal of confidence and so did not pursue his quote.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Carbon Footie to other prospective clients.
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no Show additional information
Carbon Footie gave us a start date contractor turned up on time installation was completed in three hours. Jinko panels were used with a 3 kW Sungrow wifi inverter. Carbon Footie contacted us the day after to confirm we were happy with the product and contractor and advised us that Senergy power company would contact us for live hook up to the national grid. Still waiting - has been 2 weeks on Thursday 24/03/16 ???. Show additional information
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Luckily I went outside to see installers - they had broken a tile and wanted a replacement.
I found that they were putting the solar panels it on the wrong side of the roof.
He quickly changed it but had ruined 2 more tiles in the process (holes bored into tiles)
Happy with salesman, but installer needs to look at the plan and know what direction is required.
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We chose Carbon Footie because it was a local company, the salesman was very informative and gave us a great price for the system we needed. The warranty on the inverter was longer than the other company which we had quote us, the panels slightly larger so we only needed 10 instead of 12 with the other company. Over all our experience has been faultless, the only setback is that we are still waiting on Western Power to come and install our new meter 4 weeks after our Solar System was installed, so no benefits for us as yet. Infinite Energy did tell us that often there is a wait of about 3-4 weeks for the meter change over. Show additional information
Carbon Footie were ontime when quoting and also with installation can't fault them have already halfed power account. Show additional information
it is too soon to tell about the quality of the system Show additional information
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