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15 Reviews

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ElectSolar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Wangaratta and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Rating Comments Name State Postcode

>>> See Richard's review
Richard VIC 3723
I found the salesman very efficient, turned up on time, explained everything I n ...
>>> See Kathryn's review
Kathryn VIC 3722

>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3723
I found solar quotes to be extremely helpful in guiding the decision making proc ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3675
We cannot speak highly enough of the Elect Solar team, right from initial contac ...
>>> See Anne's review
Anne VIC 3678
Solar power systems are a complex area of ever changing technologies and full of ...
>>> See Richard's review
Richard VIC 3678
Maxi solar were very helpful lots of info. One Quote wanted to charge expensie t ...
>>> See Bill's review
Bill VIC 3672

>>> See Mick's review
Mick VIC 3690

>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3677
Probably too early to tell on efficiency etc. Tradesmen were polite, professiona ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3678
From the time I agreed to go with ElectSolar and paid my deposit the waiting tim ...
>>> See Tony's review
Tony VIC 3722
Honest dealer with none of the nonsense. Installed within 3 week window. Only h ...
>>> See Wendy's review
Wendy VIC 3683
Starting with no knowledge of Solar Power I found researching the actual panels ...
>>> See Darrell's review
Darrell VIC 3677
Allister provides an A1 Professional Customer Driven Service. I am totally impr ...
>>> See Steve's review
Steve VIC 3666
Just had it installed still needs approval so too early to say how good it is.
>>> See Gary's review
Gary VIC 3730

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