Learn About Solar Power

Welcome to my solar power classroom – education about harvesting the energy of the sun with information in easy to understand format rather than in complex technobabble.

If you’re in a rush, I’ve condensed all the information you need to know when buying a solar energy system for your home or business into single-page documents that you can get through in 10 minutes. You can read both guides here:

If you’d like to learn everything you need to know in more detail, then check out my book – The Good Solar Guide, which you can read for free online ( the guide is also available in paperback or for the Kindle).

For more in-depth information on specific aspects, choose a topic below to get started, or grab a brew and work your way through all the information – you’ll learn a lot in the process about the technology and how to go about making a good purchase decision!

We also have a special new feature on this website where you can find solar energy information for your town or suburb – it lists more than 15,000 Australian localities.

The above information should cover most Australians’ questions. However, as everyone’s circumstances differ, or if there is anything at all that you want to know about solar power, buying a system, maintaining or monitoring your panels, or anything else under the sun (pun intended) – just contact me I’ll do my best to reply personally – in plain English – not solar energy industry jargon!

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