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Cool or Cosy Reviews

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About Cool or Cosy, Solar Installers

Cool or Cosy are an SA owned an operated company that do Solar Power, Solar Hot Water and Insulation.

Cool or Cosy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I know its mind boggling with so many companies out there.
I would suggest go local and the longevity of the business shows track record.
Also after sales service is very important to me.
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Thank you for your assistance and information sent via email, much appreciated. Show additional information
The outcome of our solar system in just two weeks after installation was really good. The last billing payable was lower than expected.
Very happy thanks to Solar Quote website where I researched to find what is best.
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The company we chose was very poor in communicating with us, we had to chase them to get an install date only to have it changed. After a few words we were given the opportunity to change to the Australian made panels and an install date carried out by their own in house installers. So far they are working ok (fingers crossed)

Supplier Reply

Hi Darryll, please confirm you have reviewed the correct company as we have never dealt with Tindo panels. Also please confirm the sales consultant you have been dealing with? Show additional information
Local company of 32 years standing. Very prompt friendly salesperson, many years with the company. Showing me pages of installations within SA with quite a few in my local area. In fact an installation next door but one from myself and a few others within a kilometre or two! Show additional information
Been around for over 30 years, so I know they will be around when so many other companies have gone out of business.
Process was easy and hassell free
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Cool or Cosy is a company that does more than just solar stuff. They have been around for over 20 years and so you just know that if there are any issues with the system there should not be any problems getting your warranty, whether it is in 1 months time or 5 years time.
The installation was very straight forward and even though they are not the cheapest, I choose them for the proper service. As I pointed out before they are a company that been around for a while which was an other key factor in my decision.
I especially like the trust this company has in its customers. A sales person comes by, you agree on a price, an installation date is made. Then you pay after the installation is finished! - this is as it should be. No hassles with dodgy down payments. Pay when it is finished and when you are happy.
Third time I used this company and currently I am about to use them a fourth time for solar hot water and a cleaning service they are currently setting up. Cheers Barry.
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Could not fault anything - Great process, Great system and great installation. Really happy with the Australian owned panels - SUNGRID and the very high quality of these. Great to do business with a company of such long standing that you have confidence will be there for a lot longer. Show additional information
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Since the installation of our solar system, we have had cracking of the inner solar collectors which reduces the efficiency of the collectors. We have attempted to have these replaced on for separate occasions but just keep getting the run-around or excuses with delays. Do not purchase your solar arrays with this company. Show additional information
You gave us some great information and found your site really helpful. We would highly recommend your unbiased advice To anyone looking into solar power. Thank you for all your info. Show additional information
Thanks for your help. Show additional information
The Cool or Cosy group were very professional & from the order date to installation was only 2 weeks. The ETSA meter was installed exactly one week later. Cool or cosy were very friendly & customer service was exceptional. Would recommend them to anyone. Show additional information
I was nervous about going with a small supplier and being left with no warranty if that supplier went out of business. Cool or Cosy have been around for a long time. Show additional information
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Not a good scope of site by the sales person and had to get installers back twice due to complicated install. They did have 250w panels which allowed me to get the biggest system I could in a small area. I also wanted to avoid the cheap red inverter you see on all the cheap systems.
Once done however excellent job done.
The sales person also told me to change power providers to get the best rate. Unfortuntly I had only just had a reading. Now the new provider cant get the new meter installed until my next read,3 months! and then I have to wait for ETSA from there.
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Karl, (Rep) called and explained in plain English about the solar system and how it works. He gave me no pressure to sign up, knew what he was talking about and was patient about answering my questions, with regard to the difference between panel sizes and future rebate through the import/export grid. I live alone and wanted to research properly before committing myself.

I was very impressed with Karl and the Company about getting good quality panels and how to save money leading to when I retire in a few years time. Other companies explained basically, and here is a sheet with the different panels and how much. But not in depth like Cool or Cosy.
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had extra cost as switchboard didn't have on/off switch and asbestos backboard Show additional information
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Not impressed with the sales person, turned out he was not what he pretended to be as far as what he said to what he did. in discussion with management they met all expectations so far,
and a company i would recommend.
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They were very good from Start to Finish. Sales person came to the house within a few days of contacting them. He explained everything,savings etc. Although not the cheapest,it was installed in just under 3 weeks.

Installation was first class,very neat and tidy.
Just waiting for new meter from ETSA. Which takes a while. But yes,definatly reccommend them. They have done a few in our Street,and all are happy.
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My roof was a major impediment. It is just not designed for solar panels Show additional information
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