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Rely Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Melbourne and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Decent Budget install option

Rely Solar was referred by a friend who had done his install through them.

Sales and quoting process was pushy with typical salesman delivery. Initial quote was for 20x jinko 330w cheetah panels and 5kw Solis inverter covered entirely by govt rebates and VIC solar loan.

However salesman did try to upsell Growatt by $300 and 'super premium' MC4 connectors by another $370 out of pocket costs.

Either way after deliberating we decided to upgrade to fronius primo inverter and pay their quoted extra $1570 out of pocket.


i. Rely Solar took care of the paperwork and got all my VIC rebates and solar loan approved very quickly. They also managed grid connection pre-approval very quickly with my grid distributor, so I was very quickly connected to my grid for solar export. I have heard anecdotes that many houses in my area with solar installs are not able to export because their connectivity was not approved for a long time from the distributor.

ii. The admin staff Justin was very responsive and delivered great customer service. He knows his stuff in arranging the deal. Probably the one reason why I stuck with rely Solar despite changing pricing due to fronius upgrade

iii. Install work is outsourced. My installer was GP Solar run by John and his crew. They were excellent. John was very professional, did a superbly tidy install job and cleaned up very well after. Absolutely no issues with the install work and post install inspection got done very soon after.

Overall my experience is a 4/5. Salesmen need to cut down on hard selling and just be upfront about cost breakdowns.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Reconsider using Rely Solar

Used Rely Solar based upon friends referrals and it really wasn't a pleasant experience. Salesman had to be shown basic things that would affect the quote like the fact our house was two storey and would require scaffolding to install, then failed to include things in the quote that were required for the inverter to be installed in accordance with its warranty.
Delivery driver was hours early and rude to my wife on the phone and then got bogged in my driveway and chewed it and the adjacent garden bed up. It's not the easiest driveway to negotiate however he obviously had no idea on his or his vehicles capabilities even asking me to drive it at one stage.

Installers were pleasant enough however under prepared and had to ask to borrow a ladder. They were then put in the position where they had to attempt to invoice me for further items the salesman didn't bother to include in the quote - To their credit Rely Solar wore the cost of it after I steadfastly refused.

Installers then wanted to install the inverter in a location contrary to our contract because the salesman had again failed to consider the location of other services.

They then asked me to remove the TV aerial prior to install which was apparently in the way, another thing I was not prepared to do on the spot and should have been pointed out prior.

Installers then completed the install and left zip ties all over the roof, screws and cabling throughout the garden beds, large sheets of cardboard and general rubbish where they dropped it.

Once completed I asked for a run down on the operation of the unit and was told, "It's in the instructions", before they too got stuck in my driveway after parking how and where I told them not to and dug another hole in it.

After they left I found a large length of pipe they had decided to cut from our plumbing without discussing it with us or being licensed plumbers. Add to this the haphazard and lazy finish to their work and certainly disappointed.

I bought this to the attention of their managers on the 7th and was initially told they would sent their electrician to do my plumbing which I declined. I was told the solution I proposed, Rely solar paying a licensed plumber to repair it, would be taken to their manager and I'd be contacted. Still waiting.

Use them at your peril, obviously they are mass selling a product & government program and with that you get a rubbish product and service however I would certainly caution against using Rely and consider alternate suppliers.
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Poor overall

Poor communication. Over one month of delays. Not honest on multiple issues. Would seek elsewhere and go with a more reputable installer so that professionalism is maitained throughout process. Cant say much about quality as its been recently installed. But I would say do your research and check out at least 2-3 installers.
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Good installation!

Installation done beautifully, nice & clean. Got the inverter installed in my garage and with the Fronius Primo inverter, there's one isolator less to deal with as Fronius comes with an inbuilt isolator, overall makes the installation nice & clean. Had some minor wiring issues however the electrician Alex was very prompt to come over and fix it the next day.

Won't really point fingers at the electrician because by the time he was done with the installation, it was nearly 7pm and no sun so there's no way he could have tested the system.
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Rip off with no customer service

I paid a fortune for a 6.6kw system and barely get half that on a good day. Installer refused to come back to check settings.
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From start to finish a great experience. I would highly Recommend Rely Solar for their professional service.
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Customer service really bad
You leave a message to verify that the installation was done correctly and no one calls you back or even reply to your message.
I am worried the inverter warranty and installation book says the device should not be exposed to the sun or the rain. Never the less the installer was comfortable to leave them exposed!!
I would have expected a courtesy call from either the sales man or the company to get some feedback.
I think they aim for high turnover.
Shop around and try to get feedback or reviews before going with any one.

Not happy with customer service. But I cannot judge about product quality and warranty since the product was just installed less than a month ... just
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