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About Solar Delight, Solar Installers

Solar Delight

South Australian-owned Solar Delight focuses on providing quality solar PV products at competitive prices, alongside a personalised service.

All panels and inverters installed by the firm have been approved by the Clean Energy Council and subject to testing in the Australian climate.

Solar panels come with a 25-year warranty on performance and five years on the framework. Inverters, on the other hand, have a five-year warranty that can be extended to ten years on selected models at a cost.

Installers working for Solar Delight have had years of experience in the industry and completed many projects for the company already.

Solar Delight Solar Reviews

Solar Delight we fantastic to deal with. I got over 5 different Solar Companies and conducted thorough research, Solar Delight provided the best solar system at the best price. They were and remain to be approachable, dependable and trustworthy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for solar. Show additional information
Sunny Roo inverter and Hopergy panels all working well and to specification. Neat and tidy installation to date and very satisfied with Solar Delight. Show additional information
Finn, the people you had advised /recomended were to say very very average. Suntrix came out to home but were not interested in what we required, only what he wished to SELL. Blue sky solar were fantastic, great bloke, good salesman but price were too expensive at the time of purchasing and prices have come down considerably in the time between making a decision. As for the other you recommend, well there is no point in sending a Email to us with a price .IT IS TOO IMPERSONAL. If you cannot spare the courtesy and come out then you do not deserve to get business. Show additional information
I cannot fault the service and speed of installation. We had a storm the day prior to the scheduled installation date so I expected our installation to move back, but 3 installers arrived late in the day and completed the installation in 2 hours. Time will tell regarding quality, but I was impreesed by the knowledgable run through of the system. The installers were registered electricians. Show additional information
Your website was extremely helpful in navigating the complexities of solar and what it all means. In the end price was the differentiator.
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I explored two options - the 3KW and the 4KW systems and received a number of quotes from different suppliers and tried to compare like for like - ie panel type, inverters, warranty etc. Prices varied substantially from too cheap - (Eurosolar), to very expensive (Origin, Madison energy). Service levels varied with follow up calls required to Madison Energy to get them to quote, to repeated calls from Eurosolar, (each one offering an even better deal). An internet search on Eurosolar indicated a bit of a problem with the company's integrity, combined with the too cheap prices it was a bit of a concern. Eventually landed on Soalr Delight, who were easy to deal with and offered a reasonable price. I have not had the system installed yet - hopefully should be in on the scheduled date before the end of October. Show additional information
Installers turned up without tilt-frames and began to mount panels flat on a flat roof! After I called a halt to the install, the tilt frames were found at the warehouse and transported to my job.
It was later discovered half the components of the frames were still missing, so job was called off for the day and had to reschedule completion for another day.
Happy with the system, but not happy with Solar Delight - they didn't contact me, speak to me at all during the aborted install, just left it up to the subcontractor installer to grovel and apologise on their behalf, when he had done nothing wrong.
In summary - Solar Delight - good system, good price, bad management, bad communications.
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Solar delight were the only company that took time to visit my address and give me a price on the spot. They arrived on time and very helpful to recommend the best solar system for my needs.

After service has been excellent so far. All staff were friendly and courteous and went out of their way to answer my questions - I Have recommended them to other people who have since ordered a solar system.

Installation was completed within 10 days once the contract was finalized.
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Solar Delight were fantastic right from the first phone call. They were helpful, friendly and did everything that they said they would.

As the system was installed on Kangaroo Island there were significant added costs and complications which Solar Delight did their absolute best to minimise.

All this when at least 4 other companies either didn't want to know me or wanted me to wait until they had other customers on KI before they would come over to install.

I have nothing but praise for Solar Delight and would recommend them to anyone.
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Disappointing to find out when panels installed that because we have a digital meter we have 2 options. Use all the power being generated by the solar panels or turn it off until import / export meter fitted. Digital meters don't run backwards so any power generated would go onto the electricity bill. Show additional information
We installed a 4.5kw system however we have never seen it produce more than 3200kw so far. They say if we lived in Canada, we would get a better reading as the weather has to be cool and the sky clear, because when the weather is hot and there is a bit of haze in the air, the system isnt as efficient as what they rate on the panel, also,

God forbid if you do not face TRUE NORTH to get the most benefit from solar. Well we dont live in Canada and even when it is cool and the sun is out, it still does not perform above 3kw!!

I have to say I am disappointed in the systems performance, maybe I should have stuck with the Canadian Solar Panels and the sunnyboy inverter being offered by one supplier recommended by your website Finn.

Maybe then I would be seeing a better performance from the panels. Not much we can do now but hope it makes a difference to our bill.
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My only real issue was a lack of communication with regard to the meter changeover which I understood was to be handled by them when I had to drive it through my retailer. We lost 3 weeks in actioning this process as we thought it was in hand by Delight's. As we have a smart meter we can't switch the system on now until the meter is changed over. Show additional information
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Solar Delight were very quick to answer all my questions and gave very good back up service once the system was installed to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Good experience Show additional information
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I dealt with these people without ever having their salesperson visit my house. I chose them because ironically they gave me more communication electronically than the others who visited me in person. Some other quoters are not interested in talking later if you reject the price on that day. Solar delight still keep talking. While other customers report on the net they had to wait ages for a meter from ETSA, I got mine within 2 weeks! Installation was done in 3 weeks. Deposit $1000. Only time will tell! Show additional information
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I am happy to give you more feedback, once the system has been installed.

So far, Solar Delight have responded well to my queries, before and after I paid the deposit.
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Only 2 of 6 came to the house, ALL others: Google the place and quote per email. Show additional information
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Solar delight was truthful, got back to me straight away, and installed the system before your suggested companies even finely contacted me, for a total cost of $1140 and only took them 5 hours to complete the job. Show additional information
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Out of all the names we were given only one responded. But thank you for your help! Show additional information
From quote to install solar delight measured up to their name - a delight to work with! Sean and his team from TVK did an excellent job on the install, very fast and efficient. After install Sean fully explained the workings of the system and demonstrated how to read the inverter and so on. Can highly recommend them! The quality of the frame for the panels was superior to others in the village that I have seen. Show additional information
This system cost $1550 installed. I signed up on Feb 1st. The system was installed Feb 9th in just under 3 hours on a tiled roof. The inverter was put where I wanted it, under shade. The system has been delivering 5.7Kwh per day since. The existing ETSA meter was able to run backwards and a new digital meter was installed on February 27th, costing $305.00. I am very pleased with the who caboodle. All completed with in one month. Show additional information
Well it is very hard to rate the quality of your system cos basically they all look a lot the same but went with a supplier who had products that could be backed up here in Australia. Had one guy come to our house and gave us a quote of another $3000 on top of the amount we paid for a 1.9 system for a 1.5 system, everyone says theirs is the best and don't use ones from china - but china make 85% of the panels that are used world wide apparently so in the end we just looked for the best value for price - they all offer 25yrs and 10 yrs on their products. Show additional information
Being on site with the installer & apprentices & able to engage in meaningful dialogue, was rewarding for a novice in the solar experience as I had question's answered. They did a very tidy job with no breakages. Show additional information
I chose average for Quality of System because I believe time will tell. I have no problems with the install at all at the moment and feel they did a great job. For me quality is when 5 or so years down the track everything is still working as it should with no problems etc.
I am impressed with the job they have done and they did it quick as well. I had a system installed within a month!
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Made appointment with a few other companies but none turned up. Show additional information
We were very impressed with the prompt and profesional service that we received from Solar Delight, we have recommended them to other people. Show additional information
We were lucky that my husband is an apprentice electrician and we had done our research because otherwise we may have ended up spending a lot of money on a system that wasn't efficient. As we got our system in July, all installers were extremely busy, and some problems with the system we ordered were only picked up the day before installation which caused a lot of stress for us having to renegotiate and redesign the system and components. Having said this, what we ended up with is, we think, a better system which cost us about $2000 less than the original. There were also some mistakes made during installation with wiring which my husband was able to check and have rectified. This was of concern to us because most people wouldn't be able to check that things were working properly. It should also be noted that the men who installed our system are contractors who install for many companies, not just Solar Delight. Show additional information
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