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Learn About Solar Power

Welcome to my solar power classroom.

If you are in a rush, I've condensed all the information you need to know when buying a solar energy system for your home or business into a 1 pager that you can get through in 10 minutes. You can read them here:

Residential Solar 101

Business / Commercial Solar 101

Or if you've got a bit longer to go in depth, then choose a topic below to get started, or grab a brew and work your way through them all - you'll learn a lot in the process about the technology and how to go about making a good purchase!

The above information should cover most questions, but as everyone's circumstances differ, If there is anything at all that you want to know about solar power, buying a system, maintaining or monitoring your panels, or anything else under the sun (pun intended) - just contact me I'll do my best to reply personally - in plain English - not solar industry jargon!