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About Solagex Australia Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Solagex Australia Pty Ltd
As of Nov 2012 Solagex has gone in to Administration.

Solagex Australia Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Installers broke tiles on my roof but didn't tell me. I have spent money trying to get it fixed but will now have to remove the solar panels and replace the roof. I have damaged walls from serious flooding in the house and have had plastering redone twice. I now have a hole in the ceiling to allow the water to flow in and not accumulate. I would never, ever go near Solagex again. Show additional information
They took 3 goes to do the job, 1st time ran out of panels, then no supports, and then could not get the inverter.
When it was done it failed the electrical inspection , they got the meter number wrong which seem to take for ever to resolve.
Now the inverter has failed and have refused to repair or replace the inverter ,it was only 6 months old.
Do not go anywhere SOLAGEX
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Do not have anything to do with Solagex or Sunnyroo products. Our system took a long time to be installed and is producing 50% of what it's meant to. I think its an inverter problem and neither company can be contacted. Sorry SolarQuotes, but I wish I had never seen your site and I hope you remove Solagex from your recommended installers although I think they've gone under anyway. Show additional information
We signed up on a Friday night. The paperwork was completed the next week and the system was in within 3 weeks. Barry, our installer was fantastic and answered any questions that I had on the day, and left the site immaculate. We were skeptical about Solagex from a couple of negative online comments but after signing the paperwork I still compared the system we had purchased with 2 other companies (I had already spoken to) to install exactly the same system and we had a better deal from Solagex. The other companies said they would price match, but my personal opinion is, if you cannot give me your best deal at the time of my enquiry then you missed out on my business. Very happy so far with the system, just waiting to be connected to the grid by Energex. Show additional information
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We purchased and paid the deposit in June 2011 after consant phone calls the system was installed in Nov 2011, installers did do a neat and tidy job. beware if you purchase this system sunnyroo inverters has just gone into liquidation and Q-Cells is also closing down in germany on there web site they are affiliated with. Our inverter just stopped working and no warrenty we purchased this product as it had long warrenty for everything that is suppose to mean quality. Show additional information
Hi Finn
We originally selected Solagex, for $5000.00 8 panels and a 2kw inverter. The following day another Solagex company rang us from Melbourne or South Aus and said they could give us 9 panels and a 3 kw inverter for the same money. I told them if the first company matched them they would not hear from me again, the first company did match the deal, meaning they were going to rip me off in the first place, this was the 28th Oct 2011, we have only just got the panels on the roof ,on the 15th Feb, so we asked them that they should give us an extra panel for the frustration they have caused us, this extra panel was another $700.00 now the inverter did not work before the electrician left the site so we now have another wait. I will be going on the net to tell people not to deal with them. They are hopeless at returning emails or phone calls. When the contractor came he was very professional but solagex is not to be dealt with.
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I was diasappointed to learn that Sunlogic who I initially dealt with was in fact the same company as Solagex who I had issues with initially. I feel that I was mislead by the salespeople who did not inform me that Solagex was the parent company for Sunlogic when sending separate quotes. I am happy with the installlers so far but my system has not yet been connected to the grid. The delay I believe is due to holidays and not anyone's fault. Energex have told me they have all the necessary paperwork and will connect early in new year, weather permitting. Show additional information
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The customer service from solagex was very slow and they took a while to contact us re: installation.

In the end we rang them and told them of a local installer and pushed for installation.

It has been installed and now we are waiting for it to be connected. It took from 27/9/2011 purchased to installation 11/11/11 to installation.
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The companies you recommended were prompt and efficient quoting. Our system was installed and ready to use as promised, unfortunately we are still waiting for Origin to connect us to the grid and although they say there is no problem we are still waiting 5 and a half weeks later. Maybe its time for the ombudsman! Show additional information
They (Solagex Australia Pty Ltd) had a deadline to meet and met it. The salesperson keep us well informed. Show additional information
Unfortunately I picked the day the Government decided to lower the rebate so I was under a lot of pressure to get the system installed before 30th of September. Solagex staff were extremely helpful. I would also like to point out that this company has now closed in Victoria and any questions I have regarding the system have to go to Brisbane. I emailed them last week and have to date had no reply !!! Show additional information
Great service, thanks Paris - talked in a way that I could understand and follow up was fantastic. Show additional information
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It was no hassle evrything was done for us. Show additional information
The guys at Solagex were great. They pushed installers hard and we were able to lock in the higher feedin tariff. Thanks to their work. Show additional information
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We would highly recommended Solargex. They were very helpful and effecient. Show additional information
At first we decided to use a local company Total Action. He sounded like he knew a lot about the systems and I liked his approach. We then spent 2 fruitless months trying to go ahead with them but they kept failing to get back to me. When I finally got hold of him he couldn't take my deposit because he was too busy. I decided then to go with Solagex who had it installed within two weeks. They were efficient and their contractor was very good. I'd recommend them to anyone who's contemplting solar power Show additional information
Leaving the salesman to resolve outstanding issues ended up in the solar installation being what I consider a very unhappy and stressful experience, particularly with the Victorian deadline of 30 September. I must concede that once I got the admin team involved, issues were resolved relatively quickly.

Anyone considering a solar installation should have a look at the solar installation tip (Buying a solar energy system - Alert) on the consumer affairs website. Last but not least, get an installation time frame of your solar system and have a clause in your contract that you won't pay for the solar system until it is completely installed with the components you requested. From my own personal experience, I do not recommend this company.
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They said they would endeavor to have my system installed before the government changed the feedback rate down to 25cent a kwh. They achieved this with 3days to spare and I'm signed up to 66cents per kwh. This is a great result and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Show additional information
I found the Solagex representative to be very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions (and I had heaps to ask thanks to the SolarQuotes site). They maintained good contact and the system was actually installed within 2 weeks in my case. Show additional information
Depending on where you live seems to have a bearing on what prices the installer's charge. The prices around the Macky area seem to be substantially higher when compared to Southern Qld. It seems that the suppliers and installers add the usual "coal tax" associated to this area of Queensland. Show additional information
WE needed to get it in before the change in the Tarrif system. They were great in getting it across the line. Highly recommend them. Show additional information
I found Solargex to be very helpful and they were able to answer all of my questions. There was no "pressure" placed on me to purchase but, when I did, they kept me informed as to the progress of my order and contacted me prior to installation date to advise that their team was coming. Since installation, they have followed up with all of the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth transition. Show additional information
They have been the most professional, organized, on time and top quality product company I have ever had to deal with.

Within four weeks ago of paying a deposit my panels were installed. They even cleaned up after themselves, you wouldn't have know they had been there.
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Its been a bit stressful as its still not complete. Its a pity the installation date was put back twice. Show additional information
The pannels were built and made in Germany.

Their panels quoted were built and made in china less wattage 190 against 230 watts.

German pannels had hail storm protection.
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Knowledgeable salesperson and very efficient and tidy installation crew. Show additional information
Solagex were fantastic to deal with, Ash. the sales person, was very helpful, with no sales pressure, the office phoned me the day prior to installation to confirm , the installers were extermely efficient and did a fantastic job Show additional information
Firstly, your assistance was great!

All I had to do was sit back and relax while SOLAGEX did every thing else.
I made my decision on which company and what size unit I wanted, then left everything to SOLAGEX. Within a short period of time they rang me and wanted to install the next day if someone was available at home. Job done, suppliers and installers were of such a standard I would not hesitate to recommend them.

As for SOLAR systems the main thing for people to do is select a unit they can afford and as close as possible to cover the amount of power they use, THEN SIT BACK AND ENJOY the power generated to either cover most or all their bill.

The other thing is select a supplier (mine is AGL) who pay slightly more than the one I was with before I'm sorry I hadn't gone with SOLAR years ago.
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Overall very efficient process, never had difficulty getting hold of departments when I've needed them. The company has been very responsive to my requests (eg having to change original install date for work, that sort of thing). So far, all good. System is installed, inspected and working but not had the smart meter changed and hence not receiving the premium tariff yet. Show additional information
I'm in Qld and quote I received was through suppliers Vic office. There was a long delay due to miscommunication between Vic and Qld office about contract. Once that was sorted out the system was installed within a week. Show additional information
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Haven't yet had the system installed but so far they have been very good in my dealings with them (mainly through emails and phone). I chose this system as the cells involved are supposedly the latest in technology only time will tell though if it was the right choice. Show additional information
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All systems were comparative. There is strong competition in this market. The sales process of Solagex aided my decision to go with Solagex but other quotations supplied were comparable (and in fact some were possibly better value). I am happy with the decision despite the fact that I paid a premium using Solagex. Show additional information
Finance was a big issue and the company we went through offered interest free. We are still waiting for an installation date. Show additional information
Not installed yet, tomorrow!
Had to chase hard to confirm install date, was 8 weeks from ordering, when they said install 3-4.
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He was a little pushy at the start but we sorted that out. He was the only one who followed thru with calls and did what he said , it was all quick and easy, the metre is running backwards. Show additional information
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I was told the system would take 3 to 4 weeks to install 9 weeks later nothing they don't even have the decency to keep me informed on what is going on. if nothing happens in the next two weeks I will be seeking a refund of my deposit and going else where. Show additional information
The installers were professional, they cleaned up after themselves. The system is yet to be fully commisioned but it will happen very soon. So far we are happy with our purchase. Show additional information
When the installation was initiated by phone everything went perfectly, a intro phone call from head office with all the information, then a call from the installation crew and as arranged the crew turned up and with a fuss or a hitch my large installation was done professionally, smoothly and finished on the same day. Having a tin roof, and we haven't had any rain yet, and a lot of screws went into my roof and having a bad experience with builders on my roof some years ago, I'm a little apprehensive but feel quietly confident that there are no issues up there. All up, I am very, very happy with the product, the job done and the after sales service. My system and experience with Solargex is highly recommendable. Everybody should seriously consider solar. Show additional information
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