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Situated on the Tamar River in the north of the Apple Isle state of Tasmania, the city of Launceston is the second largest population centre in the state. This fact means that the city’s residents maintain a healthy and friendly, though intense, rivalry with folk from the southern capital Hobart. The city’s residents second most popular pastime – after baiting Hobartians – is to spend time politely correcting errant mainlanders’ pronunciation of the city’s name (Lonceston, not Lawnceston).

However no offence is taken by the kind folk of Launceston who pride themselves on living in one of the country’s most beautiful locations. Scenery and style are found in abundance but Launceston is not just a pretty face and the city has been host to a number of major achievements.

The first city in Australia to be lit by hydro electricity; the first Australian city to use underground sewers and the first place in the Southern Hemisphere to use anaesthetic, to name but a few.

Billing itself as Australia’s most family friendly city, Launceston has moved to secure the energy future for its families and businesses by taking up solar energy systems in increasing numbers. Though its average amount of sun per day is lower than that of their mainland counterparts, Launceston residents and business owners understand the long term benefits of installing solar panels to their pockets through slashing electricity bills and to the environment by reducing emissions.

If Hobart and Launceston want to be competitive on solar power, that can only mean win-win for everyone involved.

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