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Energy Options Reviews

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About Energy Options, Solar Installers

Energy Options is a Solar Power Installation company based in Noosa Heads and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Energy Options Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I signed the papers on the 11th of January. The panels went on in February when I wasn't home. I had no notice of when they were coming.There were unfilled drill holes in my asbestos walls. The system wasn't connected until June despite many phone calls. The electrician who finally connected it was very nice but walked through the garden destroying the plants. Then I got a massive electricity bill because Ergon charge almost $1000 for someone to come to the site when the meter box is upgraded. Show additional information
Going for a leading edge system that is not currently a standard installation, I was prepared for an number of issues and expected project delays. At the 13 month mark I am still awaiting the system documentation to be finalised. The company may handle standard installations, in my case, it has taken longer than expected. The system was supposed to be similar to a number of systems they had installed and I spoke to a customer with a system similar to mine before siging the contract so I was confident they could deliver. I was prepaired for delays as with any project. I was not expecting Energex to be so unresponsive. I think they ran out of spanners to drop in the works and upended the whole tool box. As my system was special, any design change required 67 business days to obtain grid connection approval. They repeatedly used all 67 days.

I did get my system installed and partially operational using an incorrectly approved Energex contract. The subsequent approved contract was also incorrect.

About three months in to the project, while awaiting for the Energex approval, I started to notice errors in every design document supplied to me. This would require up to 3 revisions to correct. Each review cycle by Energyoptions would take 2 -3 days per revision. During the wait for the approval by Energex, the latest versions of the Solax hybrid inverters with Emergency Power Supply were released. To accommodate this, the design was modified which cause a delay.

We are now up to the third application for grid connection as all previouse attempts by EnergyOptions have failed to obtain the approval for the system currently installed. The third offer by Energex is still wrong and another one will have to be submitted with the subsequent 67 working day review.

The installation was delayed 3 times due to supply chain, site access and sub-contracted installer availability issues. The wrong inverters where delivered to the contractor once. An incorrect BMU was then delivered. A courier forgot to drop a package off when delivering the right inverter on the Friday, taking the BMU back to the depot. All the stuff that normally I have had to deal with when doing any project invovling multipule parties.

Now the system has been installed for three month, it is providing about 85% of my total power needs. The batteries have been working well and the cost saving by load shifting is great. The access to the web portal has allowed us to monitor and adapt our power usage and apart from a DC CCT breaker tripping, I am happy with the systems performance so far.

The installation was very professional an looks good.

It has been three months since the installation and the company is visiting next week to resolve the documentation issues to allow the system to pass a CEC accrediation audit.

The biggest issue with the organisation appears to be the use of the centralised business office and regional sub-contractors. During the time in dealing with the organisation, I have had to deal with 6 different people. This has not helped the installation process or the documentation. The company is reponsive in getting back to you, normally with incorrect information. Then we would get into the 7 - 10 day correction cycle It didn't help them in the fact I am a technical person, took extreme interest in the technical aspects of the project and would review all supplied documentation in detail.

I marked them down on the customer service due to the repeated need to correct documentation. Most organisations or people I deal with normally start paying attention to detail after I have sent things back due to errors. Energy Options staff have never delivered a document that was correct, this included their final bill. I was happy they under charged me in the final bill however they aren't getting the difference between the bill and the contracted amount until, like they say, the jobs not over until the paperwork is complete.
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It pays to do the homework, Mark Group were professional also but in the end they were using a lessor panel.
Need to compare apples with apples, a good supplier will follow up, 2 out of the three recommended only made one call and quoted and did not follow up.
Having their information was useful, but they weren't hungry for the business, Energy Options were, and they were willing to use Winaica to get the deal.
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