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About PowerVault, Solar Installers

PowerVault is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves . Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

PowerVault Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Here is my advice - use another installer - ANY installer has to be better than Powervault Global. Once they have your deposit, they will do exactly nothing without being prodded from you.

SolarQuotes deserves a bad word here for even having them as a "Recommended Installer"

- Phone calls are ignored.
- Emails are usually ignored.
- Constant promises are made and broken - time, after time, after time, after time.
- Outright lies are told to you
- Mistakes are made constantly in what you ordered
- Email templates are poorly worded, formatted like a 5 year old has prepared them.

Don't forget, Powervault is supposed to provide after sales support! That has to be a giant joke, given my experience so far.

All of these people who are commenting that "the system is yet to be installed" - you'll be waiting a long, long time.

Don't trust them - check and double check everything - get everything in writing.

I'm at the stage now of considering legal action as this is just ridiculous.
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Powervault global is a company was recommended by Solar Quotes and that is why we fell confident about them, after taking deposit of over $1700 they book me for installation date which never happened then rebook but no one showed up and rebook.....they rolled out excused like some death in their family and second time is they overbooked and could not cope with the work loads, materials not arrived from China....and end up no communications at all. So I end up got to cancel the services but when request for the cancellation then they don't want to know me, Daniel Flynn rang me promises things from top of the world but later he disappeared himself no reply to calls, messages or emails.
This is very frustrated situation so I have to seek help from Fair Trading and still waiting for out come.
Do not get involved with PowerVault Global.
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I have been 'stood up' twice now for installation as PVLT Canberra seem to be experiencing manning and installer problems. I am being 'patient' as it has only been 4 weeks since I accepted their quote and I was told that it would be 6 - 8 weeks before anything happened, so I had no expectation that it would actually be installed by now. Show additional information
Good salesperson who is patient, but installation process so far has required a lot of follow up from me and several mistakes from Powervault so far. I will obviously need to very carefully check what is installed to ensure it is correct.

Has not been installed yet.
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System is yet to be installed, but Jason's servce was top quality. He talked through all the options and answered our questions expertly. He listened to our wants and tailored a system to suit us.
He was even willing to negotiate an excellent price as well.
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The other two companies providing quotes were next to useless. Among other things, one never provided an updated quote and the other one said they couldn't find the meter box. Show additional information
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The Powervault representative provided two site visits, the first of which revealed an issue with the shadow falling from the large chimney in the middle of the roof. This limited the number of panels which could be fitted on the roof and required optimisers to be fitted to the panels.

We have elected to choose Powervault to provide us with a system. Jason Anderson from Powervault has been endlessly helpful, answered every query we had, and fielded your ’solar checklist’ questions very professionally!. His quotation was not the cheapest, nor the most expensive but I feel confident that he has recommended a system which will suit our particular needs and circumstances.

Installation has not occurred yet - currently waiting on application to power provider. These things take time!

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Jason Anderson (Yass based) organised a very efficient installer from Canberra (LV Electrical) and from go to whoa, could not have been better. All time targets met, great information and customer care. Would recommend to anyone considering solar. We had a 4.93kw system installed, based on our prior usage over 12 months. The improved panels available now, were used - the Jinko Eagle Perc Mono 290 W panels. Show additional information
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Installation will happen within the next couple of weeks I'm told. Everything has gone well so far. Show additional information
Customer service pretty good up to this point. Waiting for installation. Site visit by sales staff allowed us to ask questions and learn more about the system we wanted. Show additional information
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Installed in December, It's now end February and the system is working but keeps shutting down, they are saying that the grid voltage is too high so Actew have to come out and lower grid voltage. Have to wait and see what happens. Show additional information
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Feel free to let me rate again once system installed, hopefully in a few weeks time Show additional information
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Jason Anderson was very responsive and understanding of our needs, which are relatively complex given our location and type of property. We hope to have the system installed by Christmas 2017 - fingers crossed. Show additional information
I ordered the system on August 14 and was advised that it would be about 4 weeks. This was reliant on getting approval from ACT government.
I paid 10% deposit but did not receive a receipt for the deposit and no acknowledgement of the order except with what the salesperson had given me at the beginning. I rang up a couple more times to see how the progress was going and was told I would get a call from the office when the approval was given.
I rang up ACT approvals about 4 weeks later to check and they said it had been approved and had been forwarded to Powervault. A couple days later I was told installation would begin on September 25 but they were waiting for a shipment of units arriving and it could be a week later (October 2)
Neither happened and I have had no contact with them. On October 1 I sent off an email to them pointing out their customer service left a lot to be desired and the least they could do was keep me informed of any changes, delays etc. I can accept that sometimes unavoidable things happen and that is life but what I cannot accept is not keeping a customer informed.

Supplier Reply

I am very sorry about the lack of communication. We did have supply issues as fronius was completely out of stock in Australia and the whole industry is so busy , its hard to get parts and also suitable installers but our lack of communication is not acceptable. I can only apologise and please call me if you have any questions. Jason from Powervault Show additional information
great company Show additional information
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I recently installed a modest 3.77kW (13 x 290W) system to offset use of a split system air conditioner I added about the same time. I have significant shading issues in mid winter so opted for a SolarEdge SE5000H inverter with optimisers, though I feel an Enphase solution would have done much the same job. The inverter has the option of adding a DC battery at a later date.

It was a fairly complex install with a lot of electrical work on my meter/breaker board plus running a line to the garage on which the panels were installed, the back set on tilt frames. I'm now set up with full consumption monitoring. It all took a lot longer than I thought (and a lot more than "maybe this week" I was told when I signed up) but I feel I got a quality result which is performing as well, if not better, than I envisaged. PowerVault were competitive with other quotes I received and every one I dealt with (James, Jason, Stuart and the installer Mitch) were very professional and (being a solar newbie) took the time to answer the queries I had. I would have no hesitation in recommending PowerVault to others.
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At this stage I am still waiting for approval of Essential Energy. They are extremely slow (generally takes 21 to 28 days) ACTEW can give approvals overnight!!
The general experience was good with all three sales persons. The two companies you sent to me provided the same product but with a noticeable difference in price.
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I have had Solar PV at my previous home on the North Coast of NSW and now that I have moved to the South Coast and built a new house I was keen to get Solar again. Your web site and recommended installers was a huge help and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I got a bigger system than I expected (3.48kW) at a lower cost than I expected, just in time for the *cursed* electricity retailers to bung their prices up AGAIN . Show additional information
Jason presented the information well, and explained what would be the best system based on our usage, plus the savings and the installation. The system fell within the budget i had hoped to fall within. Show additional information