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Aus Solar Co is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves ACT. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Not happy Jan

Like many otheres here I should have read the reviews first!! We never would have continued.

They meassured up and gave us a quote for a single 13.2 kw system. When the install came they said we had to have 2 seperate systems instead on one!, extra inverter, extra cost etc.

The feed in tarrif they promised was just a pack of lies.
The system was supposed to be "battery ready", ie hybrid inverters. We have recently come to connect batteries and found they have installed the wrong inverters, grid connect only.

Customer service is remote who is not part of the company and relays messages only. You cannot speak to the company direct. No reply to my requests despite 10 or so calls. The installer even gave us a fake connector marked "battery connectors", it wasn't, it was just a data cable connector!!

Avoid Aus Solar like the plague.

Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 2/5
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Ripped off

We were approached in July/August 2019 door to door salesman with an offer to upgrade our existing solar panels to a system which would not cost us anything to run.

No upfront cost, promise that solar panels would easily cover our use and maybe even make a profit, promise very good after sale service and follow up ( haven't been contacted since install).

Very disappointing and expensive. $11999.00 4.4 KW

Avoid company.

Panel rating: 2/5
Inverter rating: 2/5
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Solis inverter only lasted 1 year

After many phone calls telling them it wasn't working they finally sent a guy out who said "nothing wrong with it" they blamed high grid volts, which it wasn't it was a faulty solis inverter, it was 12 months old when it failed after another 6 months of it not working at all & many more calls we had a new Sungrow inverter installed at our own expence, it works ok now, also it cost $8000 for a 3.3kw system & we never got any gov rebate, avoid them like covid19
Inverter rating: 1/5
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Think it was a rip off

We had the well rehearsed salesman to the door to sell us a 3.3 system for 10,000 3 times the cost only 12 panels . We were told to get the more expensive panels which we did and when they were installing them they had a made in China sticker on them. We are at fault for not doing any research on them. So far 9 months our bills are about 300 to 350 a quarter our solar feed in credit per bill is about 60. So far we have paid about 2,000 plus the electricity bills and total credits equal 200 dollars . Sorry we ever signed.

Stay away from aus solar or you will regret it.
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Huge cost, pushy sales, completely dishonest

These scammers have sold my parents WHO ALREADY HAVE SOLAR a 3.5kw system for $10,500. My parents are pensioners and migrants and have been taken advantage of by a pushy and rude company who promised them that their power bill would go to $0.

We are in the process of getting it cancelled now but the company would not concede that they had misled my parents, insisting they simply judged it based off my parents' monthly consumption knowing full well that the NSW tariffs would not cover the difference and that my parents (obviously) use electricity at night too. Not to mention that a 3.5kw system should cost $6k at most. Absolutely livid with these guys and cannot imagine how many other people they've taken advantage of with similar underhanded tactics.
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Pushy pushy

Thought we were getting a free quote (after being offered via door knocking). Sales person came over and ran through prepared speech (at night- without seeing our house or roof during sunlight hours). Nothing was individualised, all a preprepared presentation that then proceeded to ask our bank details and sign us up on the spot under the pretext of checking if we got “approval” for their system.

Quote for 6.6Kw system was 14,999

Called and cancelled very next day after I realised what had occurred. So so pushy!

They did give us the kick in the butt we needed to look for other quotes and we definitely won’t be going with them!
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if there was less than 1 star you would get it

They promised us no more electric bills it would pay for itself. what a load of rubbish it cost $11400 and people are paying less than $4000 with discounts and seeing a reduction in power prices, We see hardly any difference totally are fault for not doing our home work go so ripped off tried contacting but once you have a compliant they do not want to know you. Could not get an invoice to show if we got an energy rebate from government they said it had already been deducted. I am amazed they are still in business. Keep away from this company
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Smooth from start to end!! Highly Recommend

Friendly staff from the sales team through to the customer service team.
Customer support team were amazing, guiding me every step of the way and were always available for all questions.
Installation of the system was smooth.
A company that exerts professionalism with a warm touch.
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Great installation looks great

We were a bit unsure at first but after all of the great customer service and getting talked through the system and how it worked we decided to try and WOW we were impressed with our first bill being just over $8 dollars and the follow up customer service is top notch cheers Ausolar
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Be aware of this company. Terrible experience

I bought the 2.2 Kw solar system one year ago. The seller promised me many things that actually never happened ("2.2 Kw is enough for your house", "you will not pay any more electricity bills"," no finance costs" etc ).

The price was 3 times higher that the normal market price. It took almost one year to have a little discount which no cover any expenses. I still pay the electricity bills almost as before. Is not worth it. I don't recommend this company at all. At the phone the staff was kind, but still couldn't help me. Is look that they didn't really care the situation. I asked if they please can install some more panels to have enough energy but negative. Now I need to pay two times, the bill and the loan. They ripped me off. Be aware of them especially of the door sellers because the are really smart. Expensive lesson learned. Check other companies that are cheaper and may not cheat you like this. Terrible experience.

Inverter rating: 2/5
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Solar Power savings

Happy with my solar installation and savings i am getting
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Be Informed and Wary, Check Everything, In Writing

Sales people will do or say anything to get a sale, whatever they tell you, get it in writing..and check it. as soon as they say they need an answer quickly, be wary.

I was promised a minimum number of units per day, rain hail or shine..., have called and written to them twice and they do not guarantee a minimum number of fault for not getting it in writing

The panels were supposed to be on the rear of the house facing the sun, and on the side of the house facing the setting sun.... They were all placed on the side of the setting sun, so they dont get sunlight until about 11am in the morning... The installers even turned up with the wrong house drawing to show where they will place the panels...

I see a real value in converting to solar and renewable energy, but i see no value in using this company.. STAY CLEAR

Inverter rating: 2/5
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The consultant was helpful and the purchase and installation went smoothly. The guys installing were efficient and their work completed quickly, I found them helpful and knowledgeable. The system has now been in operation for 1.5 years and is delivering savings as expected. Overall the installed price was a little higher than others' quoted but I've no issue with the system in service and I'm satisfied with my choice.

Following installation we had some issues getting responses from customer service regarding the final inspection and grid connection. Eventually we had a response only to find out that the inspection had been done and the connection made!

Inverter rating: 4/5
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Be Wary

AusSolar gave us a quote for a free installation, no deposit system. It was a bit on the high end but they really appeared to know what they were talking about so we signed up. From the time of signing everything has gone down hill. The communications between the company and the installers is almost non existent. Once the panels were up were were told someone would come along to finish the job and connect us. No one came. In fact it was a day but no one advised us the job had been completed because we were out at work. It took a week to find out we were in fact connected.

However the inverter was not connected to our wifi so we could not monitor the system. A week after installation the installers were back to set up the wifi. The gentleman was having trouble and after 45 minutes I had to leave. I was advised I would have the username and password SMS'd to me. It never came. In fact 4 days later no one can provide it to me. Therefore we can not monitor the system and check functionality.

When I asked for a delay in the payment so we could monitor the system I was told sorry, the contract stipulated that the first payment was due 2 weeks after installation. We were assured before signing the contract that no money would be deducted until we were satisfied. That is not true.

In addition I have rung 5 different representatives of the company in 2 states and sent emails. It is incredibly difficult to speak to anyone directly as they only give out 1300 numbers and no direct contacts.

If I had known what I know now I would have not signed with this company. Unfortunately we have and we are stuck now with this lousy service and a system that 10 days after installation we can not access or monitor. Be very wary and careful dealing with AuSSolar.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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We paid a deposit for our system and told the sales person we wanted to pay the balance in cash. The sales person said no problem but he never came to pick it up. Under my own steam I deposited the cash into their account at their bank. We have never been given an invoice showing we had paid the account and we have never heard from anyone from their company. They have very poor after sales service and we would not recommend them to change a light bulb in future.
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