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About A Womans Spark, Solar Installers

A Womans Spark

***** A Woman's Spark Pty Ltd went into Administration in September 2017 *****

A Woman's Spark is a locally owned and operated Perth company, run by a female contractor and operator and specializing in solar power and solar hot water systems.The company says that its main goal is to provide customers with an impeccable service of the highest quality; and most affordable prices. They also say that they are committed to the highest ethical and legal standards.

A Womans Spark also promises quality equipment supply, flexibility and promptness with its services and aftercare; and a friendly and polite approach to all business related matters. The company says that it can offer an industry leading warranty, offering up to three times the warranty period being offered by other providers. The company also supplies and installs Chromagen hot water systems.

A Womans Spark says that it has a skilled team with all the experience needed to carry out any industrial, commercial or residential work required by customers.

Customer testimonials for A Womans Spark are available, and include the following:

“ They came and did a perfect job, on time, and advised us very well as to what was happening, and how to use everything. Great job! Thanks a lot.”

“ I was impressed with the fact that they were up front and prompt in providing an online quote accompanied by technical information. Because of a difficult roof profile they were quick to come on site and discuss the problems. When the time came to install the panels, the installers (part of the family company) spent a lot of extra time to satisfy themselves (and me) that the tricky bits were aesthetically acceptable. Workman(woman)ship was excellent!”

A Womans Spark Solar Reviews

I guess Eaton is a known brand, but no longer one of the most reliable ones.... Show additional information
Took my $500 deposit. Decided they could not install for the price. Wanted to upsell me an extra $2000. Refused to refund my deposit.
EuroSolar did the installation without complaint or concern.
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System installed just over two years ago in the South West. It has only functioned properly for less than half that time. A number of problems: original jfy inverter failed, replaced with delta. Alleged power surge rendered growatt control unit inoperable so battery would not charge. Unit taken away but forever to repair. When it was reinstalled it didn’t work properly. More phone calls and waiting. They finally turned up and said the fault was with the clamp on the line. Didn’t have one with them but took unit away again! That was September 2017. I phoned numerous times and got fobbed off and fed BS from them. Was promised the unit return two weeks ago but true to form no unit or phone call. I ended up doing a 7 hour return trip today to their office to get the unit- they gave me two because one was not working and one was and they did not know which was which. To really make it worse, neither unit was my original one! All I can say is hopeless! Would not recommend them! Visited a Bunbury installer on the way home who will hopefully fix their disaster. Show additional information
Two inverters were installed 5 years by a company called a Woman Spark based in Malaga WA who provided the worst service I have ever come across, they provide no backup whatsoever, will not return phone calls or emails, I'm currently waiting for two panels & a Delta inverter to be replaced which I reported Dec 6th & still waiting, there must be loads of people in WA having the same problems with this company.
This is the 3rd time my Delta inverters have failed after being convinced by A Woman's Spark sales person that the Delta inverter is the best on the market, bullet proof, be very care full if you have any dealings with this company.
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This is the second solar installation I have bought from them and in both cases have been very happy with the experience. Granted, there have been no problems but reading some of the blogs have been rather revealing. Yes, products can have faults but that's hardly a personal fault of the installer. All that can be done is for a prompt reply and genuine attempt to rectify. I have been disappointed at some peoples level of ingratitude, insensitivity, and self-serving rudeness when dealing with complaints on some of the blogs. Show additional information

I have chosen a woman's spark for my solar installer, at first everything went well fast service and installation (just an eye blind), after the first month, my inverter packs up, no problem, they come and swap it out the next day.
Now 3 years down the line it packs up again, and now suddenly they have to lodge a claim against the inverter supplier. It is now more than a week that I have to pay full electrical bill because my inverter is malfunctioning.
My question is now why couldn’t it be swapped out again, a woman's spark gives the warranty on it.

a woman's spark AFTER SERVICE IS WORSE
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Appalling warranty service an no after care service what so ever. After informing them of a faulty inverter they scheduled a tech over a week later so I organised time off work. The day before the tech is due they cancel as the business was taken over. They knew that at the beginning of the week, so why call me on Thursday? I've lost a days wages and will now wait at least another week for a new inverter. Worse still it's plug and play, so install it yourself. Show additional information
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Great Solar Installer, Quite quick with everythings, easy to deal with

on the day the installer was very Tidy, and nice.
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Very neat and tidy job...everything put where I wanted it...not what was easiest quickest for installer.
On day of install some roof tiles were damaged..which they were straight up about ...even went to bunnings to buy colour matched mortar for ridge. ...would other installers have kept quiet.
This was in march 2013 and 4 years later never missed a beat. Regularly cranks out over 18 kwh per day...for 3kw suntellite system facing 345 deg...pleased.
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I would like to add that we have the best technology when it comes to inverters and yes out of (2) we had an issue with one of them with-in the first 12 months however, the Solar System we had installed was the largest allowed and yes it has cut our power bills down from what was at the time of installation on average $1000 - $1200 per bill down to between $450 - $600 per bill in the summer months. We as a family have (10) people living at our property and have (7) fridges, (7) TV's, including 4 large screen TV's, 9 PC's full time security system that includes (16) on site security cameras and a large workshop where I use a 3 phase panel saw every week and during the summer months even though we have (6) air conditioners "split systems" working we are making such large savings. So impressed are we that we will be very soon applying to be completely removed from the Governments energy grid and we will be totally self sufficient as I am fed up with our system supplying excess power back to the Government power grid and getting next to nothing for a rebate for the energy we are developing and not using. We are waiting for the very latest batteries that will be released very soon that are a totally new generation of technology that store more energy, better maintain it and manage it to suit our needs. These new smart batteries when released will see many people saying goodbye to the grid once and for all. Please note I am a private individual who does not work for a Solar company nor am I a disgruntled former Government employee I am being totally honest with you. I do hope you install a new fantastic Solar energy system as it will save you money as soon as it is turned on just like our system has now paid for it self in the savings we have acquired over the last three and half years. Show additional information
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A woman's supplied a tier 1 panel and inverter for the best price in Perth. Some of suppliers I requested quotes where extremely high for what has been supplied and one supplier tried to sell me a new type of inverter that ended up being the most expensive of all the quotes I received. The salesman was to slick with the sales pitch. I have been involved in purchasing equipment for over 40 years in the government and know all the tricks used to sell products.

Publish only first name and suburb
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Difficult to rate without comparative installations, but the job has not proved problematic and the installers were accommodating of my requests to install inverter in garage some distance from panels on roof and main switch board, and to accept my calculations for efficiency of the south angled installation (thanks, Finn, for the links to NOAA resources). The internal roof wiring is quick and literally corner cutting (not unusual from sparky's these days) but uses proper materials and the exterior work is clean and neat. Switch gear seems appropriate for the purpose (correct DC and AC type breakers used, etc). Show additional information
A womans spark was very professional to deal with through out. I have had no problems yet and dont anticipate any, based on how smoothly the whole process has gone Show additional information
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Good information and back up .Efficient installation.
Thankyou for your help and information and follow up too .
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Very personable experience, great customer service, highly recommend speaking to AWS when in need for solar. Show additional information
A Woman's Spark was recommended by an electrician we use. They were the 4th (& final) company I approached & I had done my research so I had plenty of knowledge. TBH the salesman wasn't like a salesman & if I had seen them first I may not have signed up. I also spoke to their tech bloke (joint owner) who was mind blowing in his knowledge & explanations. If you go in with an idea of which panel & inverter you want then they will give you that one. I asked for the best (& know it was cos of my research) at the best price they could do. Install went very smoothly & everything was explained. It was fitted exactly 1 month ago so have not received an electricity bill yet but we are producing exactly what was predicted on their chart. I had a N/W split. I am extremely happy with a top quality 6.3kw system for just over $6k. Long may the sun shine! :) :) :) Show additional information
A womans spark would definately benefit your website as the quality of their service they provided was excellent, the system was installed only 9 days after we confirmed we wanted to proceed, they also had no interest finance available.
Very professional service and installation.
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I looked at a lot of solar suppliers and did plenty of research on the internet - the forums are a great place to find peoples real feelings about there solar nightmares.
I had a few people come out and give me quotes but they wanted to charge me more money for a similar system and took great delight in trying to tell me that certain other companies were really bad at their install and after care warranty etc. Needless to say i did my homework and found theye were indeed the cowboys.

In the end I went with A Womans Spark - they were proffessional from the the start, installed on the day they agreed and even upgarded my panels due to a suppy problem (I did check before they installed them to see if they were indeed an upgrade and they were)

So I can thoroughly recommend a Womans spark to anyone.

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this is the result from two years , I have saved $241.31 in electricity. Tell that to your customers. Show additional information
I understand and that you will only use my first name and suburb in publishing my comments. Thank you for honouring this. Show additional information
Generally speaking most companies weren't interested in supplying / installing a small size system. Show additional information
2 out of the three were over $8k for a similar system, Clean NRG didn't even get hold of me. Show additional information
It broke after 4 months and they told me it will take a months to be fixed--a months passed and still no calls--still not fixed Show additional information
I was very impressed with there prompt service, all the questions I had, which was many, were answered straight away, cannot fault them in any way. Show additional information
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Thank you for putting me in contact with other providers, they offered quality systems and we're very helpful. Show additional information
One of my inverters is not working so I contacted A Woman's Spark and they told them that one of my inverters light goes RED and after a while it goes to green which it is supposed to be all the time because the other inverter stays on green all the time
I contacted A Woman's Spark and they told me that the company who supplied the inverters are in the hands of the receivers so I don't have much chance of getting a new one to replace the faulty one.
It is still under warranty so I hope A Woman's Spark will come to the party.
I send them three emails but no response.
Cheers Gerry
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I originally got in touch with A Woman's Spark as a colleague recommended them. They were quick to respond and had their communication technology sorted (unlike others with a flaky email system).

The price quoted was very competitive with a very easy path to installation also the deposit was just $250, nice.

The installers were polite and did not swear on the job, minor detail but shows they had respect for the client. 3 guys had this system up and running in about 4 hours, the job is neat with zero rubbish left behind.

I chose what my research revealed was the best value for money using Chinese (Simax) panels but a top notch inverter (SMA). This system is not ideally situated being a N/W N/E split but it has produced over 250KW in less than 2 weeks and this is in winter/spring with lots of cloudy days. Of interest this system will produce nearly 3KW with total cloud cover in the mid morning which I believe to be a good result. I chose Chinese panels because I use them extensively for low voltage DC systems in remote parts of Australia on mine sites and the like and never had a panel failure even though these are in very harsh climatic conditions. This comes from many years of such installations done by/through the company I work for.

Grid connect solar systems require licensing that remote DC systems do not so I had to use a suitable installer regardless of the fact that I could actually have done it.

Given this, I am able to accurately judge A Woman's Spark in some detail. Happy to report that they were better by some way than any other company that I have used for various jobs around the house and in business, impressed! PS: The only panels that I have experienced failures with were German ones!
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best service ever, from any company Show additional information
Out of the 2 companies that contacted me, the first one booked a time to visit, and then didn't show up. Then after many emails, I finally got someone to call me back and he kept trying to push the top of the line most expensive system on me even after I told him I wanted mid range and what price I was willing to spend.

The next company turned up after I gave him the parameters, he also tried to push a system on to me that was $1600 over what I was already quoted and I had already told him that and if he couldn't match not to bother coming.

After that I contacted A Woman's Spark who not only offered me a similar setup to the other 2, but was $1000 cheaper than the best price I had and was installed a week later. The installer went out of his way to make the system as inconspicuous as possible without trying to charge for extra's that the other companies said were necessary.
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Research everything, including position of system if space is limited. Show additional information
Great fast service at a reasonable price. Good website as well. It was great to be able to get and up-upgradeable system should I choose to down the track with a 2.5kW inverter included in the package. Show additional information
I purchased a 1.9 kw system with a 1.5 kw inverter, but before I purchased the system I did some checking and found out that the panels which are rated at 190 watts each wont actualy reach that lofty height and in case of a spike the inverter will drop x amount of panels to preserve itself, so the case for going for the 2kw inverter fell apart and I saved almost $500. Show additional information
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They were prepared to honour the quote despite misquoting at a lower level that the true value.
Also they will hold the price after a deposit,although the system is not needed for several months.
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they came and did a perfect job on time and advised us very well as to wat was happening and how to use everything great job thanx alot mike Show additional information
I was impressed with the fact that they were up front and prompt in providing an online quote accompanied by technical information.

Because of a difficult roof profile they were quick to come on site and discuss the problems. When the time came to install the panels, the installers (part of the family company) spent a lot of extra time to satisfy themselves...and me...that the tricky bits were aesthetically acceptable.

Workman-(woman)-ship was excellent. I sought several quotes from a variety of companies and was disappointed with the responses and the response times. Since having the panels installed I have been very satisfied with the output and the advantages they provide.
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After waiting patiently for 3 months for the install they came out with the wrong attitude and said they couldn't do it today because they needed a different bracket. A week later we phone up only to be told that they weren't going to do it and would give us our money back. We pleaded with them but they kept on making different excuses why they wouldn't do it. This now meant that we would miss the June 30 dead line, so I insisted on speaking to the boss. He was good and said he would do what he could, but was being put in an awkward position by his installers who refused to do it. In the end his partner agreed to install the system which I believe was straight forward, and looks great.
I believe why this happened is because we were very specific about where we wanted the panels and the inverter and the first installer wanted to come in and do a Wam Bam install and when it was clear that we wouldn't let him do what was easy for him he got all the other installers in the company on side, and we couldn't get the job done.
They seem to be able to pick and choose there jobs at the moment. We have heard others say the same of other companies too, so be careful.
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I found the SolarQuotes website useful in assisting me to be confident when talking to potential suppliers prior to making a final decision. Of the companies that contacted me, some were "cagey" about the panels or inverters they had to offer & would not give the specific information I needed to make an informed choice; others wanted an immediate decision & were "hard sellers" - very off-putting. In the end, my choice was to go with a supplier recommended via word-of-mouth. They weren't necessarily the cheapest, but they were polite, efficient & informative, & provided good quality parts, backed up by substantial warranties. Show additional information
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I would highly recommend A Womans Spark. Any question I asked was patiently answered, they were upfront and honest about cost and service provided. Installed about 4 weeks ago, they have told me that they provide follow up service if needed and also they will help if there are problems with parts provided.
Very impressed with installation, only a couple of weeks after paying deposit. Four people installed panels and inverter so it was quick. They then demonstrated how the inverter works and provided a manual.
And of course, I learned a lot from Finn's 3 Solar Quotes emails.
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