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Quantum Solar are specialists in design supply and install of quality residential and commercial solar power systems based in Tweed Heads. We are proud members of the Clean Energy Council and are Approved Solar Retailers and Installers. We understand that a one size fits all approach is ineffective when it comes to solar design. That is why we design our systems specifically to your individual requirements. We take the time to understand you, your energy habits and your property to build and install you a custom designed solar system. Each project is specifically designed to eliminate your energy bills and power your future. If you are looking for Tweed Heads Solar Specialists, then look no further.

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Unprofessional service, lack of communication and such a bad experience!

Have included the letter that I sent but never had a reply too! (After countless phone calls)

Dear Management,

I am writing to inform you about our situation with your company quantumsolar. On the 27th of May 2020 we had the 6.6 Kw system installed onto our house which cost us $5,500 which we paid upfront. After the panels were installed we were informed there was nothing else we needed to do and that origin would come to install the smart meter.

On the 01/07/2020 and an electrician from origin came out to install the smart and was unable to due to a defect. They left with a defect notice saying that you had not installed a safety fuse, therefore they could not complete the meter installation.

I rang your company and was told straight away (they spoke to the origin electrician as I handed him my phone). They informed me that they would organise someone to come back out. I did not hear further until I chased it up 2 weeks later and was told the same thing, Only to not hear further once again.

On the 4/9/20 I received a bill of $475.19 from origin which was an estimated read (from last year) as they could not get an accurate read from my meter as it was broken. I called Quantum Solar again and told them and they put me onto another person who reassured me that it was an estimate and I should just ask origin for an accurate read and it would cancel the bill (or give us a minimal bill) as the estimate bill I received did not mention solar at all.

They also informed me they would organise a the safety fuse to be installed and said they would get back to me with a date. I had to chase this up twice and eventually got a date that it would be installed (4 months after it should have been). They also organised origin to come out and install the meter on the Monday after (fuse was to be installed on the Saturday prior).

I received an email saying origin were scheduled to install the meter on the Wednesday previous, which would not be possible as the fuse wouldn’t be installed then. So again, I rang Quantum and asked them to reschedule it, they said they will do it (we received no confirmation, I figured they had rearranged it but forgot to let us know). However, we woke up to an origin electrician at our door on the Wednesday who yet again had to defect it. I called Quantum and told them straight away, I also rang origin to arrange it myself, they said it would be at least another 2 week wait, so I rang them again to organise it sooner.
They finally organised it for the 30th of this month, 2 weeks after the fuse installation.
I then rang origin and told them I needed an accurate bill read, they told me that it was impossible as the meter had been broken, this was due to the length of time that the manual meter had been run whilst the solar panels were installed, so it had ran back into the previous bill. I rang origin three times and spoke to three different spokesperson, they all said the same thing.

They stated that quantumsolar should not have turned the inverter on until the smart meter was installed. However, the inverter was on from the start and had ran for 4 months without the smart meter.
They said there was nothing we could do and that we would have to pay the bill (We have rang them over 10 times since we received the bill).
Quantumsolar were supposed to organise for the smart meter to be installed after the solar panels were installed.

There was no communication or contact from Quantum after the installation and they did not organise the switch fuse to be installed even after I had rang them and tried to organise it myself twice.
Your job is to install solar panels that work and allow us to create energy towards the grid and power our homes off this energy. For the past four months this has not happened.

I have called origin and received every piece of communication they have had from you and the dates. From the first time the electrician came out which was on the 1st of July, they did not receive any communication from you until the 8th of September when Quantum rang them in regards to the switch (after I called him after receiving the bill from origin).
The billing section from origin is also raising a case and a report for us to send to ACCC and fair trading with proof of lack of communication from your Quantum and failure to complete your job.

I have spent hours on the phone to origin and Quantumsolar, I rarely get a response from Quantumsolar unless I chase it up, I can provide evidence of this. We are also surprised at how unprofessional your team have been over the phone to try and sort this situation out.

Quantum also said on the phone that they had gone ‘the extra mile’ on our case with scheduling the fuse installation and calling origin, after paying $5500 upfront and hours of my own time to chase up your company, this is more than necessary and ‘going the extra mile’ should be included in the service that we paid for, especially when the product we paid for has not been doing what it should be.

Origin have now been out three times, every time I have contacted your company to let them know. I also sent Quantum the defect notice and a copy of the bill and called when the origin electrician first showed up to make sure they knew about the defect. Quantum solar have been out once and that is after countless phone calls to chase it up.
We paid upfront for the panels and we were also told from your salesman that we would be making credit (we have not been home for 1.5 months out of the three of the last bill). I have all the pages from the sales pitch stating this and can provide them if you need me too.

Therefore, I request for your company to pay the bill and make an effort to insure the meter is installed and working on the date scheduled. The bill equates to $475.19 and I can include this in the email. This doesn’t include the credit we should have been making from the panels.
Unfortunately, if your company does not agree we will take this further to NSWfair trading as we feel this is not acceptable. We will also be posting this on your website reviews.

You have a salesperson walking around Yamba and surrounds, you also rely on powering small towns, where word of mouth and recommendations go a long way.

I suggest that if you want good recommendations in Yamba and surrounds you should make sure the panels are doing there job and you are not telling customers they do not have to do any further work to get the smart meter installed. If this goes any further and you don’t front the bill then we will make sure we will not recommend you to our community.
At the end of the day, we spent $5,500 upfront on solar panels and 4 months after we receive a bill and have spent hours of our own time on the phone trying to sort out your mess.

Solar power installation is a very competitive market and we had 4 other companies offering us the same deals you were. We went with your company simply because we felt confident whilst talking to Quantum. We are not happy with your service and would not have gone with Quantum Solar if we had known the trouble we would have to go through to get the panels working.

We have been told you have ‘been busy’ as an excuse for lack of communication over 4 months and that you have ‘gone the extra mile’ to talk to origin for us to fix your mistake. This is completely unprofessional and irresponsible especially when there are other companies out there offering the same deal with professionalism and great service.
We understand that it is a tough time for small companies however, we paid a large sum of money for this system, good service and a working system should only be expected.
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Great service very professional and great after service

very happy with our our system and the service we received. From chris and the team
Inverter rating: 5/5
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The guys at Quantum Solar, are extremely friendly very professional, and came in with the best quote. It was a pleasure working with them.
Highly recommended.
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