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Finn's Zappi EV Chargers Review & Verdict

Finn Peacock has been a Chartered Electrical Engineer since 1998, and is ex-CSIRO

The Zappi is the EV charger of MyEnergi, a longstanding manufacturer out of the UK. They pioneered the ‘smart-solar’ charger many years ago. Their early models were pretty crap IMO, but the latest model – finally with Wi-Fi and OCPP – is worth considering.

Zappi EV Chargers: Pros & Cons

  • Australian Office
  • Able to solar smart charge without expensive additional hardware
  • 6.5 metre charging cable is longer than average
  • Reasonably priced for a smart EV charger
  • Maximum operating temperature is only 40°C

About Zappi

The Zappi EV charger is built in Britain by the myenergi company and has all the reliability Australians have come to expect from UK products.

Its stand-out feature is it can solar smart charge and supply an EV with only surplus power from rooftop solar. Unlike some EV chargers that require extensive additional hardware to smart charge, it’s easy and relatively cheap to purchase a Zappi with all the hardware required.

A drawback is the Zappi only has a maximum operating temperature of 40°C, which isn't ideal for Australian conditions.  Also, an earlier version of the Zappi had some units fail in Australia. Hopefully, myenergi has learned from this and the current version won’t have reliability issues.

An Australian Office

The myenergi company has an Australian office in Melbourne.  This makes them responsible for both their warranty and their obligations under Australian consumer law.

Single-Phase Zappi

Homes with single-phase power can only install single-phase EV chargers. According to its datasheet the single-phase version of the Zappi can supply 7kW of power.

3-Phase Zappi

Households with 3-phase power can install single-phase or 3-phase EV chargers. The 3-phase Zappi can provide up to 22kW of power, but few EVs can accept that much. Most can only charge at 11kW or less. For this reason, and because single-phase EV chargers are usually cheaper to buy and install, homeowners with 3-phase power may decide to use a single-phase charger.

Smart Charging

If desired, the Zappi can smart charge an EV using only surplus power from rooftop solar. Because this power would normally only receive a low feed-in tariff, it’s usually the cheapest way to charge a car. Exactly how much you’ll save depends on your electricity plan and solar system size and how much you drive, but it can be over several hundred dollars a year per vehicle.  But if electricity plans are available in your area that offer low daytime rates or special low rates for EV charging, it reduces the financial benefit of solar smart charging.

The Zappi comes with a CT clamp sensor and the Zappi Hub which is a device that lets it connect to the internet and makes smart charging possible. While the older version of the Zappi didn’t require the Hub to smart charge, current ones do. You can save $50 by not getting the Zappi Hub, but that may not be smart as it won’t smart charge without it. So long as you get the Hub and have it all installed correctly, the Zappi is able to smart charge without potentially expensive additional equipment.

You can read about a homeowner’s experience with using an older version of the Zappi for smart charging here.

OCPP Compatible

The current versions of the Zappi use Open Charge Point Protocol or OCPP for short. This is a standardized method for EVs and chargers to communicate and is useful because it makes it more likely it will be able to integrate with other energy management equipment you may wish to install in the future.

Charging Cable

You can get a Zappi with a 6.5m hardwired charging cable, which is longer than the 5m many EV chargers have.  You can also pay around $50 less and get one without a cable that comes with a socket to plug your own into. This can be useful if you need a cable over 6.5m.

Operating Temperature

Its operating temperature is from -25°C to 40°C. This temperature range is fine for the UK, where it has only exceeded 40°C once - so far - but it’s not ideal for Australia, where the temperature can go over 40°C in almost any location. The good news is - at the moment - its maximum operating temperature will only rarely be exceeded in most towns and cities.

EV chargers normally derate and provide less power as they approach their maximum operating temperature and this could be an issue in Australian summers.

A Choice Of Boring Colours

Unlike the majority of EV chargers that only have one colour on their plastic case, Zappi EV chargers have two-tone cases. You can choose between black and grey or white and grey.

3 Year Warranty

The Zappi warranty is only for three years, which isn’t very long. However, many EV chargers only have two-year warranties, so it’s as bad as it could be.

My recommendation is to buy an EV charger from an installer.  This makes them responsible for both the installation and the functioning of the device.  If there are any problems they will have an obligation to fix them.  If your installer is no longer around then you can contact myenergie to make a warranty claim.


At the time of writing in June 2024, a single-phase Zappi costs around $1,600 before installation. A 3-phase one is around $1,900. Getting one without a charging cable cuts the cost by around $50.

Installation adds a lot to the total cost. Three-phase chargers require more work and so are generally more to install. Setting up smart charging capability also requires additional labour. For these reasons, installation can easily cost $800 to $1,000 or more.


If you’re not interested in solar smart charging then the Zappi won’t be a cost-effective choice. But if you want an EV charger that can smart charge without requiring additional hardware, then the current versions of the Zappi EV charger may be worth considering. But you should only purchase one if you're happy with it not working when the temperature goes above 40°C.

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Installed By

Installed By

Has been in use for 2 years. To date it has always charged vehicle as required. We like the various charging modes such as Eco ++ which allow us to only use spare solar when available or rapid when we want to charge at night when grid electricity tariffs are low.

Installed By

The Zappi charger was an extra $3000, but being solar aware it's great to see it only charge our EV only when there is excess solar.

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Installed By

I Had the zappi previously installed and has been working brilliantly from the get go.

Installed By

Required a firmware update for app to connect to device. Working perfectly now. App has great options for utilising solar.
Everything is perfect. Couple of minor connectivity issues due to complications with clamps since resolved no issues.
It was installed Monday this week. But first signs are promising. The smart charging seems to work a treat. Sofar I’m very happy.
App and device are easy on the eye and easy to use.
Great and prompt install of the MyEnergi Zappi v2.1 by the team at Frazer Electrical to match my needs. The charger works perfect using the excess solar from our enphase solar system without having to draw from the grid or can be set to charge at maximum speed with DLB to match our household usage.

The team came to the house on the day of first contact to provide a quote and were happy to also install a smart outdoor powerpoint next to the charger at my request (as a backup source for charging the car or other use).

Overall I couldn't be happier with the installation and device.
Too early to tell, but so far so good
Like the ability to change modes, especially liked the two different Eco modes
Has the ability to restrict charging to solar only or solar plus grid (or even grid only at night), and to be aware of grid prices that vary across the day. Provides useful statistics about how much charge was output and how long it took.
Works as expected - very happy
Good setup and easy to use. Looks good too.
This charger is very smart. It has a clear led screen and buttons for easy set up. So far its charged the car three times using nothing but solar on the Eco plus setting. It's only been a month since installation but it's working perfectly.
Installed by Nick Forrester.

Thought he was good.
Compact and while the LCD display seems from the 90's the info is great.
Absolutely fantastic only sends power to the car on excess solar production and it can be programmed for off peak top ups.
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