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About ElectSolar, Solar Installers

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VIC: REC 17608 Elect-solar 
ElectSolar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Wangaratta and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

ElectSolar Solar Reviews

They were very good to deal with. Show additional information
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I initially got interested in solar because of an initiative from our regional council for retirees. Their supplier was going to be from near Melbourne, and this is a fair distance from us. So I got your recommendations for local suppliers, and was very impressed with ElectSolar who fit the bill admirably. Thank you for bringing me up to speed with technical aspects of solar. And the whole fitout by ElectSolar took only 4 hours, with the inspection happening a couple of days later. So it was all really quick.

Also thankyou for supplying a review of available power companies (particularly the green ones) to help us decide to stay with our current supplier PowerShop.

You may be interested to know that I too worked for CSIRO with the Division of Atmospheric Physics in Aspendale, Victoria. In 1969 my first full-time employment as a technical assistant there included flying weekly from Essendon Airport in the government Fokker F-27 over Bass Strait, collecting the atmospheric samples used to monitor the Southern Hemisphere CO2 concentrations. Global warming did not seem such an urgent issue then However, with today's concerns, it helped us in our deciding to go solar because we spend so much more time at home now that we are retired. In this regard you were also able to point out the solar panel companies with the least environmental impact in their manufacture, and again it was a factor in our decision making.

Again thankyou for your site, and I would recommend it to anyone.
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High quality components, quick installation. very neat job Show additional information
Nice people Show additional information
Show additional information
All contact with the company was friendly and helpful. Things happened when we were told, very efficient installation and such nice guys. Definitely recommend. Can't comment re quality as only installed yesterday. Show additional information
Great personal approach. They provided the information we needed to make a sound and practical decision, taking the time to explain the options in a thorough but practical way. Installation was trouble free and we’re seeing great results from our new system. Show additional information
Great service from Elect solar from the first consultation with Kevin to the installation a few weeks later. Thanks to Doug and the team our system was installed in a few hours and the boys did a fantastic job. Very professional and neat installation !!! We were consulted at every step and given all the information we needed and everything virtually organised for us. And great ongoing back up should we need it. So glad we went with a local company. Couldn’t ask for more. Show additional information
System hasn’t been installed yet but they’ve been very impressive with flexibility, different options, and speed in responding to requests and questions. We’re going with a combined battery and panel option and they’ve been very open with the different options and their costs and benefits. Show additional information
Having problem having inverter to talk to my computer installer not too keen to help Show additional information
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I am happy to report that the solar system installation process has been a very good experience. We chose Elect Solar from Wangaratta to install our 3.2 kw system. Their price was competitive. Tier one Canadian panels. The inverter is a "Solis" made by the Chinese company Ginlong. Elect Solar have been using these for several years without any major problems. Our research has shown that these are well supported in Australia and ours has a ten year warranty. The quality of the installation is excellent. Very neat. The system has so far been doing its thing without fault since installation on 31/8/17.
Greg & Julie
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The guys did a great job and were very efficient and professional. The whole process from start to finish was very easy. Thank you! Show additional information
System has not yet been switched. Great cooperation so far. Very professional. Personalised the system to meet the need. Show additional information
Elect Solar visited the site before quoting and suggested micro inverters due to minor shading issues. They were very informative. They kept us informed when ordering and receiving the components. They turned up on time and finished on time. They were all friendly, helpful and professional at all times. Show additional information
The system installed comes with long term warranties which was a prerequisite for me. The installation is incredibly neat, which is important to me being ex-building industry. The tradesmen were organised, prompt, quick, and took care of my property. Although my system is more expensive than most due to a meter change requirement, I am pleased with the result and decision to go solar.

And on those hot days I'm utilising the air conditioning without a concern, knowing the cost is being covered by my system.
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The installers were excellent and when it came to the inspection I was happy to have the electrical inspector indicate that it was really a waste of time him being here because he knew Electsolar would have done all the right things. Nevertheless he did inspect the installed system and was more than happy. Show additional information
They were excellent, came on site even though still building and made recommendation based on our needs not the biggest and dearest. Show additional information
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All went very smoothly. Show additional information
Couldn't rate them better - good work and service. Show additional information
Ours was an insurance job and the company did all of the paperwork, gave a quote and a few options. We only had the unit replaced at the same size but we will certainly go ahead with the same company if any future update is needed. As it turned out they did the original installation 5 years ago. Show additional information
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Installation and follow up service was absolutely perfect. Happy cheerful installers, no fuss, no mess and very polite.The salesman, Kevin, even made a special trip to turn the inverter on, whilst we were away in Qld. We highly recommend this Company. Show additional information
I was keen to use a local company with a good reputation incase there were any problems. Show additional information
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I found the salesman very efficient, turned up on time, explained everything I needed to know about installing solar panels. Show additional information
Show additional information
I found solar quotes to be extremely helpful in guiding the decision making process when choosing a system. The comparison tables seem to a lay person at least to be based on reasonable criteria and appear to be impartial. Show additional information
We cannot speak highly enough of the Elect Solar team, right from initial contact to post installation. After just three weeks we are loving the whole solar experience and watching the old meter turn backwards (will miss that when the new meter is installed!). Already a neighbour has ordered a system based upon our experience, and with the same installer. Show additional information
Solar power systems are a complex area of ever changing technologies and full of pressure salespeople. Even if you hate doing research, a little homework can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience or a nightmare dealing with delays and substandard components. Solar Quotes provided some useful information that made the research a little easier. Show additional information
Maxi solar were very helpful lots of info. One Quote wanted to charge expensie travel rate 400 kms round trip I think added $800.00. One Quote was a bit pushy and a bit sneaky with tactics to get you you sign up quickly. Show additional information
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Probably too early to tell on efficiency etc. Tradesmen were polite, professional and effective. Show additional information
From the time I agreed to go with ElectSolar and paid my deposit the waiting time was just over 2 weeks. It took the boys 5 hours to install the system, they gave me a good run down of how it works and now I just sit back and watch the meter spin backwards. Show additional information
Honest dealer with none of the nonsense. Installed within 3 week window. Only hold ups are the electricity retailer and distributor. Install team were friendly, helpful, and on time. Great experience. Show additional information
Starting with no knowledge of Solar Power I found researching the actual panels was very confusing with limited opportunities to compare product. I know each brand of panel had an information sheet but I was not prepared to openly accept that information coupled with the fact the each installer generally only offered 1 or 2 panels, one slightly cheaper than the other and claiming that their panel was better than the opposition.

I would have preferred REC panels but my installer could not offer them so I finished in the end with 250w SunEarth panels and SMA Inverter.

In your system size I quoted 6Kw but actually installed 5.5Kw. I also found selecting a system size difficult because of the varying information given by electricity providers and their lack of help in comparing Transitional Feed In Tariff (under 5Kw) and One for One Tariff (over 5Kw). It seemed on each occasion I called the same provider that I would get different information.

In the end, I am happy to have elected to fit solar but at this stage I am not connected to the grid (waiting for meter configuration). Once having chosen a system the installation was quick and very neat, friendly and helpful installers. My final assessment will no doubt come when the system starts to deliver and match that against the claims offered by all the different installers, (11 in all) some of which I feel were exaggerated.
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Allister provides an A1 Professional Customer Driven Service.
I am totally impressed with his advice, feedback and suggestions. His staff have rung pre installation to re confirm installation date of 28th May 2012.
All in all I can say nothing but Brilliant and a pleasure doing business with them.
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Just had it installed still needs approval so too early to say how good it is. Show additional information
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