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Positronic Solar
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QLD: 67067 John Kennedy Inglis 
Positronic Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Brisbane and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Positronic Solar Solar Reviews

Excellent work Positronics!

Everything went according to plan. Professional and efficient. Installation was great. System looks neat. Good support from company, throughout the process. Show additional information

Great install, fantastic price.

Quotation process was great - detailed information provided upfront, then refined through onsite visit to design best solution for our needs. Installation was a breeze - advised ahead of time when it would take place and for how long. Installers really respectful and polite - tidied up after themselves and didn't run overtime. Customer service has been a breeze too - couldn't recommend them highly enough. Show additional information
The Enphase system was installed in March 2017 and hasn't missed a beat. The people that installed the system were efficient, quick (under a day including relocating the power meters and a new switchboard) and left no rubbish or mess. Since then the ceiling under some of the panels developed a bit of staining and I thought it might be the frame around the panels. John was happy to send someone back out to have a look and if necessary repair any problems. I should have known better, the problem wasn't caused by Positronics. Show additional information
Given how much of a long-term investment Solar is, I was drawn to installers who live and breathe solar. John and the team gave excellent, honest and practical advice all the way along the journey.

They have a good track record for backing up their systems long-term. I know a few people with Positronic systems on their roof and they have all been well looked after - ultimately this sealed the deal for me.

The pricing was very competitive when compared with other companies providing similar level of quality service and components.

The install was quick, professional and very tidy. The crew obviously took pride in their work and were good to get along with.
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Rating are ONLY based on what I can see at this point in time.
I haven't been up on the roof to verify the rack mounting etc. I have no idea how it has been wired yet (waiting for wiring diagram).
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John Inglis the owner gave good old fashioned service and did not try and ‘sell’ me. Show additional information
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All suppliers were very professional, I ended up going with Positronic Solar due to best mix of quality components for the provided system price. Company has been very responsive to queries etc. Installation was completed promptly in one day with the guys doing an immaculate job. (e.g. Wiring was concealed in wall cavities, not in externally affixed conduit) Show additional information
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Like most people using SolarQuotes, I was new to the world of solar. My goal was to get a quality system that will last, as well as a good quality installer that would do it right first time.

Users on the Whirlpool forums spoke very highly of Positronic Solar, so I thought i'd do some due diligence and check out some reviews of the company. It was important to me that I didn't just get a fly by night solar installation company. After not seeing ANY negative reviews, but rather only positive reviews, I thought I'd get a quote.

I received a phone call from the sales person the next day and liked what I heard so I requested the on site assessment.

Long story short, I requested a quote on a Wednesday, had a written quote the next day, had the assessment a couple of days later, and then signed up. Within a week it was being installed, and within a week after that I had my meter changed. Basically within 2 weeks, I had solar, and while it won't always be able to be installed as quickly as that, the part that impressed me about Positronic Solar was the amount of information that went into the quote, the assessment was thorough, and the installation professionally done. Even the inverter had no visible cabling as it was all done behind the brickwork. The boys did a very professional job with the installation, and all my questions were answered.

I could go on and on about all the things that impressed me, but I won't bore you. Essentially, all the boxes were ticked in what I was looking for, and then some. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Positronic Solar for anyone else looking for a quality installer.
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Installed, properly and professionally, in July 2015. Has been going faultlessly ever since and has reduced my power bills by 75%. I'm essentially only paying for the Energy Australia daily meter charge now. I calculate my return on investment as 7.5 yrs.
Can't wait for the price and efficiency of battery storage to improve.
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Every member of the Positronic team was friendly, helpful and professional - from initial contact and site visit, through to installation and follow-up service. Communication has been regular (and patient during delays at my end) and any enquiries I had were managed promptly, and the system went in without any issues. Very happy with my choice and the service received, and would definitely recommend (already have!) Show additional information
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I spent weeks of research before choosing Positronics as our solar installer and was impressed with John's input and advice for everyone on the Whirlpool site.

John and staff installed our 4.32kw system in October 2010 and we have never had a moments problem with it. At the time it was a major expense for us, but as John pointed out it would pay for itself in time. We have not paid a single power bill since the system was installed and have an account always in credit with our supplier. It has well and truly paid for itself

I have recommended five other people who have all used Positronic and not one of them has had a problem with installation or service.

I would recommend John to anyone to use as their solar installer.
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Installed in October 2011, been working brilliantly ever since. Went above and beyond during the install, and the after sales service has been great too. I recommend them to all my friends when they look at getting solar. Show additional information
I initially thought the system was expensive for what it was, compared to others I had quotes from. I can tell you the money was well worth it. All the information I wanted was provided. They explained things both in emails and with follow up phone calls to make sure I understood what they'd sent. The estimated monthly average generation is within 1kW of what they quoted, and the financial return very much looks like it's going to match what I was told.

I hedged my bets on Positronic Solar because of what I read on here and saw on whirlpool (the boss goes by Hippiesparx in the Greentech forum). It shows what the company stands for, having the boss actively participating in discussions, and helping others with their issues.

Now I've had the system for a while, I appreciate that little bit extra I paid, as I'm certain years down the line, if I have issues, they will still be here providing the same quality service I've already received.
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Really great from start to finish! Very prompt quoting and site visit even though I live a 3.5 hour round trip away. Noticed that a three phase inverter was required when other local companies failed to realise. There was a delay on the inverter but this was due to SMA. I was regularly kept up to date with where my inverter was and when it did arrive I was bumped to the top of the install list. The price came in significantly lower than Toowoomba retailers even though the components were better! Installers were friendly, prompt and efficient. Job was super tidy. Paperwork lodged quickly. Highly recommended. Show additional information
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knowledge was very good, did everything they said they would. tidy job, good follow up. overall excellent to deal with. Show additional information
This is our second system, so the price was not great due to less RECs. The install price was still better than most quotes and with better equipment. Show additional information
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I got the three quotes from this website, and obtained two other quotes based on recommendations from friends. Of the three quotes on this website, all contacted me within a week. Only one followed up with a site visit but did not get on the roof, and measured with strides instead of a tape measure. The system they came up with did not consider shade issues from nearby trees and without a proper measure up, I couldn't be sure it would even fit.

Of the two quotes I obtained by myself, both spent time on the roof and provided options for my unique roof line and circumstance. One of the firms was unable to continue due to a supply issue with their tilt frames, leaving Positronic the only other contender. Dan spent a lot of time on the roof and was able to design a layout that maximised the potential output whilst avoiding shade caused by trees. I'm waiting for the install date but am confident that the end result will be great.

This website gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to make sure the right questions were asked, and have me a rough guide as to what panels I could get on the roof. Nice job Finn!
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A friend completed heaps of research and decided on Positronic because of their positive feedback. Our friends are very happy with their solar unit and it is performing really well. They use excellent top quality products (ET panels, fittings and Trannergy inverter). There was a delay in installation with rainy weather but I was informed of possible delay before I went ahead. Well worth the wait. Dan completed an on-site evaluation, run my details through a computer program to determine outputs (proving very accurate) and pay-back etc. It was neatly fitted by a very nice and experienced team. Very impressed with how the panels are fitted with minimal alteration to tiles etc. Processing forms etc. always prompt. Great communication and provided a detailed outline stepping through the entire process.
I would not hesitate to recommend Positronic. Very professional outfit.
My solar unit is performing really well. Awesome unit! Thanks.
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I found using your request for Solar Quotes was fantastic, it gave me a starting point. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to get solar panels to go through this process as alot of useful information was provided at no charge. Show additional information
Nearly went with Infinity Solar except the guy never rang back when he said he would. Solagex were an absolute joke, quoted me more than twice the price of my nearest quote and won't stop calling me. Decided not to deal with Solar2000 as they seem to be based in Melbourne and there's not much about them online. Ended up going with Positronic in Brisbane as they have an excellent reputation online and they install quality gear themselves not using contractors. Show additional information
We havent installed it yet, just waiting for energex before anything proceeds. Thanks for your time and effort. Show additional information
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Like to thank you for the fantastic energy efficient tips and advice. Show additional information
I receied personalised service from a local who has been in the industry for several years; good components (Xantrex and ET modules); fast turn around. I got to talk to the accredited/qualified person who would do the install and not just some salesperson. He gave me system design and projected outputs. He did the install within 2 weeks of my accepting his quote when most others quoted 8 weeks.

I had one minor hiccup with the install in that when fitting a new circuit breaker in my meter box he did not properly re-connect the solar hot water circuit breaker, but that was more a problem with the original electricians choice of mis-matched circuit breakers and was easily rectified.
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