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About Integra Solar, Solar Installers

Integra Solar

Reviewers report paying: $7,112 - $10,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

With thousands of installations, Integra Energy Group’s sleek, modern and technologically efficient Solar Panels, have helped Australians save on their electricity costs.

Australians producing their own energy are also helping to save the planet.

Spanning the Australian Continent, the Company’s mission has always been not only to make Australians self-sustainable but also informed on Quality Products and Installation.

Battery Storage and other Progressive Renewable Products are also a priority for Integra Energy Group, as the face of Energy and it’s adoption is forever changing, challenging Australians in their Energy demands.

Integra Solar Solar Reviews

Easy process, helpful professional people

They made getting solar so easy ,
We found Sean very helpful and attentive,
I liked the way Sean helped us through the process nothing seamed to much trouble.
Scott and the installation guys were very professional efficient and helpful,
The system looks amazing
They were on time we received a txt letting us know they were on there way and they cleaned up any mess they made while doing the installation.
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No customer service

I’ve had my system installed for approximately four years and still isn’t working properly and no replies from customer service Show additional information

Great components, poor installation, terrible customer service

Day 1: The installers arrived - but hadn't been provided with any fixings, so the rails were fitted with mixed left-over fixings from previous jobs. There was a problem with the planned layout, so they had to return to finish, but were very concerned because Integra had subcontracted the install at a fixed price, and they were not going to cover their costs. Only after uncomfortable three way discussion did they agree to complete the install.

Day 2: The main installer said he had never installed an Enphase system before and didn't understand the wiring diagram. It was also his last day working for Integra. His assistant was brand new - it was his first day. The assistant was unable to install the coil that Enphase use to monitor power export because it would not fit inside the housing.

Day 5: A different team turned up - they had installed Enphase systems before and managed to get everything fitted inside the housing. They mixed up the labelling of the isolators, and had one of the array isolators labelled as the main isolator. They only spotted the error when I asked why one of the array isolators was a different colour.

One month after install: Despite a series of calls, we were still waiting for Integra to submit paperwork to our power supplier so that they will reprogram the smart-meter and start providing solar credits on our bill. Several calls to Integra - promises to call back, but no calls came. We contacted the sales team, and the paperwork has just been submitted today.

One month after install: We still do not have access to the Enphase Enlighten system. Repeated calls to Integra result in promises to call back - but they never do. Direct enquiries with Enphase show that Integra have not even started the Activation process with Enphase. This is disturbing - because the Activation phase is supposed to be started BEFORE the micro-inverters are fitted, so that the Envoy can download the latest firmware before connecting to them.

On the plus side, our power bill has fallen to about 1/3rd of usual.

On the negative side, we are still waiting for Integra to start the Enphase Activation process, five weeks after installation, with no information on when / if they will do it.
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Worst decision EVER to go with these crooks.
Came over with a slick sales technique and after numerous quotes from others as well, decided these guys would have the job.
They made several promises about my bills, virtually saying that summer bills would be pretty much $0 - Paid 7k for a system which we thought would do the job.
Fast forward a few years and our bills have actually increased in cost, never seen a decrease. Due to our own tardiness, we took a while to follow them up about it.
Rang them and got told that it wasnt their problem and that the company had restructured and warranties were invalid - Every excuse under the sun.
Did everything right - Changed our habits, installed LED lighting, turned off unnecessary power etc etc - NOTHING.
Called them again and they had the audacity to ask me to send a photo to prove the inverter was working!! Sent a photo, recent bills and they never got back to me.
Have ended up calling a new company out to rip this stuff off my roof and install an entirely new system - They looked at the supplied inverter, laughed and said in all their years of doing solar, they had never seen or heard of the brand I had been given.
Expensive lesson learned - Do your homework, read reviews, take note of the dodgy stuff.
I look forward to having their crap out of my life.
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Don’t do it

After signing up it took some time to have it installed but cannot fault the person who installed it. I was sent a text saying it was up and running, only to discover months later it was actually not turned on. Have tried contacting them numerous times to no avail. No follow up as promised to compare bills. You can now buy systems 3 times the size for way less money. Don’t believe the sales person, they’re only in it for the money. I still have no access to monitor how the system is working and phone calls go unanswered and every email says there was an issue sending so doesn’t go through Show additional information

Dissapointed service - Misleading - Not recommending

We agreed to install the panels with the intention to get the government rebate and the panels to be placed in our new build home. They conned us into installing the panels straight away on the existing property and they will transfer them at no cost to the new property. It has been nearly 9 months now since we are in the new property and still fighting to get the panels transferred. We never received any rebate since they installed them too early, bought them at full price + no panels in our new property. Very deceiving and they show that they are not interested with you once they have received your money. Show additional information

Great Company Wonderful Management & Staff

In January Integra Solar installed a 10 panel solar system in our home. I found their workmanship and attitude to be outstanding and professional. I was so pleased with them that I had them install a further 8 panels in June. Being a tradesman myself and very fussy, I was delighted with the neatness and quality of their work. I highly recommend Integra Solar to anyone wishing to install a solar system. Show additional information

Great Customer services

Such a great company to deal with. Today I’ve received my Solar rebate from Victorian Government, and I’m glad that process was so smooth, and everything went very well. The installer ( Scott) was such a kind and professional, He even fixed my ducted heating. I would highly recommend Integra to everyone looking for a quality product & service. Thank you Guys Show additional information
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I’m really glad that I dealt this company.

Everything was perfect from sales Reps to the install crew.

I’m really impressed with the install team more than anything. Installer actually asked me to buy a enclosure to cover the inverter, because it was facing North, and He installed it for free. Thanks guys
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Incredibly dishonest sales and marketing: use telemarketers to hound people at home - even if you're on the 'do not call' registry. Only if you agree to accept a call back do you talk to Australian-based sale's staff. The system they offered was over-priced and under-powered. Show additional information
Probably not the cheapest in the market but they provided the longest warranty Show additional information
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Just Excellent from start till End. Extremely happy with the system, and savings. Show additional information
Very disappointed as I was sold a 10kW solar system with a 24kWh pinnacle battery. Half way through the install I noticed a LG battery which is only 6.5kWh. Contacted Integra to be told that I was never offered a 24kWh pinnacle battery and that the pinnacle battery is only 12kWh storage which cycles 2 times to make the 24kWh. This its self is false and deceptive advertising as I was told by 2 sales members A.J and A.M from Integra Solar that I would be getting the 24kWh pinnacle battery. I Found the original contract which clearly says including pinnacle battery. I sent the email with the contract for pinnacle battery and was told that I would have to pay an extra $1000 for the battery. I am a single father to 7 children under the age of 14 as my wife passed, I am on a disability pension and work part time to make ends meet. How is this fair or professional. I asked them if I could pay $500 as that is all I have and they replied saying $500 is not enough and that they could get me more finance. Not good enough as I just want what i was sold. 10kW solar panels and the 24kWh pinnacle battery. The system is half installed. it has missing panels and a battery storage box which is a demo unit. I do not like leaving this kind of feedback but other people need to be warned to make sure you double check your system matches what you paid for. Integra since decided to accept the $500 for the extra battery so I can get the system finished. Now I have the problem that the installers have no idea as to what they are doing when it comes to solar inverters. System still does not work after nearly 4 months wait. What a joke do not use Integra. My parents got a quote from another company which I cannot name and have it finished. It took under 3 weeks from time of signing contract to having working panels. Show additional information
Customer service was good until the installation was complete. Since then I am never able to get hold of anybody to answer questions and they took more than 1 week to get back to me when one bank was not working. I have resorted to contacting our sales contact directly rather than attempting getting in touch with them through their recommended support channels. Show additional information
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Took a month from installation to commissioning due to grid supplier paperwork. We had been warned of this before signing contract, we were kept fully informed.
It took a while to get the right app for our inverter monitor, the manufacturer video was for a different model, but our grid supplier had the right details as they sell this inverter too. Phone support was good, but they had data for different model.

Apart from that, better in all ways than could be expected. Great salesman, didn't BS, didn't try to gloss over disadvantages re paperwork, gave good tech data. Underpromised and overdelivered.

Peak power is throttled down to 5kw for 22 panels, but we get 1.5kw even in total overcast all day, 20kwh for the day. 40 kWh in ideal conditions.
Payoff is in excess of 15% of cost p.a.
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The company is situated in Victoria, I had trouble finding the right person to communicate my concerns regarding information, payment etc. I ended up getting most of my info from the installer.
Installation time was a disappointment - there was only one electrician/installer at the site so it took 2.5 days to install.
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Was looking for an affordable but reliable and quality solar system. one of my close friend recommended INTEGRA as he's been enjoying savings for couple of years, rang Integra next day and booked an appointment. The sales rep John was very professional and knowledgable about the product. satisfied with the product and service that Integra provided! waiting for summer to make significant difference in my bills. Cheers! Show additional information
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just the communication was excellent. i know i paid a little more for this system than our old one but so far we've had a bloody good experience. They are a good company to deal with on the whole and would happily recommend to others. Show additional information
Slow to get answers to queries on the phone. Show additional information
Service, sales, and follow up at every step is fantastic. Show additional information
No. However, I thank you for your serice and followup. The Contractors you referred to us were all very professional. Show additional information
Had the system installed on 8-12-2015, I had to keep ringing the installer and the office because the paper work had not been sent ( by the installer ) to the electricity supplier, it was finally sent at 9:20pm on the 23-12-2015, because it's Christmas it won't be 5 working days now, it will now be 20 working days, Have been trying and trying to ring the office, they must be having their Christmas party or something, nobody is answering. By the time it is FINALLY up and running it will be a month. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Very disappointed Show additional information
The companies you provided were top in the field. We went for one that was rated second after Mark group after researching further although wasn't on your quotes. Unfortunately it could have been the sales pitch and perceived 'discounting' they provided on why we chose this company however price we believe was reasonable for the quality of system. Installation was done recently and we have a query about placement of one of the panels jutting out slightly from front façade roof of our newly built home so we will see where this takes us.
Certainly appreciate the assistance and information from Solar Quotes
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I got told by integra solar that I could monitor my output by simply downloading an app to my phone or computer. I have contacted the office several times but no one has got back to me. I have been told by an employee that I have to buy a monitor for an additional cost. If your going to buy from this company have them mark down and sign ALL inclusions. To this date I still don't know if I'm generating solar power. Show additional information
Left some rubbish on lawn but its not issue to pick up. Powerbill is a lot better now Show additional information
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One of your people who rang me was not even interested in looking at my property. Just looked at the internet photo and said it was not suitable.

The supplier I chose quoted a fully inclusive price. Others had extras or maybe there could be extras.
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Purchased a 3kW system with a 5kW Inverter for future expansion. This was the only supplier that called to discuss the quote apart from one other who wanted a figure in excess of $10k (a firm price was never discussed). The others did their quoting/contact via internet and one by phone follow up too. We already had a small system installed and some were not sure how to calculate the STC's we were entitled to as a rebate. Now going ahead with obtaining quotes to increase panels to 5kW system. I can reduce my power bill by far more than if I leave the money in the bank earning interest at the highest rate available. The more the power rates rise the more I save and payback time reduces. Show additional information
Sale person, John K. was fantastic, very helpful in all aspects. John followed up immediately any issue was raised and he keeps close communication with me about what was going on etc....
He responded to my phone call and followed up with an email to ensure messages came through to me.
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Quoted one brand inverter supplied a different brand. Show additional information
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