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Greener Housing Solutions has been in operation in Adelaide for the past ten years and claims to be a specialist in helping to reduce running costs. Solar power is only part of its business, as it also provides gutters, roller shutters and security doors.

The company is a member of the Clean Energy Council and makes sure all its systems are custom-made to suit each home. Customer service is said to be one of the firm's specialities.

Greener Housing Solutions uses solar power systems from the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers. The team also makes sure it always adheres to Australian standards.

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Excellent customer service

The whole process was smooth and simple with our solar install. Communication was superb, and everything was explained to us in a way that was clear and easy to understand.
The after service has also been exceptional. Its not just a done deal once they get their money, nothing is too much bother.
I would definitely recommend Greener house solutions for solar install to anyone i know.
Thankyou to Thea and the team
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Amazing Service, Quality Products & Installation

Wonderful Customer Experience. Every step through the whole process was easy & nothing was to much trouble (even answering all the stupid questions we asked along the way trying to work out what was what, so we could make the right decisions). The end result is a quality system perfect for our home that has been well installed using quality products. Highly Recommend!!!
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great supplier

Sales done with professionalism and no hard sell for particular brand. We altered panel brand number of times and Darren was always accommodating.
Install was prompt and professional. Panel guys even offered to replace cracked tiles on part of roof that was not near solar panel positions. Electrician Steve installed inverter neatly and took time after to explain clearly operation.
Manager Thea took time over 1hr on phone with me to setup web monitoring after system connected. Very thorough.
Would highly recommend this company as they believe in good old fashioned customer service so lacking in today's business world.
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Going the extra mile!

We are building a new house with solar. The builder was late getting onto the solar company. However, from there it has been a dream.
Thea has been a tremendous help. not only in her friendly helpful manner on the phone but in the things she did for us.

She sorted out all our connection and meter issues, she even called our electricity provider and gave them a rocket about their treatment of us!

The tradie who came out to install the system was excellent. Efficient, informed and friendly.

If you a bit uncertain about venturing into the world of solar: these are your guys! Tremendously helpful!
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The biggest issue i have had with this company is the customer service. They make a big point of saying they will do lifetime monitoring or your system. They told me at least 10 times about how wonderful the lifetime monitoring would be. Then when I could not connect to the system (and i am tech savvy and even got someone in who knows more than me to help), they more or less said bad luck and washed their hands of it. THey didn't try to do anything to help other than tell me to read their manual. They also messed up something else quite serious by way of administration (that is a story for another forum), and again have left me completely on my own with no solution to that problem. As a person who has installed 4 systems now and am making lots of savings for myself, my children and my tennants, i have lots of people ask me for recommendations. Sadly this company does not get mine. They are probably great if everything goes fine, but you are on your own if you have a problem. I do not doubt the quality of their work - just their customer service and their poor people skills!

Supplier Reply:

Dear Anon,

We apologies if you feel our service is less than satisfactory and be rest assured, we have taken your comments seriously and on board. Unfortunately, we have no way of being able to satisfactorily and competently help you as you are anonymous. We have limited information except for your written review. We invite you to please make contact. As you can see on our many other reviews, Greener Housing Solutions prides ourselves on high customer service and going that extra mile. We care if you feel you have not received this.

We do monitor certain brand inverters and battery backup systems for the life of the inverter only but not all brands. On these particular inverters and battery backup systems, Greener Housing Solutions always sets the Wi-Fi up for the customer at installation. We then check our online portal to ensure successful connection. We have never had a job yet that we have been unable to connect. Darren and Thea as the owners of Greener Housing Solutions check every one of these connections personally. Unfortunately we don’t know what inverter or system you have. Once again, we invite you to please make contact as we can help.

Your comment regarding the serious administration error that has left you with a problem with no solution. We have received no phone calls or emails that outline any issue of a serious nature from anyone so again, we invite you to make contact.

No business can remedy any legitimate issue or situation with no real information at hand. We want to help you but we can’t if you remain anonymous.

Kindest regards
Greener Housing Solutions
Ph: 84497627 or the afterhours mobile 0438417497
Email: [email protected]
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Original Review on 25-03-2018:

Besides their very pleasant and informative Sales manner. No pushing us into it. Ongoing service and follow up over the life of the Inverter. They can monitor our use, feedback tariff, etc. by being connected to our wifi. (We have had the system installed about 6 weeks and are still waiting for our provider to swap our meter so we can then be connected. Should be in next 2 weeks which they told us in writing)
All your companies you recommended, were good too but were more expensive or lacked positive sales manner.
Thanks Finn for your suggestions though. They were all mostly helpful.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Johannes: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it has been excellent and the after sale service, that Greener Housing Solutions has provided, has been great.
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I would highly recommend Greener Housing Solutions to anyone. A big thank you to all the staff especially Darren and Thea
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I really did my research and not just on the products but also on the companies that quoted me. Greener Housing Solutions had wonderful reviews unlike a lot of solar companies out there. Darren who is the owner of Greener Housing Solutions and also a designer of solar went through everything and explained it all step by step in a language that I understood. Thea in the office, well her customer service is the best I have seen. Both Darren and Thea (I think they are husband and wife) make an amazing team. My system has been going for a year now and I have not paid a bill sense the system and meter was installed. I have recommended 4 other friends of mine to them and I would highly recommend anyone who is wanting solar power to give them a call. Fifty stars from Me and Thank You Thank You Greener Housing Solutions
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From day one we received really good service. They were able to answer all my questions where other companies tried to avoid them, even when i didn't really understand something they re explained it till i understood. They were not the cheapest and not the most expensive but they had the best service buy far.
We have had them installed now for 12mths and for us it was the best thing we have done to the point that i have referred them on to 2 other family member's who have since purchased from them as well.
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Because of shading, other companies were either too hard, or tried to over sell, by telling us the (council) gum trees wouldn't matter

Thea was honest and explained in a credible way the effects of the trees and how the system would work

Installers good, and Darren, honest, down to earth, no nonsense and no bull...

Nearly a year and so far do good.

Summer reduction bill down to a quarter, winter not so good but within expectations.

Thoroughly recommend
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From day one it did not operate properly , even after many complaints we were told to get our old electricity bills and compare them even though we never ever once got any sort of credit from anybody . Just 2 people in the house and were getting bills for $700 and $ 800 after the solar was installed .
Once the unit was installed and we paid our thousands of dollars in cash they did not want to know us at all .Every bill that come from the electricity company continued to grow, with still no credits at all to us .
After 3 years we contacted the company GREENER SOLUTIONS and told them about the system and were told that a team would come out to check it .
as soon as they arrived they said that we have had a plague of mice go through and have chewed the cables we would be up for $ 550 to repair it on the spot .
I argued the point with the LADY who answers the phone , she said " well you know what Im going to tell my workers to walk off the job " with that they left .
Even knowing that we had live wires now exposed they left them .
Well we picked the worst company in Adelaide , so beware of Greener solar .
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Came down to solar 2000 & the one I chose. The salesman was also the credited owner and in business in S.A. for over 10 years in other areas, with 4 years in solar.
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Only installed a month ago, we are hoping the quality is fantastic but we were very happy with this company from all aspects.
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I had quotes from you, thanks, which some compared favourabley in price but went with Greener Housing Solutions because the lady I spoke to on the phone was just so helpful. She ticked all the boxes without me having to ask questions. She took the worry & confussion out of the whole process. I found some sale people arrogant & unhelpful. Also most wouldn't do site inspections.
I feel I have food follow up services with this company.
Another deciding factor was this company gave 10 yrs. warranty on the inverter, where most were 5 yrs. or you had to pay extra for 10 year warranty.
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Very good and accomodating... were able to get them installed within 2 weeks of signing up and came with a free rainwater tank also. They have also made all arrangements for Etsa for me, who are coming out about 6 weeks after installation.
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