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About Eco Kinetics, Solar Installers

Eco Kinetics

Eco Kinetics are owned by CBD Energy the renewable energy company that seems to have gone downhill very quickly recently.

It appears that CBDEnergy have shut Eco Kinetics down.


Eco Kinetics provides renewable energy solutions to the utilities, commercial and domestic markets, striving to show that there are real cost benefits in doing so.

A combination of engineering experience and state-of-the art technology enables Eco Kinetics to provide the latest systems to its customers, as well as ensuring their personal requirements are met.

The company also hopes to assist its customers in choosing the solar PV system that is suitable for their needs, right from the moment of the initial meeting up to its completion and installation. So far, Eco Kinetics has assisted thousands of domestic and business customers in switching to solar.

Eco Kinetics Solar Reviews

They installed the wrong size inverter for the number of panels, a 1700 w inverter to work with 2 Kw of panels consequently the inverter died just out of warranty. My sparky said a sunny boy should not died that soon that's when he looked and found the discrepancy. Now all the plastic cable ties are breaking and the cables are dropping every where. Show additional information
Company has gone into receivership, inverter is showing error message "AFI ENS" .
CBD who took them over are also in receivership, so it looks as though we are on our own from here on.
Who repairs inverters?
Reply from
Hi Graham, sorry to hear about the closure of Eco Kinetics and CBD but I do recommend Solargain, a national organisation who operate a very good repairs and maintenance dept. and may be able to assist - contact details can be found on their website, Regards Robert
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Brendan, from Energy Base installed the system, bought the system from eco-Kinetics. Show additional information
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We have our system installed 6 weeks after signing up with EcoKinetics (they had said 6 - 8 weeks).

ETSA will put in the new meter maybe in 4 months time, and meanwhile, our current meter runs backwards when the panels are generating power.

EcoKinetics are fairly new to South Australia and they used a local company to do the installation. We had both good and bad service from this local company.

The site inspection employee did not bother to make an appointment with us. His employer stated the paperwork indicated he had spoken with us. He hadn't.
He recommended West facing roof area instead of North. Not ideal!
He turned up extremely late for the subsequent appointment, full of excuses and couldn't find our house (major suburban street) - he phoned us on his mobile, and we guided him to our home. We suspected he had not been to our house before.
He made arrangements with us that (we were told later, according to the company) he had no authority to make, which were not kept by the company.
He didn't return our calls.

The two employees (same company) who came to do the actual installation were great! They turned up on time, worked efficiently, despite having to work around some (company-inflicted) glitches and did a good job.
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The key to the decision process is to do your home work and understand what the issues are for your home installation and what each provider is actually going to provide. It would be fair to say that when I started to investigate a solar panel system I had absolutely no knowledge, but ultimately was able to focus on the key issues (for me) in determining the type of system to instal and what the suppliers were actually going to deliver. My observation is that each supplier is likely to be using different key components and therefore an "apples vs apples" comparison was difficult. There is considerable information available on the Internet that can assist you to confirm information given by sales people. Be wary of sales people/suppliers who do not provide detailed information and/or can not answer your questions satisfactorily (lack of knowledge or unprepared). Check the information and ask yourself if the information you are given makes sense for your situation/circumstances. Ultimately the decision is yours and you need to be satisfied that you have done the necessary due diligence. Go forward and commit to a supplier installation when you have satisfied yourself. Show additional information
Eco Kinetics responded promptly with a site visit by an experienced and knowledgeable salesman. As far as I am concerned, a site visit is mandatory so that you can be satisfied the installer understands your objectives, identifies any potential installation issues and confirms the positioning of the inverter and solar panels. Lead time for installation by Eco Kinetics is longer than other installers but the overall value proposition is better. Show additional information
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Still waiting for installation. They are really slow, their admin is dreadful and don't communicate. I have to keep on phoning to ask questions and they say things like haven't you filled in the forms we posted? - they sent me nothing to begin with. With the changes to govt policies they have been really slow and non-communicative - so I don't know if I will ever get it installed.

Also after speaking to other people who have had solar installed, it seems that nobody has a stanfdard roof and everyone I spoke to had to pay extra for their non-standard roof. Why isn't something like this regulated?
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Generally happy, though it did take nearly 4 weeks for the Grid connection to be done after the panels were installed. Show additional information
The reason that we did not go ahead with any of the suppliers that you had recommended as only 1 of them got back with a quote on-line and did not do any follow up and the other 2 did not respond to the requests that was put through by your service Show additional information
We were very pleased with the whole project.

We applied on the 7th April and the process moved smoothly through each stage to the payment and installation on the 21st May. We have been approved by Western Power/Synergy, for REB and Net Feed-in Tariff but they are a bit slow installing the bi-directional meter, they have had a rather large response.
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I would certainly buy another system from this company (eco-kinetics) Show additional information
The company general manager kept in touch with me by phone and email through the whole process and arranged convenient times for initial inspection and then installation. I was made fully aware of every stage of the process i.e. obtaining approval from the power utility etc. Show additional information
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This has been a trouble/stress free experience Show additional information
Very "mechanical" service. Send in a form. Wait. They call you, give you a quote. Call you a few weeks later. Turn up and install. Disconnected from the meter supply. Some weird arrangement here with Walcott. Still have not got my metering finalised. Show additional information
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After some delays in getting a 3.5kw inverter they installed a 2.5kw system with a 3.5kw inverter for a cost to me of $5300.They kept the $8000 rebate and the RECS.The system is working well and would appear to clear me of an electricity bill.So far it has been installed for a full 90 days electricity account and I received a credit of $59.80. This amount has reduced due to bad weather and shorter days.I am at present a satisified customer. Show additional information
The date for installation confirmed was 27th June, it of course rained so the date went to 30th of June. The installers arrived around with the incorrect brackets to complete the job. This was an error I believe on the part of the Warehouse staff at Eco-Kinetics as the stock is packed for the Installers. The panels were planned to go on Landscape therefore required extra railing and different brackets. The Electrician was able to carry out their part and put in the Inverter.

Friday 6 July the panels went on. The Office person assured me there was no way they could move things around to get them installed any sooner. 2 Installers - They were careful on the roof so we were very happy about that.

A day later I had a missed call on my phone so I called back and it was the electrician who had just been around to my home to check the system. He couldn't get in obviously because no-one was home. I said to him that I was unaware that he was coming and thought that the system was now only waiting for Energex to complete their part. He said, "hasn't anyone notified you". He is now waiting for direction from Eco-Kinetics.

I will be calling them today to check on the Electrician. Small things, not of major concern but when you're paying a reasonable sum of money then it's not unreasonable to expect what was agreed to.

"What can I say"!
Do as much research as possible so you know what kind of system will best suit your home and needs. Use Solar Quotes - I found this the best, simplest and independent site to become a little more informed about solar systems. The information and assistance from Finn Peacock I received was fantastic. Talk to Electricians, Installers, Homeowners with Solar systems. The more you talk to people the more little pitfalls you can be aware of before choosing.

Time will be the best indicator of your choice.
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As well as a good price and quality product, the Eco-Kinetics system was recommended to me by a person who had an Eco-Kinetics system installed six months previously and was impressed with the results. Show additional information
Not installed yet. Very good service so far, well explained by knowledgeable salesperson, good follow up service, seems like good value for money product. And they were the only ones to come and visit the site. Show additional information
Your site was really helpful and clarified many of the questions I had regarding solar. Show additional information
Eco-kinetics almost missed out because they were very slow to quote. I hope they are quicker to have the installation done. Show additional information
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eco Kinetics were very good, No pressure, No deposit and system installed in 14 days from go to whoa.
No deposit was a big influence too but paid in full same day after installation.
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It was done quickly and explained well. Show additional information
We have only had them for 3 weeks. It's a bit early to tell how they are doing. The Inverter display isn't working and they will be back to replace it. Show additional information
I obtained quotes from 2 of your suggested suppliers both of whom were very efficient. The difference in the quotes were quite marked, so I then obtained quotes from 2 other suppliers. I finally chose a supplier who was comparably priced, able to supply within the time frame I was looking for and used a German Inverter. Show additional information
You gave me the name of 3 companies for quotes. Only one replied to my requests. However, thank you for your advices; they helped a lot to know what to look for. One company was rejected becuse if flaws were to develop replacements had to be ordered from the Eastern States.

We chose Eco Kinetics as good value, listed on the stockmarket, prompt attention to requests, visit to the house to talk over our requirements. They were not quite the cheapest on offer, but we liked the idea of German components and the cost was not far above others. Installation happened as agreed, the installers were quick and the system is working. The only flaw was that I was asked to certify no tiles were broken without examining the roof.
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While investigating Solar Power I had dealings with a number of companies. The employees of Eco Kinetics stood out due to their professionalism, knowledge, responsiveness and the general ease of dealing with them.
Based on my research, the system they quoted provided a fair price/quality tradeoff.
I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a solar power system.
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This company was fantastic it only took a couple of weeks from placing the order with them to having the system installed. Show additional information
Still awaiting connection to the grid, although I have only paid 50% up front and until the upgrade on my meter has been completed and my retailer notified, I will not be paying any additional charges from Eco-Kinetics. To date they have been very good, the install team were polite and on time regarding the appoinment they booked and I found the team of installers very knowledgable and genuine. A pleasant experience to date, but wait and see on the delivery of the final component to make this all come together. Show additional information
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We were installed today 29/6/11, just before the deadline! I had to chase Eco-Kinetics a fair bit over the last few weeks to ensure that all was done before the date. They always appeared efficient and polite on the phone (Brisbane office), I think they have been so busy with everybody wanting installation by 30/6.

Our local installer (David Olds - ElectroSafe, Hervey Bay) have been very good and kept in touch throughout and did a very neat and quick installation.

All we have to do now is wait for Ergon, apparently 4 - 6 weeks, to fit the new meter and we're in business. Then we wait for the rebate to be reduced just like NSW!!?? Or am I being cynical?
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DPR Network was the only company to give me a quote but when I ask for an on-site inspection quote
they just didn't get back to me.
ECO Kinetics were very efficient with their on site inspection quote and installation plus a great price.
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Being insalled today Show additional information
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Finn, went with Eco-Kinectics on price quality to the average person is not an issue because who do we believe, they all knock each other except Eco, Research on their quality comes up good. Liked Halcol approach but Auzion not too good. Show additional information
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