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Gryphon solar

--- Gryphon Solar went into Administration (AKA Bankruptcy) in November 2016 ---

Gryphon solar Solar Reviews

Gryphon Solar were good to deal with until they went bust and now my inverter has an OV-BUS error which means the inverter needs to be replaced. Ningbo Ginlong who distribute the inverters in Australia states it had not been installed with the correct clearance to the top and therefore will not replace the faulty unit. Still in warranty but no one to claim it through. Show additional information
I have not purchased a Solar System however I am aware of the Companies trading whilst insolvent, owing debt. Buyer Beware! Show additional information
Very unhappy with the the installation and after sales service. Have been trying for 3 days to contact Gryphon as one of the panels isn't working. No answer and no return call. Would not recommend this company. Show additional information
Wish I had got more quotes. Our 5KW cost us $9500 after rebates. Speaking with others since I think we paid way too much Show additional information
System includes 4kW battery backup (lithium batteries). Show additional information
Aafter signing contract on 7/12/14 and paying $450.00 dep. there has been a big delay in customer service and they say still awaiting approval from Western Power. After numerous calls to MELB. office
and threatening to cancel,we have now been given a word of mouth installation date of 10/02/15. If a deposit had not been paid ,we would have cancelled.
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The installers are very efficient and customer focused. The overall performance of the solar system has been very good so far although it has only been in operation for a few weeks now so I will have a better idea after a few months. Show additional information
No i think i have already Show additional information
From the outset when I rang Gryphon Solar (melbourne office) my experience was very pleasant, Sales Mgr Cameron took plenty of time to explain to me the benefits of solar and the technical features. He was happy to take take plenty of personal calls of mine as it took me a few weeks to digest why I should invest $7K without knowing nothing about solar technology.

Cameron assisted with a custom payment plan and was the consummate professional with his back up service. Unlike other companies that as soon as they take your money they treat you as a number, the experience I had with Gryphon was quite the opposite, something that makes me very happy especially after building a home and going through the tortures of dealing with shocking tradies and companies.

The installers were very careful and polite, and until know my 4KW APS micro invertor system is working a treat. I thoroughly recommend Gryphon and make sure you deal with Cameron, you won't be disappointed !!
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The service you provided trying to find a Solar company was made so much easier when I was able to look at a glance the star rating of each company. After doing my own research into the companies you suggested I decided to go with Gryphon Solar because of the feedback people had given them. I was very happy with their service and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get Solar installed. Grypon installed the Solar system inside a week and I was connected to the grid 2 weeks later. All told everything was done within 3 weeks. Excellent service!
Thank you SolarQuotes for your invaluable information which certainly helped me to decide who to go with.
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We had an installation problem, an inverter cable was not fully connected so it shorted. As a result the system didn't work for a week as the roof top isolator tripped off. It took a while for me to realise what was happening. We have micro inverters and the quick explanation at the install time wasn't enough for me to understand what I should have been seeing. Other than that the installation was done very well and the installer came very quickly once called re the problem and fixed it that day. Show additional information
The system was installed quickly on the day Gryphon's contractor said it would be, but the appearance of the installation is poor. The panels on the roof are not properly aligned. The meter box was left looking most untidy.
I am unable to comment on the quality of the system except to note that the average kWh generated per day is higher than the average predicted for October.
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I've signed up, but the system won't be installed until January, for personal reasons.
I went with Gryphon, after doing a lot of research, because they came across as being transparent in my dealings with them. The sale person was not pushy, at all, and was up-front with answers to any of my questions.
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After having a cold caller solar company give us a quote, I decided to get three others through Finn's wonderfully helpful service. Of the four quotes, only one recommended the micro-inverter system, which, on reflection, was by far the best system for my particular circumstances, where there are trees and other factors affecting having all panels generating power at maximum efficiency. I therefore got all of the other companies to requote for micro-inverter systems.

I elected to go for a 3.5kW system (not allowed for in the drop down list for this survey).

I did as much private research as possible to confirm various claims for the systems and brands. Two of the quotes were dismissed after much digging. Of the remaining two, Gryphon Solar and Mark Group, the quotes were close in price and specifications, but the Mark Group lost out because their salesman got too pushy and started trying to lay guilt trips on me if I chose a smaller company - I have an inbuilt resistance to high pressure sales techniques and a good understanding of the psychology they use and I resented this tactic! Sorry Mark Group, but I do not feel at all guilty for choosing the smaller firm, Gryphon Solar, which also appears to have a sound business background. There was less proportional negative feedback for Gryphon than there was for Mark Group on this web site, although both were generally rated reasonably well.

However, Gryphon Solar nearly failed the communication test within ther own organisation, something that was a reservation from a couple of other users on Finn's site. The installers very nearly installed the panels on the wrong roof face due to a failure to coordinate properly with what the salesman and I agreed upon. Fortunately, when I saw what they were trying to do, I queried it and they ceased work before it went too far. The return to do the job correctly was organised very quickly the following week and all was well from there on. Amanda in their office was quick to offer the correction and was at all times helpful and polite, as also were the installers.

The system has been in operation for a few months now (as at July 2015) and all seems to be well. The paper work was submitted reasonably promptly and the electricity supplier switched us over within a month of the installation.

It is still too early for me to see the real benefits (or otherwise) of the system but it seems to be working as it should.
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The sales person was great, polite, never pushy and willing to accommodate my needs.
It wasn't the cheapest quote, having made further enquiries and gathering a total of 5 quotes.
Installers were really professional, unintrusive and also polite!
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Had problems at the start with dates of when they are going to install the system but was rectified, overall was extremely happy with end result. Show additional information
I can't complain about the customer service because there wasn't any.

Sent Gryphon an email advising them I had accepted their quote and asked when I could expect installation to commence. At the same time I EFTd a $2000 deposit (there was no obligation by Gryphon for me to do so). Heard nothing for 4 days. Rang Gryphon to find out what was happening. Their reply was they were "just about to ring me." Yeah, right.

I thought it would have been good PR on Gryphon's part if they emailed back a prompt reply saying thanks for the business and deposit, and that they would get back to me regarding the installation schedule. I would have had confirmation that my email had been read and things were moving forward. But they didn't.

An installation time was organised and the electrical sub contractors did a very good job - no hassles with them at all.

My overall experience with Gryphon was one of indifference toward their customer. It was as though their attitude was "we've sealed the deal, we don't care any more."

I would recommend the electrical sub-contractors but Gryphon Solar leave a little to be desired.
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As you can see Gryphon solar were extremely efficient and installed my system within two weeks of requesting it and paying the deposit. It was certified/inspected within a week and the paperwork was sent to my supplier within two weeks. I have yet to see how efficient the suppler is in paying the feed in rate! The accredited installer was polite and efficient.
I am now addicted to looking at my electricity box to see if I am using anything off the grid!
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Two of the providers made an appointment with me but only one turned up. The third was just too slow, eventually getting back to me a couple of weeks afterwards. Gryphon were really fast, informative and arranged absolutely everything. Show additional information
Gryphon solar were professional, honest, and extremely good value. They did everything when they said they were going to do it The installation was done very well and within a week of signing the contract. The assessor was organised within two weeks and my power company was kept in the loop by Gryphon Solar. the system is working well and looks good as well. I would recommend this company to my friends. I live on the mornington peninsula Show additional information
We chose a system with micro inverters (APS 500) instead of a central inverter because 1: we didn't have a good position for a bulky central inverter and 2: micro inverters would help to reduce the effect on system output by intermittent shading of the panels.
However, this setup causes radio frequency interference to the extent that our TV signal is badly degraded when the system is producing power (TV signal is stuffed at sunny times but OK at night and acceptable at cloudy times).
Our system installer organised a visit by an Antenna Guy but he couldn't improve the TV signal by re-positioning the antenna and so the problem is unresolved.
Otherwise the system seems to be working well.
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so far so good. system operates as advertised Show additional information
Peter who came out to give me a quote was knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. I was offered a quality system for a good price. As my system has only recently been installed I'm not sure of the savings as yet Show additional information
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There was a hiccup between the salesman's recommendation and the information passed to the installers. Again there was a hiccup between the installation and the inspection in that the inspector was waiting for another job in the same area to minimize his travel costs. All understandable but there was a lack of communication from the Office so we were left wondering. The communication from the office to the field operations could be improved.
The boys who did the actual installation were very efficient and very good. They did not even leave a small scrap of paper for me to pick up.
I am not on Facebook so cannot share on that medium.
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When electrician turned up he didn't know where the panels were going which I thought strange.
I changed my purchase to an SMA inverter because I was told it had WIFI but it doesn't seem to have it.
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Can not say enough how happy i am with dealing with Gryphon Solar from start to completion. Professional, friendly, and ready to help and explain. Carl, Amanda, and Bearl thank you so much. Show additional information
Sales staff were attentive at first, but follow up was quite bad. Constant delays were unnecessary (for example, not noticing I had 3 phase power despite the salesman examining the meter box) and not communicated without me having to keep badgering them about when things were going to get done. In the end they couldn't complete the job with their own staff due to lack of proper equipment and training (needed a cherry-picker to access the top storey, didn't have anyone available with the appropriate licence), and they subcontracted it out to another party; who seemed to do a pretty good job in the end. Show additional information
This company was quick to respond, salesperson was very helpful in quoting for the system we wanted rather than trying to push us in another direction, and the price seemed to be good value.
The staff of electrical company that did the installation were also very helpful in arranging it and the guys appear to have done a good job. The inspection was also done promptly.
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Gryphon were informative, polite and gave me clear and concise information regarding their product. Although the installer they used is a sub contractor, he was very efficient and had all of his licenses required to install solar. I was very pleased with the whole experience and would not have been able to go ahead without your help. Thanks Bill. Show additional information
Solargain gave the impression they would say anything to get a sale, and their technical knowledge was dubious. They did have the best price, but they left me feeling uncomfortable so we paid a bit more for Gryphon, who were happy to specify everything - not just the panels and inverter. The only downside was it longer than expected for Gryphon to obtain the necessary parts for installation. Show additional information
Great advice from Jarrod ,the State Manager and follow up support from Dale and Marc.
Very competitively priced system as I selected a SMA inverter and 24 x Suntech panels to give 6kw.System generating an average of 40 kw a day in November in Perth.
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Gryphon Solar came to the house and discussed our needs without any pushy sales. I decided on 3.5kw (14 x 250w) Canadian Solar panels matched with a JFY 4kw inverter. I hadn't heard of either brand but couldn't find any bad reports of any great concern about the products on the internet. The system has been operating for a few months now and usually produces around 2.2 - 2.3kwh when the sun is shining. During October the most the system has produced in a day is just over 20kw. The only slightly negative comment about the whole process was that the contractors who installed the system did so before the installation of the bidirectional meter so I had to wait for Western Power before I could turn on the system. Show additional information
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The company was quick to respond and the sales person was very helpful. The installation was also quick and efficient. waiting for United Energy to get their act together reprogramming the smart metre has been the disappointing part of the experience. Would be happy to recommend Gryphon Solar to others. Show additional information
I got my three quotes and chose Gryphon Solar after a crash course in solar technology aided by Solar Quotes, I have a three phase power supply and Gryphon Solar were the only company to offer a three phase system up front. Hopefully I've got it right, I'm looking forward to my next electric bill.
A huge thank you goes out to the team at Solar Quotes the information you provide, in a no Bull S*** fashion, great work, keep it up.
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Arrived in time, installed the system in one dsy and submitted the paperwork very promptly. All ready for Powercor to do their bit within a week and a half of installation. Inspection for electrical safety was done the week following install with a minor fix needed ( a bit of conduit behind the meter face). Certificate issued next day. I have been very happy with the service provided by Gryphon Solar. Show additional information
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I am still working with these guys so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Show additional information
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