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About Country Solar, Solar Installers

Country Solar

Country Solar is a solar energy company Headquartered in Townsville but with a local installer network throughout Australia.


Update November 8, 2017. Country Solar Pty Ltd has been placed in liquidation


The company says that it uses the highest quality products from SMA, Aurora, DIEL, JA Solar and others. They say that they have installed thousands of PV systems and offer great experience and good old fashioned country service.

Country Solar also offer Thin Film solar panels which perform well in hot climates. Also they say that their products and installation are covered by extensive warranties. The company also says that it can offer a 36 month interest free payment plant if required.

Customer reviews for Country Solar are available, and include the following:

" When I first approached Country Solar, the owner advised us to wait because the price of the RECs had dropped and he advised that they would go back up in a few weeks. He contacted us the moment the RECs started to go up in price. He gave us a quote straight away (Wednesday) and the following Monday the system was installed. We have gone for a 4kw system with a 4.2kw inverter. Another company we approached was going to charge us $7,000 more for a 2kw system."

" Highly recommend; paid deposit and work commenced the following week. Got a 3.6kw system with 20 solar panels, and they did the job in a day. Only had it installed a few days but very happy with Country Solar and have no problems recommending them to anyone in the Townsville area."

Country Solar Solar Reviews

Didn't disclose certain costs with the finance provider.
Haven't answered emails regarding monitoring equipment or software.
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We installed a 120 panel - 2 inverters solar system in 2014, at over $ 60 000, so not a small investment.
Worked good for a while. Now, a few years later, the production of solar power has diminished to 50 % what it used to be.
So our electricity bill has been going up accordingly.
We had the panels professionally cleaned, not much different.
Phone calls to Country Solar remain unanswered and the premises in Townsville are closed.
Then I found out they are out of business.
So where does that leave me when we have a problem ??
But how can you tell if the business you are dealing with is there for the long run ??
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We have installed a Country Solar system including a generator. The generator is supposed to kick in when the power goes off. It doesn't work. Despite repeated calls we Get No response. Terrific service. Specially as we have a restaurant with fridges,freezers and cool rooms. Not to mention the weddings in the dark. Thanks Country Solar, we will definitely be broadcasting our feelings about your service. Show additional information
COUNTRY SOLAR in Townsville did the initial installation in 2012 when we installed a 4.5 kW system. That price was $7.7k and we consider it the best money we've ever invested. That system has now paid for itself. With Ergon Energy cranking up their service fee and meter reading charges we decided to add another 1kW this year taking our system to its maximum 5.5kW.
We shopped around in 2012 and found CS to be far the best on customer service and on price. We dealt directly with the owners of the business and nothing was too much trouble, we didn't really know anything about the Solar technology but Steve patiently explained it all to us (at least 3 times)
We again shopped around this year and COUNTRY SOLAR are still the best although their customer service seemed to have slipped a bit from fantastic in 2012 to so so in 2016. We've had no problems whatsoever with the system, we've had Country Solar back once to inspect the system and clean the panels.
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They seemed informative and helpful at the time. In retrospect after all the issues we've had since it was installed around 3 years ago, we would have avoided this. Our electricity bills are higher now than they were previous to having the solar system installed. We get told by Ergon that their isn't anything wrong, and Country Solar Townsville say it's working fine. We use the system correctly, but still get high bills. I wish I could rewind time and get my money back. Show additional information
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Salesman was slick and told a number of lies including the 'definite' end of government incentives at the end of the financial year and made for a case of now or never. Installers turned up at 4pm and installed the system in drizzling rain by torch light and guilted us into signing off on the job even though it was too dark to inspect it. Finally, over three months after installation we are still not able to turn the system on as the application to connect to the grid was rejected by origin energy because the system was too large for the single phase line we have to the street. Every step in dealing with this company after the smooth salesman took our money has been a disappointment. Run a mile from these guys. Show additional information
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Keen to take our money but their has not been any follow up service from them, Two months later and still waiting for Ergon to hook us up. Show additional information
I would recommend this company. Very prompt installation after acceptance of quote. Full payment only after job complete. No deposit required. Quality product working very well to date. Show additional information
We have had great service from Bronwyn and the team at Country Energy. Instillation was fast and clean, all questions answered promptly, and it looks fantastic! Now to eagerly await the first electricity bill (something I usually dread!) Show additional information
I chose Country Solar because Steve came across as far more knowledgable and genuine than the other people who gave me quotes.
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Bronwyn from Country Solar was prompt with the quote and followed up with a phone call.The early work could be done by email.She had the paperwork done quickly and within 2 working weeks the installers were there doing the job.No money was required until the job was completed.One of the other 2 companies did not turn up (and I have advised their managing director). Country Solar were very competitive price wise.I received quotes In November 2012 from 3 companies before knowing of you and I'm glad I waited as the cost was $1000 less than14 months ago for the same system.You also made it easier because I didn't have to chase less reputable companies. Show additional information
System isn\'t up and running yet as we are waiting for a component. Show additional information
Quick to install and hook up to Origin. Great installation team; quick, clean and courteous. System working well, though we do appear to have a problem with Origins energy supply 'spiking'. Browyn at country solar is going to help us look into it.
Nice and comforting to have such help after-sales service.
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They seemed quite knowledgable, but unless I have a problem, I can't rate their service. I already have a 3kW system installed by a local and have had 3 inverters in 2 years. Country solar were $1200 cheaper than my local guy, asked for nothing up front, left an information pack after installation and completed installation 2 weeks after I gave them the go-ahead. Show additional information
Country Solar were top rate from first contact. Manager visited property, answered all queries, offered additional proof of guarantees from actual manufacturers. The three installers were on time, efficient, friendly,professional. Had everything with them, finished and tidied up in 4 hours.No money asked for until job completed. bob hannan Show additional information
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Very happy with supplier, installer, installation and looking forward to the savings that come with the solar system.

Thank you Finn for you effort in information you supplied and providing us with the 3 suppliers.
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Very happy customer Show additional information
Only installed 4 wks ago but so far so good. Country Solar even threw in 2 extra panels to offset placing on west side versus north side which had some shade impact to acheive same output Show additional information
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Country Solar were very good from the first call to them [no pressure to sign up]. We only had to wait 2 weeks for the sparkies to install our system they did a great job, very neat. Show additional information
Great experience and great local crew. The system has dropped our electricity bills a lot, it just hasn't been the solar it was also from the education of the staff in knowing how and when to use our power.

We have been to the showroom and called after the installation to ask questions and the after sales service has been high standard and what was promised.
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I must say they have put my local competition to shame. Country Solar provide a great service, install and high quality products. Everything explained well and what to expect. Great work guys and keep up the service :D Show additional information
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Jeremy from Country Solar VIC was terrific and runs his company with very high integrity. The installers could not be faulted and the quality of workmanship was fantastic. We have a two story house that is more like three stories at the back and there was no extra charge for that height.

The care with which they installed was unbelievable - every conduit is exactly horizontal or vertical, every panel is exactly positioned so there are no unsightly gaps - the whole job is so professional and a credit to them. They were also extremely prompt with both quotes and installation.

My neighbours were so impressed that they are now going with them and I went with them because one of my work colleagues had them and was extremely pleased.
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Country Solar did not try and sell me a system, they answered my questions and were, in my opinion honest. They were no nonsense and good value for a good system, not top of the range, but not bottom either.

I chose the system for all round value to meet my needs which did not require their top system. The installation team were brilliant and knew what they were doing, very efficient install and instruction on use.
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After accepting installation quote, we had to wait a while for a date (possibly because we live off-shore from Townsville, on Magnetic Island),, but this was made more than worthwhile by the fact that the system quoted decreased in price by 15%.over the period (t6/7 weeks).
We did a lot of research prior, to establish realistic expectations and, to date, production has exceeded expectations. The installation went without a hitch and the paper work (FIT) was all done properly. The projected 6/7 week wait for Ergon to update the meter happened in less than 2 weeks.
We are very happy with all aspects of the installation and couldn't recommend them more highly - nice to be able to say that in this day and age.
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Concerning Country Solar, customer service- they were very helpful with the paperwork, for Ergon, after I had submitted a wrong account number to them. Although, it was nearly the Christmas break they did their best (which was very quick) to install and have the system running.

Understandably, I have not as yet had to have any dealings with CS to this date. So, I cannot comment on backup service at this time, I took a step of faith concerning their inverter (only on market for 12 months). It did offer some advantages over a couple pf others that I would have been happy to use.

I believe I had a very reasonably costed installation, that is performing well. I have no regrets with having employed their services and would recommend them, at this stage, to any inquirers.

With some of those firms you quoted, it seems they can give with one hand and grab with the other.

In your rating survey, I would have been quite comfortable with having a "Very good", category.
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a very good team from anglique in the office jack the foreman and all the crew very happy , had one little problem and they were there with in the hour to fix it great service , feel safe with these guys ,, tony owen Show additional information
Make sure you read up about systems/makes first and problems associated with "shadowing". Because I did this I am happy with the final solution and ended up installing the same system at two properties. Also take into consideration actual performance will to be at best 80% efficient and adjust capacity accordingly. Show additional information
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Although we researched as best we could, all sales persons recommend their systems as the best, so it makes it harder to decide which business to install the system you have decided to buy. In the end we chose the business that had installed a large number of systems and quoted the better price of two or more quote of the same brand, and also conducted their business in the same town/city in which we resided, because of the time factor involved if or when we might need on site service calls. Show additional information
When I first approached Country Solar, the owner advised us to wait because the price of the R.E.C.'s had dropped and he advised that they would go back up in a few weeks. He contacted us the moment the REC's started to go up in price. He gave us a quote straight away (Wednesday) and the following Monday the system was installed. We have gone for a 4KW system with a 4.2kw inverter.
Another company we approached was going to charge us $7,000 more for a 2KW system.
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I've used all the data I collected from you and sent it to all my friends so that they could make a similar choice. Show additional information
Use a local company, they can answer your questions. Show additional information
Out of all the companies, Country Solar was the only Company who went and checked out our property before quoting. Show additional information
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Highly recommend, paid deposit and work commenced the following week. Got a 3.6kw system with 20 solar panels and they did the whole job in a day. Only had it installed a few days but very happy with Country Solar and have no problems recommending them to anyone in the Townsville area. Show additional information
Some of the things I found out during my research prior to buying
1 Some companies offer a quote but it is in fact an estimate which amounts to an open contract.
2 Warranties are not worth squat unless they are a local manafactures (australian made) warranty
3 Warranties offered on overseas made products are warranties supplied by importers only on the
strength of the warranty issued from the manafacture and terminate with the demise of the
4 Some stated that the switch board modifications (new meters and updates) were charged
seperately to the quote when in fact ergon work is free
5 some systems require more panels than are necessary for the same output and the cost is
considerable in difference
6 Alignment to the sun is to a point not critical (3-5degrees) so the additional costs for frame work
should be considered in the quote
7 Ergon fuses on the power pole have to be relocated to the power board but this cost is on Ergon and is free Any thing ergon do and supply is the responsibility of ergon and should not be in quote for the system
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element energy very good service but recs lower price.
one other company rang but we are to far away

getting the metter changed is along process - been three weeks waiting
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Steve Madson is the first tradie I've had dealings with in Townsville who actually honoured their appointment times, kept in touch via email, and was an altogether very professional and nice guy. Show additional information
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