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About State Solar Services, Solar Installers

State Solar Services

State Solar Services is a solar energy company based in Vermont, Victoria and operating throughout Australia. The company recently merged with another solar energy company, True Value Solar.

State Solar Services says that it was established with a goal of minimising the impacts of carbon emission Australia wide. They also say that their proactive objective is to install a solar panel on every residential roof by 2015. The company says that today it employs 80 full time staff throughout Australia, and has over 100 accredited installer sub contractors and some 5000 customers.

State Solar Services Solar Reviews

After taken near to a year to install never heard from them again and to be getting 3 cent return a waste of money a mate who lives 2 minutes from me has been getting 50 cent return. Show additional information
We were funded by the Government back in 2010 when they were paying $8000.00 for eligible applicants. The Inverter does not work. The brand is Aero Sharp. Twice I have rung the company who took over and have been put on hold until phone goes to the engaged signal. I am not in the least impressed. Show additional information
Bloody horrible most useless company ever dealt with 2 years on roof alll set up still not connected due to them losing all the paper work. I bought two complete systems one for my house and one for my mothers house Show additional information
After sales they didn't do any follow up. I should have got 8 x 190 panels instead I got 9 x 185 now I want to add 3 more. The 185 panels are hard to find but the unit is working ok my 1st electric bill is for only $3.50 credit instead of a bill of generally $370 to $400. Show additional information
System is not yet installed. Will be installed within a weeks time. Show additional information
Show additional information
We purchased from State Solar Services. Paid up front, and had to wait 5 months for install due to customer overload (so we are told). Show additional information
Very pleased with early figures. On a good day, up to 14-15 kwhs then cloudy day 8 plus. This will diminish as we go into winter. Show additional information
Origin Energy certainly took their time completing their part of the installation, and needed a prod from the ombudsman to finalize Show additional information
i am still waiting to be contacted by energy retailer to purchase my power Show additional information
Show additional information
I will know more once installed. So far so good. Show additional information
The salesperson on the phone was great. With his advice/guidance I decided to purchase the system
however, he said there may by a 10 to 12 week wait for installation, the system has yet to be installed. I have not heard from the company since purchase and if I had the choice I would probably
look for a company which could have installed the system earlier.
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Poor response to there message service. Show additional information
Only one person contacted me, ie Nu Energy.
Helpful but a not complete service.
What I believe, people are after is a complete package so with State Solar Services.
Most suppliers I looked at wouldn't arrange connections by a certified Electrician, leaving that for me to arrange, and would not complete arrangements with Distributors and/or Retailers of Grid Electricity.
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It has not been on for long and the new meter has not been installed yet but the system I got we can add another 3 units onto the 9x185kw I have when they get a bit cheaper...the service at the time of the e-mail is all 5's ask me in another 12 months & I hope it is the same. Many thanks for your service.. Show additional information
After paying my deposit I read in the media that State Solar and their Queensland counterparts were overstating the benifts of their advertised systems. This certainly put doubts into my mind in regards to wether I had done the right thing or not.
I decided to go with a 2kw plus inverter as this would allow me future expansion (and future costs) on the panels but it should go a long way in reducing my power consumption.
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At this point nothing can be added. Show additional information
I paid my deposit before Christmas and am still waiting for the system to be installed. I am getting a 2.5kW system from State Solar. With the sole exception of one of their staff members the service has been poor with phone calls not returned etc. Show additional information
yes the trouble i have had to have the smart meter installed is un belivable , i have had the system installed for close too 3and a half months and still have no smart meter , i keep getting the run around from solar state services and electrical supply company as to paperwork and stuff which is out of my control. My exsisting meter runs backwards so i have been getting a lower bill as my charges are ajusted to my actually meter reading but not credits in the form of rebates as i dont get paid for the power i provide back to the grid . Show additional information
Delays and customer service was poor. Show additional information
I paid for my system on the 5-12-09 and FINALLY had it installed on 5-5-10, after being originally told it would happen in february. I still as of today 18-06-10 am recieving no benefit from it as powercor has not installed my smart meter as yet. I am so pissed off at everything to do with solar I wish I had never heard of it and would not do it again unless I was sure these cowboys I have been dealing with were out of the industry. If anyone is considering installing it I would advise them to reconsider as I feel I have thrown away 5 grand Show additional information
State Solar provided a good value for money system, but just don't expect installation the day after ordering. But it is ok though. They gave me time to save up for the balance payment. Show additional information
from upfront payment to the date of installation was too long. no communication from company delays and delays and delays. Show additional information
Included in this price is a 3.0kw inverter for a later upgrade. 12x180 watt pv solar panels.[monocrystalline] Show additional information
It was with State Solar Services and took six months longer to be installed than first represented by the company. If we hadn't paid a 1/3 deposit up front we would have cancelled several times and gone to another supplier. Show additional information
All done over phone using google earth for positioning. No extras were available like angle brackets for better solar input. Supplied and fitted before booked in time. Now hard to askquestions from customer service always get answering machine, noones replies, these are just for general enquires, not problems with the system. Show additional information
Do not pay up front for your system. I naively paid in full in the belief that a customer who has paid for their system in full would be given priority. As I found out the following happened:

- System paid for September 2009.

- Advised that installation would be prior to Christmas 2009.

This was one of the reasons I paid in full.

- I contacted State Solar Services (SSS) mid december to see what was going. Advised that installation would now not happen until Feb 2010.

- Installers turn up in Feb 2010 and advise that the system would not fit on my roof. I had to contact the company to see why there was no installation as no one told me the reasons.

- Contacted SSS on three further occassions up until May 2010. No one was ever able to provide information or call me back.

- System was finally installed in the last wek of May 2010.
In short, this company will never call you back even when they promise to. Speaking to the installers, I am not the only one who has had a similar experience.

So if you decide to go with them, expect to wait 9 months for installation and also expect to get no updates about the progress of your installation.
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trouble free installation, prompt and efficient service. only issue i had was that the inverter i was quoted for being aurora was not supplied and i had an aero sharp supplied. otherwise happy as. Show additional information
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Took a long time to get solar panels installed Show additional information
Show additional information
Couls not tell you rhe quality of the system as I just got it installed couple of weeks ago and the meter seems to be running the opposite direction when there is plenty of sun. Will hav eto wait until I get my first bill since installation.

As for the value for money question, I cannot give it a '5' as I really do not know whether its really value for money but I think the price I got is pretty good.
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While we are purchasing a solar elecricity system, ($4350.00, deposit of $450.00 and pay off over 2 years) which was supposed to be installed on Monday, 24.5.2010, when they came out we were told that we would need a whole switchboard upgrade costing another $900.00, which we cant afford as an up front cost, so we have had to postpone installation for now until we can work out how to cover this additional cost Show additional information
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