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About Solagex Australia Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Solagex Australia Pty Ltd
As of Nov 2012 Solagex has gone in to Administration.

Solagex Australia Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

Installers broke tiles on my roof but didn't tell me. I have spent money trying to get it fixed but will now have to remove the solar panels and replace the roof. I have damaged walls from serious flooding in the house and have had plastering redone twice. I now have a hole in the ceiling to allow the water to flow in and not accumulate. I would never, ever go near Solagex again. Show additional information
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They took 3 goes to do the job, 1st time ran out of panels, then no supports, and then could not get the inverter.
When it was done it failed the electrical inspection , they got the meter number wrong which seem to take for ever to resolve.
Now the inverter has failed and have refused to repair or replace the inverter ,it was only 6 months old.
Do not go anywhere SOLAGEX
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I have had the system installed but can't use it yet because I have a digital meter box and have to have it replaced with a smart box. I was aware that if there was a problem with the meter box that it would have to be replaced, however I wasn't told by anyone in any of the quotes that I had (I was asked how old the house was, 10yrs) that my meter box might be a problem. So I can't tell you how it is working at the moment but you are welcome to check back later. Show additional information
Do not have anything to do with Solagex or Sunnyroo products. Our system took a long time to be installed and is producing 50% of what it's meant to. I think its an inverter problem and neither company can be contacted. Sorry SolarQuotes, but I wish I had never seen your site and I hope you remove Solagex from your recommended installers although I think they've gone under anyway. Show additional information
Overall very efficient process, never had difficulty getting hold of departments when I've needed them. The company has been very responsive to my requests (eg having to change original install date for work, that sort of thing). So far, all good. System is installed, inspected and working but not had the smart meter changed and hence not receiving the premium tariff yet. Show additional information
Re installation: the panels and inverter are installed, but not connected electrically. The first phase of the work was done by 30 June 11 so we would qualify for the federal governemt rebate. The connection of the panels to the inverter is expected to happen in a week or two - but we will wait and see! However, I do not expect to be using the full system for many months, as ACTEWAGL and ACT government connectors/certifiers are months behind in carrying out their work (too few staff to meet the demand). Show additional information
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The system is currently being installed. Haven't started to generate electricity yet! Hence, I can't say anything about the quality of the system until it start functioning. Show additional information
This has been an interesting and chagelling and frustrating exercise.
from the three suppliers originally suggested by your website only solagex made contact with me. I then obtained 2 other quotes from Origin and Green Initiatives. Origin were no good (their fine print was unacceptable for me). Green Initiatives were good but a little too expensive. At the end I end up going with Solagex but since I placed the deposit (6th June) I've received one phone call one week prior to installation advising me that the installation date was cancelled due to insufficient stocks. When i asked to speak to the sales manager in melbourne calls have not been returned so now I am speaking to head office in Queesland (National Operations Manager) hopefully will get some answers. Three of my neigbours are keen to know my results but I won't recommend Solagex based on my experience and the lack of follow up on their part.
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I found the installers to be very good and didn't hold back on any questions I had for them and were only too willing to explain all about the systems operation. Show additional information
The paper work and time involved in having our solar system connected back onto the grid is painfully slow.

Our supply wholesaler Lumo is currently waiting for final paper work from our installer.

Solagex the system provider is waiting for the Certificate of Electrical Safety before they can lodge an EWR (Electrical Work Request Form) to our wholesaler Lumo.

The Electrical inspector took 10 days to arrive to approve the installation who was working as contractor to a electrical services group.

This group then sends the approved rubber stamped CES back to our solar system supplier Solagex.

Lumo then can only make a request to SP Ausnet the supply distributor to change the meters over. Lumo has advised that this could take another 20 days for change over occur.

The electrical contractor who installed the system was extremely efficient and did a fantastic job, I would not hesitate to recommend him to any prospective purchaser of a solar system.

Solagex have been great to deal to with and have been very efficient with assistance and advise provided. I can understand the difficulties involved when five seperate bodies are involved to achieve a final outcome. But it is totally frustrating and takes a lot of the enjoyment out of trying to obtain a benifical supply system.
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Solagex were the first to contact me and the discussions I had with the salesperson were good and very informative. Their quote was by far the best and the equipment seemed to be very good quality based on my research. There was no haggling and the negotiations seemed smooth and honest.

Installation was within a week of their initial estimate and their communication about what was happening was excellent. Installation was hassle free and they cleaned-up everything once finished. They then phoned next day to check that everything was OK. Highly impressed with the whole process.
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My Partner was at home when our system was installed.
Everything went very smoothly and we were very pleased with the end product.
Then.......we had a significant rain event which resulted in our kitchen leaking which happens to be below where the panels were installed. This happened on a Sunday and so first thing Monday morning I called Solargex and they swung into action - 2 men arrived at our home late that same day and replaced 3 tiles which obviously cracked when they did the initial installing. I was anxious for them to attend on that day because we were expecting another downpour that evening. True to the reliable Melbourne weather reports more heavy rain fell but we had no more leaks. I was happy. Sometime in the near future they will organize for painters to attend and repaint the ceiling.
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I received quotes from Solagex and CSA Solar, but did not receive a quote or any contact from Future Roofing Solutions.

But not to worry, I have selected Solagex as they assured me that they are very efficient and reliable company to deal with and advised that they could install a 3.29 Kw system prior to the first of July, before the rebate reduction, which they did. The saving equates to about $3500 on the poist 1st July price.

I have researched the panels (LightWay 14 x LW235(29) and (Sunny Roo 4200TLI) inverter that they installed on the 29th June and all seems to be of very very good quality.

I did have trouble with communication with Solagex as they would not contact me or reply to emails or phone calls. It even took their consultant 3 goes to get their quote correct and two more goes to get the sales order correct.

I am still not connected to the grid as Energex have not come to change the meter, it has been just over three weeks since installation.
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Most important thing is to do your homework upfront with regard to Inverters and Solar panels.
It took me about 2 months to study equipment comparisons and the various options the different Inverters had, it was important for me to have data sent to my computer network from the inverter for data accumulation and monitoring.
I spent a lot if time upfront checking web sites for complaints and problems reported by various customers who had be caught out with excessive costs and equipment installation problems...the information is out there, just get on the internet and check it out before you make your decision...ask all the questions you can think prepared, the more people you talk to the more you will learn.
The Installers did a great job, installed 20 x 240w panels and the inverter in around 4 hours.
Very happy with Q-cel Pro and SMA inverter.

Thank you Fin for your help.
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Firstly, your assistance was great!

All I had to do was sit back and relax while SOLAGEX did every thing else.
I made my decision on which company and what size unit I wanted, then left everything to SOLAGEX. Within a short period of time they rang me and wanted to install the next day if someone was available at home. Job done, suppliers and installers were of such a standard I would not hesitate to recommend them.

As for SOLAR systems the main thing for people to do is select a unit they can afford and as close as possible to cover the amount of power they use, THEN SIT BACK AND ENJOY the power generated to either cover most or all their bill.

The other thing is select a supplier (mine is AGL) who pay slightly more than the one I was with before I'm sorry I hadn't gone with SOLAR years ago.
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The installers were professional, they cleaned up after themselves. The system is yet to be fully commisioned but it will happen very soon. So far we are happy with our purchase. Show additional information
Solagex were the only company that contacted me personally with their quote. One did not respond and the other responded with what appeared to be a computer generated quote. All the staff at Solagex that I spoke to were very helpful. Installation was prompt and earlier than first arranged. Their was a water leak after installation that was corrected next day. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective purchaser. Show additional information
I just wish the electrical supply company were as interested in giving the same level of customer service as Solagex was. Show additional information
I was told the system would take 3 to 4 weeks to install 9 weeks later nothing they don't even have the decency to keep me informed on what is going on. if nothing happens in the next two weeks I will be seeking a refund of my deposit and going else where. Show additional information
They said they would endeavor to have my system installed before the government changed the feedback rate down to 25cent a kwh. They achieved this with 3days to spare and I'm signed up to 66cents per kwh. This is a great result and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Show additional information
My 2.85 kw system (12 x 230 watt panels) was promptly installed for $6500 - There was a little extra required for a double story tiled roof house. Most appreciated by me was they turned it on on the installation date and even the Inspector left it on so I was getting free power from day one. Best result seen so far by me is 2.4 kw. Not bad for this time of year in Melbourne. Plenty of power is going back into the grid! Show additional information
The system designer and sales consultant was very good, but now I'm dealing with 2 or 3 other strands - I can't get a straight answer from the local people. Scheduling the installation went wrong, and there are still people coming in fits and starts.

Installation is still not finished.

I am still confident that it will work out fine, but I have had to do all the communicating, once the contract was signed.
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We wouldn't hesitate to recommend solagex to anyone. They were great from start to finish! Show additional information
I found the Solagex representative to be very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions (and I had heaps to ask thanks to the SolarQuotes site). They maintained good contact and the system was actually installed within 2 weeks in my case. Show additional information
Installation won't take place until January. I've had to call the Installer to get this information. Show additional information
We were intially told that installation would be lat January / early February. However while paying the deposit I needed to contact the Melbourne office of Solagex. The manager there said supplies of panels had just been delivered to Ballarat, and would we have any objection to installation before Christmas...however we have heard nothing since.

Salesperson led us to believe that we would have no other payments apart from the payments to Solagex for the installation and equipment....we have since learned there probably will be continuing power bills..altho' significantly reduced amounts.
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As mentioned this industry seems to be developing, and amongst all the companies there are clearly some who just want a quick sale, and offer poor service after they have your money. The delay in getting the system onto the roof and operating after paying the money up front is very frustrating, however I am confident that we have chosen a system that will support us for at least the next 5 years.

The professionalism of the company we chose was good until we signed and paid, but the follow up has been poor. I would suggest that anyone purchasing a system, should be very clear with the sales person about follow up, and installation dates. Even after doing that myself it still appears that Solargex don't understand the importance of follow up and customer service.
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We signed up on a Friday night. The paperwork was completed the next week and the system was in within 3 weeks. Barry, our installer was fantastic and answered any questions that I had on the day, and left the site immaculate. We were skeptical about Solagex from a couple of negative online comments but after signing the paperwork I still compared the system we had purchased with 2 other companies (I had already spoken to) to install exactly the same system and we had a better deal from Solagex. The other companies said they would price match, but my personal opinion is, if you cannot give me your best deal at the time of my enquiry then you missed out on my business. Very happy so far with the system, just waiting to be connected to the grid by Energex. Show additional information
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We purchased and paid the deposit in June 2011 after consant phone calls the system was installed in Nov 2011, installers did do a neat and tidy job. beware if you purchase this system sunnyroo inverters has just gone into liquidation and Q-Cells is also closing down in germany on there web site they are affiliated with. Our inverter just stopped working and no warrenty we purchased this product as it had long warrenty for everything that is suppose to mean quality. Show additional information
Hi Finn
We originally selected Solagex, for $5000.00 8 panels and a 2kw inverter. The following day another Solagex company rang us from Melbourne or South Aus and said they could give us 9 panels and a 3 kw inverter for the same money. I told them if the first company matched them they would not hear from me again, the first company did match the deal, meaning they were going to rip me off in the first place, this was the 28th Oct 2011, we have only just got the panels on the roof ,on the 15th Feb, so we asked them that they should give us an extra panel for the frustration they have caused us, this extra panel was another $700.00 now the inverter did not work before the electrician left the site so we now have another wait. I will be going on the net to tell people not to deal with them. They are hopeless at returning emails or phone calls. When the contractor came he was very professional but solagex is not to be dealt with.
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I was diasappointed to learn that Sunlogic who I initially dealt with was in fact the same company as Solagex who I had issues with initially. I feel that I was mislead by the salespeople who did not inform me that Solagex was the parent company for Sunlogic when sending separate quotes. I am happy with the installlers so far but my system has not yet been connected to the grid. The delay I believe is due to holidays and not anyone's fault. Energex have told me they have all the necessary paperwork and will connect early in new year, weather permitting. Show additional information
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The customer service from solagex was very slow and they took a while to contact us re: installation.

In the end we rang them and told them of a local installer and pushed for installation.

It has been installed and now we are waiting for it to be connected. It took from 27/9/2011 purchased to installation 11/11/11 to installation.
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The companies you recommended were prompt and efficient quoting. Our system was installed and ready to use as promised, unfortunately we are still waiting for Origin to connect us to the grid and although they say there is no problem we are still waiting 5 and a half weeks later. Maybe its time for the ombudsman! Show additional information
They (Solagex Australia Pty Ltd) had a deadline to meet and met it. The salesperson keep us well informed. Show additional information
Unfortunately I picked the day the Government decided to lower the rebate so I was under a lot of pressure to get the system installed before 30th of September. Solagex staff were extremely helpful. I would also like to point out that this company has now closed in Victoria and any questions I have regarding the system have to go to Brisbane. I emailed them last week and have to date had no reply !!! Show additional information
Great service, thanks Paris - talked in a way that I could understand and follow up was fantastic. Show additional information
It was no hassle evrything was done for us. Show additional information
The guys at Solagex were great. They pushed installers hard and we were able to lock in the higher feedin tariff. Thanks to their work. Show additional information
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We would highly recommended Solargex. They were very helpful and effecient. Show additional information
At first we decided to use a local company Total Action. He sounded like he knew a lot about the systems and I liked his approach. We then spent 2 fruitless months trying to go ahead with them but they kept failing to get back to me. When I finally got hold of him he couldn't take my deposit because he was too busy. I decided then to go with Solagex who had it installed within two weeks. They were efficient and their contractor was very good. I'd recommend them to anyone who's contemplting solar power Show additional information
Leaving the salesman to resolve outstanding issues ended up in the solar installation being what I consider a very unhappy and stressful experience, particularly with the Victorian deadline of 30 September. I must concede that once I got the admin team involved, issues were resolved relatively quickly.

Anyone considering a solar installation should have a look at the solar installation tip (Buying a solar energy system - Alert) on the consumer affairs website. Last but not least, get an installation time frame of your solar system and have a clause in your contract that you won't pay for the solar system until it is completely installed with the components you requested. From my own personal experience, I do not recommend this company.
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