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Green 4 Life Oz Reviews

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About Green 4 Life Oz, Solar Installers

Green 4 Life Oz is a Solar Power Installation company based in Parramatta and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Green 4 Life Oz Solar Reviews

I have 6kW of panels with a 5kW inverter. The system at best will only produce 3.7kWs.
I have been trying for quite some time to get Green 4 Life to check the system out but can’t get any assistance on this matter. This is in breach of the salespersons presentation.
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I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Vishal and the team. They were never hard to contact when I had questions (of which I had many, as I am always hesitant when making large purchases). They answered all my concerns and put my mind at ease.
Even after installation I had a visit from Vish (who is the owner of the company) to check to make sure everything was as it should be and that I was happy. Not many business owners get that deep into their businesses these days!

I did have one issue, my inverter started to play up after a couple of weeks. This no fault of Green4Life Oz, these things happen (even expensive luxury cars break down sometimes!) But Vish and the team ensured my Inverter was replaced in very short order and nothing was too much trouble. The true to test of a company is not that there are NEVER any problems, but HOW those problems are dealt with when they do happen. And in this regard, Green4Life Oz passed with flying colours!

Highly recommended !!!
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System doesn't work properly. Customer service is crap. Don't return phone calls. Show additional information
My solar panels were installed and i am paying it but they are not registered with the electricity company. My bills are still high. I have contacted the company they tell me they will call the bloke to come and do it and to give him a week to call me if not call back have been trying to but still no responce Show additional information
Awful installation, not finished, holes drilled in wrong places and not repaired after system broke down due to faulty sensor could not get any other response than we will call you back in 24 hrs three months have passed numerous calls and email no response so much for the warranty i need to get some other company to fix at my expense it is costing me not to have it running. Show additional information
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I contacted at least 6 suppliers. The only ones who didn't get back to me were local. Prices ranged from $8500 to $25000. Some of those in the mid price range offered discounts when they missed the deal. That is they said "I could have done a better deal if you had given me a chance". My response was you were given a chance. It also begs the question was pricing based on appearance and a perceived ability to pay. (I suspect that is part of the marketing.)
The supplier I choose has done about 60 units in Griffith and comes from Sydney. The installation happened about 1 week after placing the order. No down payment required. Payment in full about a week after installation. Installation of 27 Panel took a full day on a tile roof.
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